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Call of Duty: Black Ops II
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Default Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Apocalypse Map Pack - Trophy Guide and Roadmap


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
  • Offline trophies: 10 (9 1 0 ) (but online coop is HIGHLY recommended.)
  • Online trophies: 0 (0 0 0 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-10 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Number of missable trophies: N/A
  • Glitched trophies: Little Lost Girl (read description below)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, the Easter Egg needs to be done on Regular difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Apocalypse is the final add-on batch to Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It features four multiplayer maps and one zombie map, Origins. As with previous downloadable content in Black Ops II, all of the add-on Trophies are zombie-based only.

Origins, the final chapter of the Call of Duty Zombie saga, paradoxically, takes us to where it all started, where the original four (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen) met in the trenches of Northern France towards the end of World War I, in 1918. At a much younger age and with less experience, fate unites these four men with the unknown (to them) purpose of ending the Zombie cycle. The events here predate all other zombie events - and for a purpose, too.

Samantha, the puppeteer and orchestrator of the zombie world, is back at the helm of the Aether, but now she needs your help to release her from this space-time paradox that set her back to a time that predates her. While this is the first time, chronologically, that our four original heroes battle against zombie hordes, it is also the last. They join forces, under the auspices of Samantha, to break the cycle from its core. If unsolved, the paradox will snowball into a downward spiral that will beget the chaotic zombie saga; from Der Riese’s disruption of space-time continuum via teleportation experiment, to Samantha’s assumption of control over zombies from the Moon, to her arrogation and usurpation by Richtofen. This would precipitate in the launch of mass destruction missiles, by Maxis, that scorch the Earth and usher in the undead to swarm the lands. Even with the “new” four characters who survived the spoliation of their world, Earth would still meet its end as Maxis destroys the entire world at the end all to get back with Samantha. Samantha brought the original four together tackle the Origins of this paradox.

Indeed, this is both the beginning, and the end.

Origins, by design and mechanics, exhibits the hallmarks of previous World at War and Black Ops zombie maps, and as such differs greatly from the previous maps of Black Ops II, insofar as there are no persistent perks (“perma-perks”), no banks to store your progress and no storages to keep your weaponry. Those used to the “luxuries” of the recent maps will be find Origins a difficult adjustment, where the gameplay is reliant on skill only and constantly requiring starting from scratch every time. The map’s layout is also reminiscent of previous games. It starts in a room with Quick-Revive and diverges into two pathways that converge at a crosspoint and then sprawls into an intricate landscape. The design does take some getting used to, and the buildables are scattered across the map, requiring the player to know it by heart.

However, this map also includes new features. There will be Giant Robots roaming the lands, new enemies to tackle, buildable weapons in lieu of a Wonderwaffe, melee upgrades and few free stuff to be dug using the shovel. All of those also play a role in your journey to unlock all Trophies.

Speaking of Trophies, the Easter Egg and other miscellaneous Trophies vary greatly in difficulty. The Easter Egg here, the main Trophy in every Zombie DLC, will take up to 20+ rounds to complete (though it can be done as early as round 16). While, surprisingly, none of the Trophies require luck, many of them, especially the Easter Egg, require a lot of skill, kills and diligence to unlock. Origins, in that regard, is the ultimate test of your Zombie-slaying skills without any reliance of luck. But with the absence of the luck and randomness factors come the predictability and consistency factors that make things much simpler -- but not easier -- to carry out.

So sit back, arm yourself and dive into the trenches to fight the hordes of the undead for the “first” - and last - time.

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Trophy Guide

Little Lost Girl
In Origins, release Samantha

This'll unlock upon completing the Easter Egg.

The Easter Egg CAN be completed solo but it is difficult to pull off and extremely time consuming to the point that, once you secure strong weapons and melee, it will be during higher rounds when they will not be as effective. Furthermore, Step 3 can be very difficult to pull off solo (but still possible). As such, for all the steps I recommend four players to get more but weaker zombies at earlier rounds. The steps for both solo and co-op are the same, with certain tweaks at Step 3.

