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  1. Estimated Time to Platinum
  2. magic carta locaions,please? HELP!!!!!
  3. good area ??
  4. Dreamer's Flang 223487 ??!
  5. Plz help me ?!!??
  6. Last Qustion
  7. DLC on NG+
  8. What sort of game is this?
  9. Do Titles/Levels earned in Lineage/Legacy...
  10. why am I leveling so slowly?
  11. Game Clear trophy problem (spoiler)
  12. 4th party member does nothing
  13. Where is the book of solitude?
  14. Defeat Cedric in 60 seconds dilema
  15. how do you increase the eleth burst time?
  16. how many of the inn requests do you have to do before fighting the final boss?
  17. Best place to buy the the uk?
  18. Level 4 Mystic Artes
  19. about the piggyback method
  20. whats with the sky?
  21. Can I get the Richard titles trophies ?
  22. New Game+ Richard Doll help
  23. Lineages and Legacies, enemies insane power...
  24. Titles trophies
  25. The Sands of Strahta Chapter 4 Trophy
  26. Telos Astute can I get back there....?
  27. Bosses in 60 sec
  28. Normal or Knight Edition?
  29. Advice in the Grade Shop?
  30. Exactly what carry over to new game+?
  31. Should I upgrade one weapon the whole game or keep buying new ones?
  32. Do the difficulty trophies not stack?
  33. First Playthrough done, what now?
  34. 1 Playthrough Plat
  35. New game for the second time.
  36. Tales of Hearts R
  37. General questions
  38. trophy questions
  39. Qustion abouy the zhoncage
  40. Spare code
  41. Discovery book
  42. HELP data recorder >:(
  43. English voice acting for JRPG
  44. Flow for platinum
  45. Best Weapons and Armors?
  46. Hubert's titles?
  47. Inn Requests Vs. Sidequests
  48. Silver Frames
  49. Story Discussion Thread *Spoilers*
  50. Have a question about dlc
  51. 60sec boss & titles connection?
  52. Screw Magna Carta Mini-Game!
  53. Fan of Graces, what else on PS3?
  54. US Trophies stackable with EU?
  55. A couple of questions that i've been wondering about for a while.
  56. Game Finished - what next ?
  57. How long did the plat take you?
  58. Side-Quest Strange Folk
  59. Dualizing
  60. Eleth Mixer Grinding...how far are you
  61. Question about defensive B arte skills
  62. Curry Lover question
  63. Mixer Food: post battle KO question
  64. Tales of Xillia announced for EU and AU in 2013!!
  65. Final Comments To Help You Plat This Game Easier
  66. First Playthrough
  67. Is the game worth it?
  68. Finally Platinumed this game.
  69. DLC question
  70. Lambda Angelus in 60 seconds/Zhonecage
  71. No more dlc?
  72. Treasure Chest Passwords
  73. F Arc with or without 10x damage?
  74. Question regarding Zhonecage and 10x dmg
  75. Awesome Day One Edition for EU
  76. New Game Plus Damage Bonus
  77. Exp grinding
  78. Zhonecage rare items
  79. new tales games
  80. How do I start the subquest for Mecha Sophie?
  81. DLC question.
  82. Skip Childhood?
  83. Endgame grinding tips
  84. DLC Costumes not showing up?
  85. F Arc post game question
  86. A Arte Titles
  87. Richard's 80 Title Trophy
  88. Tip for Eleth Mixer Grinding
  89. Discovery book locations
  90. Easy Rockagong
  91. Masklike Object?
  92. Hubert's Swimsuit??
  93. Tales of Graces F - Trophy Guide & Road Map (NA/EU)
  94. Tales of Graces F US version but trophies in japanese?
  95. Combo x999
  96. Tales of Graces F sales
  97. Grade
  98. Official Trophy Guide and Road Map
  99. So I've been a bit busy (and lazy) with the Trophy Guide...
  100. Zhonecage 10
  101. Joe, Annie, & Kaz
  102. how do i increase eleth mixer?
  103. Online or No Online ?
  104. Katz Korner game
  105. Some equipment cannot be dualled more than once?
  106. Any tips on maxing the Eleth Mixer?
  107. Tales Of Fans, Unite !
  108. Multiplayer is screwy
  109. Grade shop and DLC question
  110. New game plus questions
  111. Mystic Artes guide?
  112. Inn Request & Nature guide
  113. Shuttle scanning
  114. If you need a place to vent about Boss BS here is the spot *SPOILERS*
  115. Guide for Dualizing Weapons/Armor for Inn Requests?
  116. Favourite victory quotes
  117. Dark Bottles...Useless?
  118. Xillia may be headed for EU... Possibly for NA as well
  119. Vesperia, Xillia or Graces F?
  120. Anyone know where and how to get the Seafood set
  121. US Accessory/Money Glitch?
  122. Battle in Lhant Trophy (end of chapter 3) SPOILERS - Can't get trophy :(
  123. help!!.. the titles and artes are confusing me
  124. Tales of Graces F Discovery Compilation (Video) *In Progress*
  125. Is This a Series I can Just Jump Into?
  126. Tales of Graces F Walkthrough
  127. Soul Orbs
  128. List of Titles For Malik
  129. Code Geass Costume DLC?
  130. List of Titles for Asbel
  131. List of Titles for All Characters
  132. Title Guide???
  133. Platinum in 1 playthrough with DLC???
  134. New Game Plus?
  135. Tales of Graces F English Video Walkthrough Guide
  136. How do I access my gamestop pre-order dlc?
  137. Kurusu Guide 100%
  138. Tales of Graces f released to Gamestop First?
  139. Review this Game!
  140. Co-op video (English)
  141. Do we have any missable side quests? If so, any translated guides?
  142. New to Tales
  143. Move to RPG list?
  144. Pre-Order Screenshots
  145. Tales of Tales of Graces Pre-order DLC!
  146. Tales Of Graces : f : (US) 3/13/2012
  147. PSN recommendation
  148. English Gameplay
  149. Release Date ?
  150. Europeans rejoice!
  151. Saw this on a gamefaqs post..
  152. Show them you like it!! and what other games do you want on the PS3?
  153. Localization exclusive to the US (Get ready to import!)
  154. Tales of Graces F localizing, pigs reportedly flying
  155. Tales of Graces F Trophy Guide and Road Map (JP)
  156. Namco/Bandai shifts focus to Japan......
  157. Oh man, we better get this!
  158. Platinum Difficulty Rating