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Kyosuke Nanbu
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Arrow Another Century's Episode R

* Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
* Offline: 1 4 4 37
* Approximate amount of time to : 60-80+ Hours
* Minimum number of play throughs needed: 11
* Number of miss-able trophies: None
* Glitched trophies: None, but the game does have a large ammount of general glitches
* Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes. 2 Trophies for clearing on Hard, and extra hard.
* Do cheat codes disable trophies? No Cheats

Section 2:Introduction
This guide covers Another Century's Episode R. From Software and Bandai Namco's. It's an action and fast paced robot game that mixes various and completely unrelated Anime series into one large story. It's their 1st attempt to bring over the popular ACE Series to the current gen era. In doing so they've made many changes from the previous PS2 titles. Not all of which were too great.

There's really no road to follow with this game as everything is usually unlocked over time as you have to go through the game at least 11 times. and finishing the last few trophies during your 12th run. Though you don't have to complete that one.

There are a total of 11 Routes. 1 for each series. (Char's Counter attack has no route). However, aside from the 2-3 starting stages, there's no real difference. around stage 4 you'll see stages repeating themselves from other routes, and eventually all routes will merge into one once you get to the stage "Rite of Spring". The stage select is in the form of a story tree, so seeing the stages is easy enough.

If you need to go back to a stage to farm or one of the missions that make getting the specific trophy easier, You can simply reselect the previous missions at free will. Even ones from other routes. (as long as you already played them).

=New Features:=

Points System: In past games, ACE points acquired after clearing missions could be used to upgrade mecha's stats. Such as Armor points, attack, def, etc. That's still around, however now ACE R has introduced Pilot points which will allow you to increase your pilots stats as well.

Pilot stats:
-Action: The higher this is, the more attacks will become available to the pilot.
-Step Out: This increases your ability to dodge enemies attack.
-Tension: Will increase the pilots total number of available Tension blocks.
-Tension Rate:The higher this skill is, the more easier the pilot can aquire tension
-Support: Characters have various support abilities. (When playing they'll be the options in Blue in the weapon boxes). They all differ depending on the unit. However using them drains from the AP of the unit that used it. This skill increases whatever the support ability of the pilot is. ie, increases attack power, extends duration of remote weapon support, Special effects last longer. For a list of what characters have what abilities look below.

=Chase Mode:= A new mode has been added called the "Chase Mode". This is essentially a Rail shooter esque mode. You can control the units movement on the screen and it's attack, but not have complete range of movements. These are usually just used for cinematic events and aren't large in number. if the unit has a flight mode it will always assume it as well.

=Tension System:= In the previous games units used all of their attacks via a standard ammo based system. In ACE R it's now required to use tension bars. You'll gain tension simply by hitting and destroying targets. How this can be very tedious until you've increased a pilots Tension Gain skill.

=Pilot Changing=The previous titles always had the characters set permanently in their own units. ACE R however now allows you to swap out certain pilots into different machines of the same franchise. The down side to this is that it's only available to the Universal Century gundam pilots, (Z gundam and Crossbone), and the Aquarion series pilots.

Nothing really new, but From Software made all the menus in plain english for this game. So even people who can't read Japanese, or at least not Hiragana/Katakana can enjoy and navigate through the game. Things such as character and unit names, and descriptions are still in Japanese however.

=BGM Editing=
One of the best features of the game. basically it's custom soundtracks, but with much more depth. The game has it's own BGM editor, which allows you to customize 90% of the music that you'll hear in the game. Instead of how normal custom tracks simply play until you yourself stop them via the XMB, here your able to set each piece of individual music. Whether it's from combat, different movie events, boss battles, etc. The game itself will recognize the files on your HDD and show them on the edit screen. Or if you want you can also swap out the original music with other original music from the game. (Such as "Nave" and "Point of Probe"). For best results it's best to use songs with at 128kbs. You can use higher if you want. (All of mine are 320 and above), it's just what the manual recommends for some reason.