Before you start tackling the Easter Egg, you need to set it up. In addition to the usual rule of Jugger-nog + good setup, you need to do these early on (third setup can be done later but it’s advisable to do it early on):
• Build all four staffs, (See “Playing with Power Trophy for instructions).
• Upgrade each staff to its ultimate form. (See "Master Wizard" Trophy for instructions)
• Concomitantly with above two steps, acquire the airstrike bomb (only one person has to do this) (Further, if you are a group of four and working on filling the chests (see “Overachiever Trophy for more information) early on, then disregard that step as you will get the Thunderfist after filling up all four stone chests. Otherwise, use the Zombie Shield):
⁃ First, pick up the slab from the table by the Generator 2 bunker’s rear exit (to pick up, hold ). It will appear on the HUD as a mudded slab.
⁃ Take the slab to the Church and place it on the baptismal font between the Mystery Box and the boarded-up window.
⁃ Once done, kill zombie with melee there. You can use the Zombie Shield which takes 9-15 hits before it disappears (other melee forms include Thunderfist or normal melee with Insta-kill activated). You need 20 or so kills near the font. Once a sound is made and the zombie souls no longer “transfer” there, that means it’s cleansed. The slab will look clean, in a clear off-white colour. Pick it up.
⁃ Now, head back to the bunker where you found it without touching mud. If you do so, Samantha will yell: “Start over!” This step is not complicated though. From the font, go down the stairs avoiding the tank. Keep going until you reach the Giant’s footprint. Before you step in, you’ll see wooden surface (boards) on the floor. Walk on them (and the elevated area in the middle to reach the other boards) and go down the pathway to the Excavation Site. At the end of the pathway, you’ll see more wooden boards in the walkway that circle the Excavation Site. Make sure to jump from the small steps at the end of the pathway onto the wooden panel. Now, go right and go up the Excavation Site, going through one entrance and leaving through the other. Now, as you leave, at the bottom of the stairs, make jumps necessary to reach more wooden staffs. Keep going until you reach the building. Now, nothing to be worried about, keep going normally and, at the table where you first picked up the slab, hold to place it back on.
⁃ Now, again, melee the zombies in that area by the slab (around 20) until a sound cue is made. The beacon will appear. Pick it up and save it for later.
• You will also need to create a Maxis Drone (also for Step Three of the Easter Egg). To see how to build the Maxis Drone, refer to the “Saving the day…all day Trophy.
Now, onto the Easter Egg proper:
1. Step One - “Secure the Keys”: For this step you need to build AND upgrade all staffs. To do those, read “Playing with fire" and “Master wizard Trophies, respectively. Once complete, Samantha will blather on and ends her speech, discouragingly, with “this is step one.”

2. Step Two - “Ascend from Darkness”: This step can be glitched in a good way. In reality, though you don’t have to (read on to see the glitch), you are “required” to place three staffs inside each Giant (Lightning Staff in the Giant by Generators 2/3, Wind inside the Giant by Generators 4/5, and Ice inside the Generator 6/Church giant), and the fire staff in a newly-spawned pedestal in front of the four staffs pedestal at the bottom of the Excavation Site. However, if you’re using the glitch, you can skip the Giants altogether; go to the bottom of the Excavation site, place the upgraded Fire Staff in the newly-spawned pedestal (hold even when not prompted), then walk up to the Fire Staff’s crafting pedestal and pick it up. Do that again 3 more times (totaling four times) and a blue aura will emerge from the pedestals, and a speech by Samantha will cue the successful completion.

3. Step Three - “Rain Fire”: After Step Two, the Giants will start spawning together at a much higher frequency. You need to enter a Giant and press the red button there, while the other person throws the Airstrike bomb outside the Lightning Cave (in the corner beyond the fences, you will see a concrete white surface. This is where you will have to (but not just yet) throw the Airstrike bomb. By this point, you should know that three Giants will have a total of six feet. But during this step, out of all six feet, only ONE will be ‘accessible.’ Station anyone who is free (i.e. whoever is not guarding a zombie) nearby the Giant’s footprints in anticipation. Once an access point is determined, a player goes into the Giant via the foot. As the person with the Airstrike bomb waits in the corner by the Lightning Cave, the person inside the robot must press the red button. Once the countdown begins, the player must inform the Airstrike carrier, at which point the Airstrike carrier will throw the Airstrike bomb and make it land on the concrete surface (if missed, a demonic laughter will be heard). Fire will be shot from the skies that will break the concrete surface.

4. Step Four - “Unleash the Horde”: This step is not complicated but it CAN be difficult. After you make the hole with the Airstrike bomb, send in the Maxis Drone. At this point, a ‘horde’ of Panzer soldats will be ‘unleashed’ (specifically, there will be two Panzers per player, so brace yourself/yourselves!). Once you kill them, Samantha will speak to you, annoucing the step’s successful completion.

5. Step Five - “Skewer the Winged Beast”: This step is glitched, and if you mess up you will have to start over. The step involves killing an invisible zombie, but if killed while NOT seen, it’ll glitch out the whole EE and so far there is no workaround, so avoid putting up traps at all costs. With that in mind, you must do this step using Zombie Blood. While in Zombie Blood mode, you need to look in the sky and see a plane on fire (much like the one you got a fire staff part from). Shoot it down with a BULLET gun and an invisible zombie (“Red Baron”) will drop and run clockwise in the walkway around the Excavation Site. He can only be seen during Zombie Blood Mode, and he will look like a normal zombie. So, what you need to do is, as soon as you shoot down that plane, within that same Zombie Blood timeframe exit the Pack-a-Punch area through the rear exit (i.e. the one facing the Church) and turn left on the walkway (i.e. counter clockwise), you will run into him and soon as you see him, kill him with an upgraded staff. He will drop a Maxis Drone. Pick it up. (If you missed him, just pray to your deity that it didn’t glitch and do NOT place or try to kill him outside Zombie blood. Just wait until you spawn the next one to re-attempt it.

