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  1. Farewell Spyro...
  2. Spyro is no more....
  3. Would people be more accepting...
  4. Trophies and Figure Queries
  5. "Primary Profile" Trophies?
  6. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  7. "Legendary" figures in the UK
  8. so in your opioion is this game fun
  9. Figure Information
  10. Help with Gotta Buy Them All
  11. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Trophy Guide
  12. One for all! Seriously?
  13. Can you reset the toys
  14. Currency farming and levelling
  15. Butterflies
  16. Challenge mode select screen Question.
  17. Kids or Adults
  18. Need help opening Darklight Crypt locks
  19. Portal Brightness?
  20. Dark Spryo
  21. Final Boss
  22. Call Me Fireman!
  23. So I take It, because of the Figures, this game wouldn't be ideal for rental...
  24. One for all glitched?
  25. What about the legendary figures?
  26. Help with "Tag me if you can!"
  27. okay? i fully upgraded 3 diff skylanders and no trophy?
  28. All of the different figures
  29. 49.99 new at target for the next 4 days.
  30. Is Sparks In It?
  31. Swapping between consoles Question
  32. So What is the Best Sklander Figure???
  33. Cant find this game?
  34. Multiplayer?
  35. Figures hard to find
  36. Is there a list of Elemental Gates? and a list of Heroic Challenges?
  37. farming for gold & exp for leveling
  38. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - Road map and Trophy Guide
  39. Great craigslist buy?
  40. Individual figure trophy idea
  41. Stat question
  42. hello skylander trophy not popping
  43. Trophies i am stuck on
  44. Do you need to buy anything
  45. Call Me Fireman!
  46. "Hello Skylander" - glitched?
  47. Can't stop me now not working.
  48. How many have you bought?
  49. Get me if you can trophy won't pop
  50. sparx dragonfly
  51. glitched trophies
  52. Additional figurines are so fucking expensive!
  53. Grand Admiral glitched as well...
  54. Gotta buy them all not unlocking!
  55. question bout the level 10 trophy
  56. Danish fireman
  57. Hello Skylander!! trophy didn't pop
  58. Can you get just the game
  59. Soul Gem
  60. Platinum Spyro's Adventure with Giants Starter Pack?
  61. The worst Skylander you ever used?
  62. KAOS cut scenes can be skipped
  63. Estimated Time to Platinum