=Changes From Previous titles=

=Unit usage=

The biggest change from the previous games is that you can no longer use any unit you want freely. In the past games once you got a new unit, you could use that unit any time. Even after you cleared the game, you could use any unit you had before at the very start of the game. Even if it was something you wouldn't normally get till near the end or a secret unlock-able, or a contradiction. Such as playing as Zechs merquise in the same level that he 1st shows up as an AI partner. (basically 2 Zechs' on the map)

Now however there are many restrictions to this.
-All starting stages for a series Route have mandatory pre-set units and player characters. Even if you've already cleared it and it's entire route.

-You can only use characters that are in your group within canon. Which means that if people haven't joined your group as far as the story goes, you can't use them. Their unit portraits will be darkened. There is 1 exemption to this however, as the main character, Autumn-Four will be with your from the start, but she will not be able to sortie until you've completed the mission "Rite of Spring". It's story related so it can't be missed.

-But once your given the option to choose your player unit freely, you can choose end game or secret units as long as the pilot is there. Such as C.C.'s Lancelot Frontier instead of using her Akatsuki. Or playing as Sousuke in Bonta-Kun or his M9 rather than Arbalest.

-Further more, unlike past games, and the SRW games. All upgrades to units are stand alone. Which means units that upgrade to others like Gurren Flight type to Gurren SEITEN will not get the formers upgrades.

These are the default control settings

Used for basic movement.

Used for alternate unit configurations if available. Such as the the Valkyrie fighter, Battleroid, and gerwalk modes. Or switching between the 3 forms of Aquarion.

=Used to fire/use corresponding weapons. Not all units have a full load out. can also be used to grab if available. Certain units have attacks like missiles that require you to hold it down to get the max number of lock ons. Or Fully charge a weapon. A certain aspect to take note of with certain units. That if you time the button press for at regular intervals, many units will have a much faster firing rate for their main weapon. It's just a matter of getting it down by unit to unit.

Other units such as the Gundam SEED Unit's have awakenings, or Autumn's Alpha Heart that can change modes operate the same way. But taking a hard hit or dashing while charging will cancel it.

Used for boosting. Double tap+ in any direction to perform a step out/Emergency dash.

Toggle between weapon panels. Many units have multiple ones. It all depends on the armaments. The final panel is always the Support attack panel which is blue. Panels can also be customized via the menu.

Switch between locked on targets. Hold to disengage completely. You can customize whether you want it to prioritize locking onto the closest enemy around you, or what's in front of you.

Used to ascend/gain altitude or jump. It varies from unit to unit. Some are capable of perma flight and just stay in the air. Others who don't must keep the button pressed or will lose altitude. Certain units such as the Full Metal Panic units or the Valkyries in Battlroid mode can not fly either way, and simply jump.

Used to Descend. Really only used for units with perma flight while within the atmosphere.

, (Space) Within space or low gravity areas, they function on the basic level. Ascend or descend. Regardless of the unit.

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Kyosuke Nanbu
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Posts: 88

=Bugs and Glitches=
Unfortunately, one of the reasons ACE R is disliked is that it is plagued with various bugs and glitches. The most common one is the game freezing at random times. Others are you or enemies getting stuck under the ground layers or within walls, the music not playing, and within a few special parts such as the Gundam SEED Destiny intro stage, if you skip the cut scenes/Dialogues, there's a chance that the enemies will not spawn, making it impossible to progress.

The Mission, "The Two Songstresses" mission is in a league of it's own, and has the chance to freeze and glitch more than any other mission. This mission involves constant changing around from game play, to real time cinematic, and constant changing BGMs.

Certain units, specifically Strike Freedom/Kira, Nu-Gundam/Amuro Ray, and Shinkirou/Zero have much larger chance of freezing he mission. It's not known why exactly. This can make getting the Last Chase trophy quite tedious.