There is a tip to semi-guarantee the elimination of this monster. Keep in mind, again, that he needs to be killed by the person who is in zombie blood. Thanks to chavarlison for this great tip!

Originally Posted by chavarlison View Post
We found a way to trap the invisible zombie(can be seen only in blood mode) on the corridor right after you open No Man's Land, right after the MP40 wallbuy. The tight corridor right before the robot's step. Just park a person or two to block the way and the zombie will get stuck right there for you to kill at your leisure. Didn't know you can do that lol
6. Step Six - “Wield the Fist of Iron": Having procured the Maxis Drone, head to the bottom of the Excavation Site (if you are four people, take turns of two so as not to be over). A new type of zombies will appear there; Templars with glowing, smoky white hands. Kill them using thunder fist near the circle and their souls will ascend. Each person must kill 20 of these zombies using Thunderfist. After the 20th zombie, a slab with a fist carving will be dropped. Pick it up. Once every player picks one up, it’s time for the final step.

7. Step Seven - “Raise Hell”: Take the Staffs back to the Crazy Place and place them on their respective pedestals. Gather in the centre and start punching Zombies there with your new melee. You will need to kill many and it may get overwhelming so brace yourself/yourselves. If done successfully, the screen will turn white and shortly after, the Trophy will pop!)

8. Step Eight - “Freedom”: Launch Maxis’ drone and enjoy!
Here is a video explaining the steps:

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Not a Gold Digger
In Origins, share a dug up weapon

In this zombie map, two new elements are introduced, “shovel” and “dig sites.” You need to use the shovel to unearth a weapon that a co-op partner picks up.

In the spawn area there are two shovels; one in the starting room, against a pillar next to the M14, and one by the first door to Generator 3 (A sign will indicate which). Now, as you pick up a shovel, look for a dig site. They will distinguishable as small semi-circular piles of dirt and bones (including a skull). If you have the shovel, stand on a dig site and hold . This will spawn a reward from that pile. They can vary between bonus points (50-250, it’s random), a power up (2x, or kaboom), 1-2 active grenades that will explode shortly after being dug up, and, finally, a rudimentary weapon. The weapon can be either a Mauser C96 (Start-up gun), a Remington 870 shotgun, a KSG, an M1216, a Ballista (sniper with iron sight) or a DSR 50 (A sniper with a scope). Whatever weapon you dig up, you let someone else take it by standing on it and holding . Shortly after, the trophy will pop.

All Your Base
In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop

This can be done on solo and is very likely to be one of the first unlocked Trophies. You need to activate all of the generators without letting one fail before activating the last generator. To put it simply, all generators on this map must be activated by Round 10 (both solo and co-op). At round 10 Templar zombies will spawn and run in a horde shutting down one generator after another (it will indicate that, and which generator, on the HUD). You need to have all Generators activated before that to unlock this Trophy.

The generators on this map, when activated, supply power to the immediate vicinity it’s located in. Each can be activated for a price (The cost depends on the number of player(s), and it’s 200 per 1 player so, 400 if it’s two players, 600 if three.. etc). Upon attempting activation, a few ‘electrified’ zombies will spawn (as you will see in the spawn room). You need to fend them off until the circle meter at the bottom of your meter fills up, indicating the generator’s complete fill up. Make sure you stay in the generator area until it fills up and you are awarded 100 points (and redeemed the points you spent). It should be noted that, when you step out of the circle as the meter fills up and a PA says “activation process interrupted,” this does NOT nullify the Trophy, so manoeuver and move as you need when overwhelmed by zombies

There are six generators on this map. The first one is in the starting area, and Generators 2 and 3 are at the end of the pathway outside each of the two doors in the starting area (Generator 2 is through the door by the Ballista chalk layout, and Generator 3 is in the very small hallway with the shovel, just opposite of a zombie break-in window). At the end of both Generators 2 and 3 locations there are doors that lead to the same building. This is where they converge.

Upstairs in that building is a door that will lead to the map proper, or “No man’s land.” As soon as you exit, you will be walking down a path up to the open area. You will see the centre, too, which is the Excavation Site and the heart of the Easter Egg. To your right will be the path to Generator 5, and to your left, Generator 4. In the distance you will see a church - Generator 6 is behind it. Generator 4 is located past the Giant’s footprint and across the “tank’s track” (like a road), and will be right in front of a Jugger-nog machine. The path to Generator 5 (from the place where the whole map ‘opens up’) consists of only a Giant’s footprint followed by a generator across from the Stamin-up machine.

