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  1. Question?
  2. Estimated Time to Platinum
  3. ? Regarding The Devil's Beasts
  4. What sort of game is this?
  5. How To Do Linked Arte Chains
  6. QQ Trophies Glitched=(
  7. Later game trophy trend
  8. XP just doesn't add up
  9. how to you get "grandmaster" level in coliseum?
  10. Materials for donating question.
  11. First Ever.
  12. Sadist trophy ?
  13. Minimal Damage
  14. Problem with Snap Pivot Adept Trophy
  15. Co-op Trophy Question
  16. Lillium Orb/Stat Question
  17. Elongating Staff Adept Trophy
  18. Best way to prevent negative status effects?
  19. Sub-event #12 - "The people of Hamil"
  20. fruit seller
  21. How do you change leader?
  22. can't do linked arte chains
  23. Idolmaster Theme finally on EU PSN*
  24. How to do Final Fury
  25. What was your first trophy for this game
  26. Buying XP/Gald DLC?
  27. Arena tracklist?
  28. Arena Singles Battles...
  29. The Devil's Arms...
  30. Problem with party members
  31. Able to track link artes and chain link artes?
  32. How fast was your speed run?
  33. Jude restore skill, something wrong!
  34. Who do you think has the best Mystic Arte?
  35. One question ??
  36. Item Fanatic
  37. Inheriting Shop Levels question
  38. The Tales Series.
  39. i can't ?
  40. Agi/Dex? Useful?
  41. Glitch: Losing a Party Member
  42. Need help with Sub-events
  43. How do u Steal or best way to steal ?
  44. Buying Lv +
  45. Anything I should do before finishing the game?
  46. I feel like I'm missing a big area somewhere..
  47. Skit Guide (missables)
  48. I Rate Tales of Xillia 3/10 what about you ?!
  49. Best way to do Yeoman Healer at level 99?
  50. How do u stun an enemy ?
  51. Titles
  52. Tales of Xillia Trophy Guide & Roadmap (US/EU)
  53. Spirit Artes Master Problem
  54. I Need some Help Please with few things ?
  55. Current situation towards plat, @ 52%
  56. Tales of Xillia Roadmap & Trophy Guide (US/EU)
  57. Who's your favorite Tales of Xillia character and why?
  58. Need help on skit
  59. I would Like to make an english guide for this game ( Moderator please read)
  60. Tips for Platinum
  61. Auto-item usage trophy issues
  62. Sub Events - Everything You Need To Know
  63. How does difficulty affect spoils?
  64. how to complete subevent rumors of elympios???
  65. black feather help
  66. How should I use my herbs?
  67. "Negative holder" Arte?
  68. Costumes in Xillia
  69. Videos of 65 costumes in Tales of Xillia!
  70. EXP problem
  71. Youtube guides/LPs! (For Tales of Xillia)
  72. Missable Sub Events guide
  73. Equipment?
  74. Aifreads Treasure help
  75. [PAL] No trophy list on PSN
  76. Preorder DLC not working (still)?
  77. [Unboxing] Tales of Xillia - Milla Maxwell Edition
  78. Cannot change characters anymore HELP!
  79. Level grinding spots?
  80. Expanding The Shops
  81. Trophies for this game -WoW-
  82. Anyone Making a Trophy Guide in English?
  83. 3rd person to attack?
  84. Anyone willing to part with their DLC code for aussie players?
  85. Tales of xilia town music.
  86. What follow up into a new game +
  87. Question about attack and def.
  88. Any titles missable?
  89. Digital Version available PSN Store
  90. Here's the US trophies list
  91. Tales of Xillia Official Story Discussion Thread *CONTAINS SPOILERS*
  92. Any word on an official guide?
  93. Without spoiling the game...what carries over in new games plus trophy wise?
  94. Question about pre-orders?
  95. ToX2 coming to U.S. and E.U.
  96. For those who have played this and tales of graces f
  97. New to the series
  98. A Thank You
  99. Tales of Xillia 2 and Symphonia HD!
  100. Tales of Xillia Milla Maxwell Collector's Edition
  101. Tales of Xilia release date?
  102. GameStop added the title to its databases
  103. Voice recording session recently completed for localization
  104. PlayStation Blog Interview
  105. Announced for EU and US!!!!
  106. Namco Bandai teases Tales “surprise”
  107. Choices...
  108. Tales of Xillia 2
  109. JPN PSN Demo
  110. US Trademark Confirmed! (US Release Incoming!)
  111. Tales of Xillia Trophy Guide & Roadmap (JP)
  112. Platinum Difficulty Rating
  113. Trophy translation
  114. New Gameplay + Screenshots
  115. US Release!
  116. New Screenshot