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Kyosuke Nanbu
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Posts: 88

Unlock all Trophies.

Pretty self Explanatory

Install the game data to your HDD.

Same thing. All you have to do is install the game to the HDD, and it's yours. You'll get to mess around in a virtual space using a random unit while it loads though. use this time to get used to the controls.

Title of King:
Complete the Overman King Gainer route.

*See Route Complete

Those Who Carry the Seed:
Complete the Gundam Seed Destiny route.

*See Route Complete

Between Man and Its Successors:
Complete the Crossbone Gundam route.

*See Route Complete

Mark of Tears:
Complete the Zeta Gundam route.

*See Route Complete

Complete the Code Geass R2 route.

*See Route Complete

Holy Genesis Combination:
Complete the Aquarion route.

*See Route Complete

Complete the Orguss route.

*See Route Complete

The Guy I Kinda Like Is a Sergeant:
Complete the Full Metal Panic route.

*See Route Complete

Unshaken Earth: Complete the Macross Zero route.

*See Route Complete

Genuine Skies: Complete the Macross Frontier route.

*See Route Complete

Focus! Flash! Hot Blood!: Complete the Super Robot Wars OG route.

*See Route Complete

Route Complete:
Complete all routes.

Simply clear all routes. The difficulty can also be set to what ever you want. There are 11 Routes total, one for each series. (Char's Counter Attack has no route as it's only included to give Amuro the Nu-Gundam and Hi-Nu Gundam).

You'll be given the choice of which route you want to take at the start of your game. After clearing it you'll be given the option to load up your clear data and start a new one route.

Extra Complete:
Complete all Extra Missions.

As you go through the various Routes, you'll notice special missions showing up on the story tree to the left of some of the normal missions. All of these missions are set to easy as the default difficulty, and with the exception of 1 all have pre-set units and characters. That means that any upgrades the character or machine used have gained don't count in these. Unlike the normal story missions, these all have special objectives to complete.

Scroll down to see an explanation on each of the EX missions.

Clear one route on Easy difficulty.

*See Veteran

Clear one route on Normal difficulty.

Clear one route on Hard difficulty.

Clear one route on Extra Hard difficulty.

Depending on which route your starting off on, the beginning of this and Leader might be a huge pain. As all upgrades from your earlier routes carry over, I suggest that you select a route that has the main player character and unit decently upgraded.

The easiest Routes to take to do these IMO would be Macross Frontier route, or Macross ZERO Route. As the VF units micro missiles are possibly the most broken weapons in the game, and can do large amounts of damage if you've upgraded them a little. Basically they're cruise control for easy. But really you can take what you like as long as the pre-set unit for that series is decently upgraded.

However, for Leader/Verteran, DO NOT choose the Original Generations and Crossbone Gundam routes. Their 3rd mission "Mobility" is usually agreed upon to be the hardest mission in the game. even on normal it's hard. It's an escort mission, and Ark Alpha dies easily. Not to mention you and your units will be spammed non stop by missiles. Alteisen has some of the best DEF in the game, and even it will get torn to shreds.

Unit Complete:
Obtain all player units.

Simply acquire all units. It's impossible to miss anything as all the secret units are unlocked as you start new routes. The full player list and unlocks can be found below.

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Kyosuke Nanbu
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Posts: 88

Perfect Win:
Complete one mission without taking damage (any route or difficulty).

This may sound hard, but there's an easy ways to do this.

1st step is to naturally play on easy. Then choose the 2nd to last mission. "Tree of negligence"/"仮初めの樹" as it only consists of 3 enemies.

As your main unit, Choose Autumn, as Alpha Heart has the strongest main rifle in the game, and also can fire it rapidly as long as you time the button presses right. But you can choose someone else if you think their main gun can do enough damage. The most important part however, is that you MUST choose Kira Yamato/Strike Freedom Gundam as one of your partners. Your third can be anyone you want, it doesn't matter.