Generator 6 is easy but can be tricky to find at first. There is a circular path that goes around the Excavation site. On the other side of the excavation site (between that place and the church) there is a pathway that needs to be bought. It can be difficult to see too, depending on which direction you approach it from. Once you remove the debris, you will go across a Giant’s footstep and turn left to its exit. From the exit from the footprint, turn right and next to the tank you will see a flight of stairs, with debris which needs to be cleared. At the top of the stairs is the church’s interiors in ruins with a destroyed wall. Through that wall and across from yet another Giant’s footprint is Generator 6.

Track your progress to make sure each one is activated before Round 10. To check your progress, press and on the left you will see a circle with six “slices.” Each slice indicates a generator. An activated generator is blue, and an inactive one is black. Make sure all are blue by Round 10.

The trophy should unlock as soon as you activate the final Generator (assuming none were destroyed by Templar zombies).

Kung Fu Grip
In Origins, free yourself and another from the panzer soldat's claw in one game

The panzer is a new ‘boss’ enemy similar in structure to BioShock’s Big Daddy (for those familiar with that game). He is 1.5 times as tall as the main characters, wear white suites and have a helmet with a circular, flat face cover. They will hit via melee, or through their flamethrower, or through the hook. All depends on your location vis-a-vis his. It’s during his use of the grappling hook that you must go for the Trophy.

The panzer will ALWAYS spawn at round 8 onwards, and at 3-4 rounds intervals, sometimes more than one will appear, depending on the number of players. As he approaches, if you are close but not within his hands’ reach, he will use a flamethrower. If you sprint away in a direction with little manoeuvre, he will launch a grappling hook from his arm, which, if it attaches to you, pulls you in. When it does that, as he pulls you or your partner in, from the arm that launches the hook there will be a glowing red dot. This is his weakness point. Shoot at it and he will drop the player. You have to do this while he is grabbing you, and also another time while he is grabbing your partner.

Here's a video demonstrating it (credit to Rooster Teeth for this):

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Playing with Power
In Origins, build all the elemental staffs in one game

In this map, and also as part of the Easter Egg, four types of staffs can be built. These are Fire (red/orange), Ice (blue), Wind (yellow) and Lightning (purple) Staffs. Though complicated at first, it’s rather easy to build the staffs as the parts are in predictable locations (except for snow which involves SOME randomness). There is no order in which to construct, you can collect however you wish. However, you can only carry one “stone” for each stuff to build it (as explained below).

Here is what you need: A gramophone, the gramophone’s original record, a record for each type of staff, three parts per staff and the ‘magic’ stone for each staff.

What you need to do is get the gramophone along with its original record. Place it on a table in the area where you found the gramophone to see the floor spiral down into stairs (but no need to go down there yet). Now, collect each part of each staff (including the record), go through each of the four of the element you need, place the Gramophone on the table to create a portal. Go through the portal and pick up the stone from the pedestal, exit and go to the bottom of the excavation site to craft it. All items can be carried together at various times but you may only carry one stone until you craft the respective staff. So leave the stone to last.