They key here is to use Kira's Super DRAGOONS the second the battle starts. The higher his support the longer their activity time). The reason for this is that his SD's have the special ability to stun anything they hit. As soon as the 1st shots hit the 1st enemy, fly near him and take him out ASAP. They'll also prevent him from separating into 2 which makes the task much easier.

It's important that you kill each enemy before the following one shows up because the game is programmed so that Support weapons such as DRAGOONS, Funnels, etc will never target the same enemy as you if there are others around. If that happens, your target will be free from the infinite stun lock. If all goes well you'll have cleared this mission in under a minute. Though since I killed them TOO fast the characters just kept talking for like 20 seconds while the last guy showed up.

Stand Alone:
Clear 10 missions with no support (any difficulty).

Pretty easy to get. Simply complete 10 missions without the help of AI partners. Starting route stages such as Code Geass' 1st stage also count towards this.

Destroy 2000 map Parts

This simply requires you to destroy 2000 map parts, or rather "objects" such as buildings over the course of your games. The Best method to complete this easily, and more importantly fast is to replay Extra Mission 3 over and over again.

EX-M3 has you playing as Kyosuke Nanbu and the Alt Eisen Reise. The objective her is to coincidentally, destroy all buildings on the map. All you have to do is run into them so boost away to your hearts content. I'd advise that you not destroy the enemies as specific movements in this game can be a pain, but being locked onto something makes it much easier to move around and crush some of the left over buildings.

Shoot down 1000 enemy machines in a single mission (any difficulty).

For the most part, this is impossible to do during any normal mission. Unless you've been skipping the other EX-Missions, you will get this along with Extra Complete, and probably the platinum as well all together.

To do this, you will have to complete the final Extra Mission, 9. Which only unlocks after all routes have been cleared. The objective here is to literally destroy 1000 enemies. The reason Extra Mission 9 is the final mission and not actually 10 is because it's the final one to unlock, and also more importantly, because this mission will grant you the usage of the special guest unit, "Nineball Seraph"....Basically it's a joke on their part.

Simply keep using the stealth/Smoke ability, and nothing, not even bosses will ever be able to target/hit you. And use it's missiles to take everything out. they're the same as the ones on the VF-0/25 units so they're it's best weapons. If your out of tension simply melee enemies. It's tension gains are also through the roof.

Last Chase:
Clear the mission "Two Songstresses" with all units (any difficulty).

Basically as it says, just clear the "Two Songstress" mission (3rd to last mission) with every unit in the game. This is, without a doubt THE most hated, and most time consuming trophy in the entire game. It's actually quite easy really. It's just that you have to go through it 55 times, as it really means ALL units. Secrets and variations (such as the VF-25 load outs). The only unit that can't be used here is the Monster. (It'll be grayed out)

Each run takes about 15 or so minutes. But you'll barely be playing 1 minute worth of chase mode.The rest is entirely made up of movies that can't be skipped. My advice on this is...well nothing. You don't have to really do anything. Just start the mission and watch TV or something. As long as your playing on normal or bellow, it's impossible to die. Even the weakest units in the games which are the individual Aquarion Vectors well manage to survive.

Connect with 50 thrown Locks.

Pretty easy. Just grab an opponent, throw it, and then shoot it. Just repeat 50 times. To see if a unit is able to grab enemies, press the Square button on the unit selection screen. In the bottom right corner of the attack details page, if "Possible" appears under "Catch", then it's able to.

Guard Master:
Block 1000 attacks with a shield.

Simply guard using a shield against 1000 attacks. An easy mission to do this is "Rite of Spring". The 1st mission where all routes become one, while fighting the boss, Spring-One in the Sea Plant Core. She will just continue to fire either her gattlings, Missiles, or lasers at you for the entire thing. Though the best for her to have are either gats or missile launchers. Get this together with "Intercept" using a Gundam like Strike Freedom or Infinite Justice.