The parts you need are in predictable places:
Gramophone's location is always inside the Excavation:
⁃ It is located inside the Excavation site. It will be on the floor (or against the wall) in the room at the bottom end of the staircase by the Pack-a-Punch machine.
Gramophone’s “original” record is nearby an entry point to the Excavation Site:
⁃ By the front entry point of the Excavation site, facing the starting area. It should be next to a motor-like device after the first set of wooden stairs.
⁃ By the rear entry point, facing the church. It should be on the ground level, on top of stone bricks across from the pathway towards the church.
⁃ In the Excavation site, in the circle area with the Pack-a-Punch machine. It will be nearby the front entry point (after clearing the debris).
• The records for each staff are in always these areas:
Ice Record (Blue): it’s always in the one-floor building by Generator 2. It will be either on the desk at the entrace to that building (from Generator 2), on a shelf next to the Mystery Box location, or across from that by the rear exit point, also on a shelf.
Lightning Record (Purple): it’s always near the Jugger-nog. It’s either by the table between the Jugger-nog and the Wonder Whizz machine, on a chariot on the ‘road’ outside the Jugger-nog or at the bottom of the “Wind” cave, which is in the area next to the Jugger-nog (where the Jugger-nog is facing).
Wind Record (Yellow): It’s always by Stamin-up/Generator 5. It’ll be either on a broken wall entry point (on either side of the generator), on the crates outside Generator 5, across from the Lightning cave, or inside that cave, at the bottom of that cave.
Fire Record (Red/Orange): It’s always in the church area. It can be hidden on the crates right between the tank and the stairway to the church’s interior, on the wooden pews, on the collapsed wall’s bricks (right before the Giant’s footprint) or on the crates to your lefthand side as you enter the Generator 5 area, or, finally, at the bottom of the “Ice” cave in the footprint between the Church and Generator 6.
• The three parts for each staff are also predictable:
⁃ Each of the three parts for the Wind Staff are in each of the three Giants.
One is at the beginning, one is in the middle of the map and one by the church. The giants walk on UNIDIRECTIONAL, parallel paths. They appear from one side and fade into another. They don’t come out from where they fade, nor do they ‘roam’ the area. The only ‘unpredictable’ thing about them is when they show up. You get inside them through their feet. Either one of the feet is accessible, or neither. The accessible foot will be indicated by the eight lights at the bottom of the foot. Whichever foot that is, stand in the footprint area where you expect it to stomp you. As it puts it foot down on you, shoot it (with a bulleted gun, as Ray-guns take a long time to hit and register) and its hatch will open. If successful, when stomped the screen goes white. You will find a glowing yellow part right in front of you. Pick it up, turn around and hold against the blue circles. You will be ejected back into the map. The three bots are in these areas:
• One part is in the Giant by the beginning. His footprints are either on top of the building by Generator 2, or across from Generator 3 (where Speed-Cola is located).
• The second part is in the Giant in the middle. There are six footprints, three for each foot. Two are by Generator 5, two by the Excavation site one is by the front entry point or on the side in the direction to Jugger-nog), and finally, two more by Jugger-nog, one in the area behind the Jugger-nog (with a stone chest), and one in the area across from it (the same area with stairs towards the “Wind” cave).
• Last part is in the Giant by the Church. One in the footprint at the end of the path to the church from the Excavation site, and one upstairs outside the Church, between the Church and Generator 6.
- The parts for the Lightning Staff are in areas whose entry points can only be accessible by the tank. The tank circles the map, with two stops: one at the church, and one outside the building by Generator 2.
• One part, and the only one on that path, is on the tank’s trek from the Church to Generator 2. Midway between the two stops, with the church behind you, to your right should be a wooden scaffold-like structure with stairs. You need to jump onto that structure and go down the stairs. In that area, you’ll find a part. The tank, however, will continue to move leaving you behind. Don’t fret, though. It’ll be in the area outside the Generator 2 building.
• One part, and one of the two on that path, is in the pathway from Generator 2 back to the Church. As the tank approaches the Excavation Site, you’ll see an elevated wooden entry point to your left (as you’re facing the church). Jump onto it and get to the staff part. Like the last time, the tank will keep moving. However, though this requires skill (but is not necessary) to pull off, you can jump from the front left corner of the tank, sprint to the staff part and run back and keep jumping until you can jump back onto the tank.
• The last part, also on the second path, is right outside the church (right before the Tank’s parking), on your righthand side, facing the church, you will see a muddy but carved pathway. Jump onto it and run to grab the last part.
⁃ The parts for the Fire Staff need to be ‘spawned’ through completing certain action:
• One part is given by the reward chest in Generator 6’s station after activating that generator.
• Another part is dropped by the first Panzer, who appears during Round 8.
• The final part is by shooting down a burning plane in the sky. The plane usually appears when it’s raining, or clear, from Round 9 onwards (or, though rarely, as early as round 7). Once shot down (with a bulleted weapon), no matter where you shoot it from, the dropped part will always land outside the Excavation Site, in the short pathway between the site’s two footprints.
- The three parts for the Ice Staff are random dig-ups:
• They can be dug-up ONLY when it snows.
• And while the parts are random and can be dug up anywhere at any round (again, if it's snowing), the first part can be dug up from a dig site in the path Generator 1 and Generator 2/3. This is, given the usual progress, the only likely part that can be dug up before Round 8.
• The final elements for the staff are the Stones. Each Staff requires own stone (which is NOT part of the three required parts). There are four caves in this map, one for each element. You need to go through each and enter the portal to the “Crazy Place,” which is open by placing the Gramophone on the table (you’ll see the prompt) and playing the required record, to retrieve the stone. Remember, unlike other staff parts, you may only carry one stone of each element. Moreover, even though retrieved parts are accessible to all players, only the stone carrier can craft the Staff. As such, retrieve one stone, and go to the bottom of the Excavation Site to craft it on its respective pedestal (which will be indicated by colour). Here are the caves and their locations
The Fire Cave: just outside the starting area, right after the exit to the path towards Generator 3.
The Lightning Cave: Just outside Generator 5/Stamin-Up. It’s the area where you find the record for the Wind staff.
The Wind Cave: in the area next to Generator 4 (the area in which direction the Jugger-nog machine is facing).
The Ice Cave: It’s in the footprint between the Church and Generator 6.
Once you get all the parts, build a Staff using the stone required. Once you build it, retrieve the other stones and build the remaining staffs (one at a time). Once done, the Trophy should pop.

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I'm on a Tank!
In Origins, ride the tank around the map without getting off

If you have a certain ‘enthusiasm’ for World War I artillery, it’d be hard to ride the “Tank” without ‘getting off.’ Thankfully (or not), ‘getting off’ is used in its literal sense, as is ‘the Tank’ - it is not a reference to Dempsey.

What you need to do is to ride the tank to complete a full cycle. The tank has two stops: one below the church, and one outside the Generator 2 building. The ride will cost 500 points from each stop, culminating in 1000 points. It doesn’t matter from which starting point the Tank starts driving - what matters is that the tank ends where it started the round without your getting off it. At the first stop, the tanks stops to ‘cool down.’ Even as it cools down, don’t leave it. Wait until it cools down, the red lights on it turn green and a sound goes off alerting to its readiness. If you’re doing it with another player, it’s as simple as leaving one zombie and letting another player “babysit” it while you complete the round. If you’re doing it solo, from the first stop it’s easy to drive off with one zombie chasing you. However, it may prove difficult during the tank’s stop to stay on while the zombie catches on and you find it hard to out-manoveuvre the zombie without abandonding the tank. So, if that happens, just go ahead and kill the zombie and ‘camp’ there until the cool down is complete, then activate it to complete the round. Once it stops where it started, the Trophy will pop.

Saving the Day...All Day
In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game

This will take a while and it is nearly impossible to pull off in splitscreen.

Here are the four ways to revive the player (doesn’t matter whom you revive with which method):
• “Normal” revive: when your partner goes down, hold on them to revive them.
• “Normal” revive with Quick Revive perk: Same as before, but with Quick Revive purchased. It is just by Generator 1 (Starting Area), and when NOT playing solo, will cost 1500 points to purchase.
• Reviving with an Ultimate Staff: With an Ultimate Staff, press left on the D-pad to switch the type of ammunition. Aim it at the downed partner and shoot it. To build an Ultimate Staff, see “Master wizard” Trophy for into.
• Reviving using Maxis Drone: The Maxis Drone is a buildable item. Once built, it will be equipped/launched by pressing down on the d-pad. If equipped near a fallen teammate, it will revive them. The Drone parts are located in these areas:
⁃ The Brain: The brain, which is a glowing lime-green petri-dish, is always in the starting area, on the table right by where the player(s) spawn.
⁃ The Frame: The frame can be in one of three areas; two of those spots are under a crossbone sign, one on the muddy road in front of the tank, and the second under another crossbone sign on the road behind the tank. The third possible place is in the Ice Cave outside the Church, halfway between the entrance and the end of the tunnel.
⁃ The Rotor: Also can be found in one of the three possible areas. One area is on top of the Excavation Site, nearby the Pack-a-Punch machine. Another area is inside the excavation Site, at the bottom of the first staircase (the area where you find the Gramophone). It will be near the end of the right wooden path on the floor. Finally, it can be at the bottom of the Excavation Site, after activating the stairs via the Gramophone. It will be on top of a crate on a scaffolding by a switch (there are four switches there, and two of them are in these scaffolding).
After you revive your teammate(s) using one of these methods at least once, you should get the Trophy.

Master of Disguise
In Origins, use zombie blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game

“Zombie Blood” is a newly introduced power-up drop. It looks like an IV bag and can be obtained easily in co-op after turning on Generator 1. You do not need three different players; you need to revive one three times within the half-life of the Zombie Blood. As soon as you get it, tell your partner to cook a grenade and down himself. Revive him three times within that period. Now, keep playing until you get to either Generator 2 or 3. Luck will play a role here. Without activating the generator, keep killing zombies until you get zombie blood. Once you do, run to the generator and activate it (your partner should be in that area too to hasten the process).

If successful, you should unlock the Trophy after you activate the generator.

In Origins, complete all 4 challenges in one game

There are four challenges in this game, which can be tracked above the “reward chests.” There are two of those. One in the beginning, where you get the Zombie Blood (or x2, if solo) after activating Generator 1. Another one is by Generator 6 (which rewards you part of the Fire Staff after activating that Generator). This can be obtained by round 15.

Three out of four challenges are based on individual performace. The fourth challenge is collective work (or individual, if solo). When done, a particular grey and golden slab will appear on the HUD. The shape will correspond to the challenge’s ‘stone’ above the Reward Chest. Here are the challenges.
1. 115 Normal Zombie headshots: In solo, this is really not as bad as it may seem. You need an average off-wall gun, preferably the MP40 (1300 points, in the building by generator 2), and kill zombies with headshot. It should be noted that the Ray Gun does not work for headshot (the Ray Gun Mark II, however, does). Pressing will show you how many headshot you get. Though it is obvious, you need to kill regular zombies (Templars don’t count) by shooting them in the head. The reason this is emphasized is because, during Insta-Kill, when a zombie is shot or stabbed, his head is destroyed. So one must pay particular attention during Insta-kill.
2. Capture 6 Generators: You need to have activated every generators at least once. Even if taken down later, it doesn’t matter. In co-op, if you’re not the one to turn on the generator, this is done by staying in the Generator’s area until the meter fills up and you get the 100 points bonus. If missed, you can either start over or wait for Templar zombies to take down the generator you missed. For further info on their locations, refer to the "All Your Base" Trophy.
3. Spend 30,000 points: It’s not about how many points you have, or how many you have accumulated overall. What you need is to spend money. Though this will likely unlock en route to completing the other two challenges, you can simply waste your money by pack-a-punching and buying various off-wall weapons until a hexagonal slab with a golden rectangular outline appears in the middle.
4. Fill 4 chests to capacity: There are dark grey stone chests that need to be filled with over 20 zombies within the ‘perimeters’. These chests are located in the footprint of the Giants; three in the footprints of the middle Giant (footprint behind Jugger-nog, another one in front of the Excavation site and one on the other side of Generator 5), and one in a footprint of the Church’s giant (in the area between the pathway connecting the Excavation site to the Tank). It’s best to fill them right after a Giant passes them. If you start to fill a chest with zombie souls and a Giant steps on it before it is filled, it will reset the progress and it will require more zombie souls to be filled.

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Master Wizard
In Origins, wield all the ultimate staffs in one game

Not only do you need to upgrade your staffs, you also need to use (“wield”) each one at least once for the Trophy to unlock.

(Note: Through Upgrades can be done simultaneously, for efficiency's sake it is recommended to leave the Fire Staff upgrade to last, as in the progression below. )

Just like guns via Pack-a-Punch, each staff can be be upgraded to its ‘ultimate’ form, albeit through varying and complicated steps - or ‘challenges:’ each Staff requires a challenge for its ultimate form. Each one will require a puzzle to be solved, certain actions (“challenges”) to be taken (except for the Fire Staff, where you need to do the Challenge BEFORE the Puzzle) finally filled with zombie souls in the crazy place after being placed on the pedestal. The solution to the Lightning and Wind staffs puzzles are always the same. The ones for Ice and Fire vary between games. The post-puzzle challenges for all staffs, are constant and never change. Once all that is done, the four rings above the Staff pedestals need to be moved to correspond to the staff’s colour and then shoot the orb at its bottom before taking the staff to the Crazy Place for “soul filling.” Here are the steps as follow (and with multiple players, this can be done simultaneously.

The puzzle use numeric forms (except for Lightning, whose solution is consistent). In solving each puzzle, you must use the corresponding Staff. Here is the reference table, or ‘translation’ of the puzzles used (credits go to talloby from the Activision forums).

With that table above, here's how to approach the individual puzzles:

Ice Staff Puzzle: Take the Ice staff to the Crazy Place and, in the Ice Staff’s area, as you face the puzzle with the centre of the Crazy Place behind your back, look up. You will see six suspended stone panels, each with a symbol (Cuneform Symbols). On your righthand side, you will see a square with a “dotted” symbol on the rocks (Ternary Symbols). You need to shoot the Cuneform symbol on the suspended stones that corresponds to the Ternary symbol to your right. Use the table above as reference. When you shoot the correct one, the Ternary form on your right will change. Shoot the next slab whose Cuneform symbol corresponds to the new Ternary number that appears.

Lightning Staff Puzzle: This is a musical puzzle but, thankfully, no mastery is needed as the solution is always the same. In the Crazy Place, by the Lightning Staff’s Gateway, you will see three music staffs on your left, and on your right, two rows of purple triangles that form a ‘keyboard.’ You have to hit three keys at three different intervals. The fired orb will ‘stick’ and shortly after the third orb is fired, the orbs will disappear indicating the end of the interval. Here is how the keyboard is labeled (credits go to CoD Wikia)

By going by the label format in the image below, hit “A C E” first, then “E G B,” and finally “F A D.” If done correctly, a sound effect and a Samantha speech will cue the successful completion. To ascertain that, you can shoot the keyboard. If the orb doesn’t stick, it means it’s done.

Wind Staff Puzzle: Like the Lightning Staff, the solution to this Puzzle is always the same. Above the Gateway are four rings or circles. You need to move each ring by hitting it with the Wind Staff. The solution is so: facing the Wind Staff’s gateway, the lefthand-size horizontal line must be (from innermost to outermost ring): I / IL / LF / L* (corresponding to 1, 6, 11, 8 if using the table above). Here's the solution (credits go CoD Wikia):

When done, a sound cue AND an announcement by Samantha will signal the completion of the step.

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Now onto the challenges. With the exception of Fire Staff, there are actions that need to be taken using the corresponding Staff after that Staff’s puzzle is done. Here is the list of challenges:
Ice Staff Challenge: Once the puzzle is done, you need to find three tombstones across the map. You need to freeze each one using the Ice Staff then shoot it with a bullet gun (Ray Guns won’t work). The tombstones are: on the “hill” that holds the Excavation Site. It should be visible as it will be facing in the direction of the Jugger-nog. The other one should be outside the footprint behind Jugger-nog (with the soul chest). The final one is outside the building by Generator 2. If you exit through the rear exit of the building (i.e. where the Tank stops if launched from church), on your far-left by a collapsed Giant’s hand you’ll find the final tombstone (If you have the Ice Staff and the Ray Gun, and you don’t want to lose the Ray Gun, you can simply freeze all three tombstones and then pick up a cheap bullet gun to replace the Ice Staff and destroy each tombstone. You can get your Ice Staff back from its pedestal.)

Lightning Staff Challenge: Once you complete the puzzle, you need to ‘deactivate’ certain panels located across the map Keep turning the switch on the panel until the “spark” disappears. This has to be done in this order at these locations:

⁃ By the Wonderfizz next to the Stamin-up machine.
⁃ Behind the church’s stairway at the lower floor (right by a torch labeled “3”).
⁃ On the upperfloor of the Church, nearby the Mystery Box location.
⁃ On a broken wall outside the “Wind” cave (in the Jugger-nog area).
⁃ By the small stairway in the starting area.
⁃ Near the rear exit of the bunker by Generator 2.
⁃ Finally, the panel outside the Excavation site, right across from entrance of the pathway to the Church. Once done, a sound cue should resonate, indicating a successful completion.
Wind Staff Challenge: After the puzzle, three chimneys will emit black smoke. You need to hit the chimneys wit the Wind Staff, redirecting the smoke to the direction of the Excavation site. The chimneys are in these three areas: the elevated wall separating the Generator 4 from the Wind Cave, in the inaccessible area behind the Stamin-up and finally, on the right-hand side on the tank’s rear tracks, assuming you’re exiting with the tank behind you. Once done, a sound cue and a speech by will indicate a successful completion.
After completing the puzzle of each Staff (or, as per my recommendation, the ones for Ice, Lightning and Wind), you need to go to the bottom of the Excavation Site. You will see four parallel stone rights atop of each other. Each one will have a color-coded light. At the bottom you’ll see a suspended orb coloured after your Staff’s element. You need to move each ring via switches so each ring’s light is lit in the colour corresponding to the Staff’s element. There will two sets of stairs that converge at the very bottom underneath wooden scaffolding. On each stairway (left and right), there will be a switch. There will be two more switches on the wooden scaffolding. Use these switches to rotate the rings. Once they’re lit in the colour of your staff, shoot the orb of at the bottom, which will send it into the skies.

Finally, you need to return the Staff to the Crazy Place and put it on its corresponding pedestal (entry point doesn’t matter). You need to kill enough zombies so that they are filled. I suggest you do so for all three Staffs (Wind, Ice and Lightning) simultaneously, along with the Fire Staff’s challenge below.

Now, the Fire Staff is different insofar as the Challenge needs to be done BEFORE the puzzle. (And since the challenge requires kills in Crazy Place, it is highly recommended that you do the challenge simultaneously as you complete the final step for creating the other ultimate three staffs):
Fire Staff Challenge: In the Crazy Place, by the Fire Staff gateway is a burning furnace on the floor. By the floor are four stone “baskets.” What you need to do is, with the fire staff, you need to kill zombies on top of the ‘furnace.’ Further, you need to burn their corpses so as they erupt in black smoke. Each basket will light up in fire after a set number of kills By the time they’re filled up, assuming you’re doing the final upgrade for the other three staffs, they will be upgraded long before you complete that step so timing should not be a concern. Plus, as the smoke fills up the basket, the souls will will transfer to the other staffs, which is why it is HIGHLY recommended that you do this simultaneously with other staff upgrades. Once all four baskets are lit, exit the Crazy Place.

Fire Staff Puzzle: After the Challenge, you need to do the Puzzle. The puzzle is the Church; the lower floor has unlit torches marked in numbers underneath (except “4” which has a bloodstain instead). You need to light them up in a certain order. To figure out that, go upstairs, and turn around facing the Mystery Box location. From left to right, lit Ternary numbers will appear. Using the reference above, you need to match the Ternary number to integer number, then light the torches in the lower floor whose numbers correspond with the Ternary numbers, in the order indicated too (again, left to right facing the Mystery Box location).
After that, you need to do the final two steps for the Ultimate Fire Staff. They are identical to the other staffs: go back to the Excavation Site, move the rings so the light is red-lit, shoot the orb and return to the Crazy Place to upgrade the Fire Staff by filling it with zombie souls.

Once all ultimate forms are created, use each once - ding!

Video below:

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Nice job man, the mods maybe can take mine down. I only tried to put one up because no one else had.

Check out my YouTube channel / ratings appreciated

PSN ID: JWill_55

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Thank you <3

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U might want to set up a pre gameplan for the EE, like uploading a video on how to get the PAP MG by using the maxis drone. U can keep the zombie in the lower part of excavation and get it wile the other members are scavenging/ building the staffs. The maxis drone will cool down after 2-3 mins and it's free after building the maxis drone.

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