Block 500 attacks with your unit.

This ones description is pretty odd. But what it comes down to is you have to shoot down 500 enemy attacks (missiles basically) using your unit's interceptor ability. However only certain units have this ability. All Gundams series units, Full Metal Panic, (except Bonta-kun), All Macross units, (Except Luka's RVF-25), and the ART-1 have it. You can check by pressing on the unit selection screen, and seeing if it says "Mount" under "Interception".

The thing with this ability however is that it's entirely automatic. There's no way to actually use it on command. Your just going to have to stand there in front of the missiles and hope that it works. You'll know when it works because instead of the normal explosions you see when your hit, you'll see spherical ones instead. They'll also be further away.

Like with Guard master, the best location to farm for this is the mission "Rite of Spring" against Spring-One and the Sea Plant Core. They can activate while guarding, so kill to birds with one stone and go after both trophies. Also if your going to use a Gundam-Type, use the Destiny or Crossbone units as they're the only ones capable of permanent flight.

It's unconfirmed but it's believed that anything your allies shoot down also count towards this. So set other units with the ability as partners as well.

Cause 300 induced explosions.

Just create explosion that take out other enemies along with your target. A good way to get this one is with Orguss' tank modes grenade launcher/cannon during it's 1st stage as most of the enemies like to fly bunched up.

Defeat 100 units using a burst attack.

Burst attacks are special attacks that for certain characters, can require up to 5 tension bars. They're not available however until a character reaches a certain amount of upgrades to their Action stat. For the most part they're just mean to look fancy.

A fast way to get this is to use Alto's burst Attack in areas with large swarms of enemies. Such as the Vajra segments. As Alto's can take down multiple enemies (3-4) with one go. (Assuming they each die with 1 burst of his machine gun). If you need tension fast, simply use a melee attack useing forward+Triangle, as it gives a huge tension boost.

Limit Breaker:
Use the Limit Break attack 100 times.

Like with the Burst attack, the limit Break attack is a special attack that is unlocked once a character is fully upgraded in their Action stat. Its not really useful against bosses so don't bother much with it. But it will usually instantly kill most minor enemies.

Catch & Release:
Use the Throw attack 50 times.

Similar to Skeet. However here you have to grab the enemy, and then throw them into another enemy to get kills. This is easy to get on Zeta routes 1st mission as the enemies weak, and they're bunched up. But most importantly it's in space so it's easier to adjust your altitude to line up the throw with the target. Doing this on the ground is troublesome as the second your unit touches the floor, it will let go of the grabbed enemy.

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Kyosuke Nanbu
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Use the Combo attack 1000 times.

nothing much to this one. Just simply melee with close range combat. Even if your just pressing the same button over and over again as long as it does the full animation it still counts. You'll eventually get this eventually so there no need to rush it.

Top Gun:
Destroy 1000 enemies with a Fighter Type unit.

You have to shoot down 1000 enemies while in the flight mode of a transformable unit. It's easiest to get with the Macross units as the micro missiles target and follow multiple enemies. especially with Alto and Ozuma's upgraded units. For some odd reason however, Zeta Gundam's wave rider mode does not count as a flight mode type.

Use the Snipe Shot attack 300 times.

The Sniper shot is a tension attack that's only usable by units with the zoom feature. Basically Ryusei's ART-1's boosted rifle, Michael's VF-25, Kurtz' M9, and for some reason the Orguss Tank mode counts. But for this trophy simply play Extra Mission 8 over and over again.

The Objective is to snipe all the Savages in each wave from your stationary position. (There's multiple waves in different locations). This is the most effective way as you have infinite tension which takes care of the worst part of snipping. if you can snip all or at least most of the targets, you'll also get a lot of ACE points out of this.

Freeze 10 opponents simultaneously with King Gainer's Overfreeze.

Can be gotten at the end of King Gainer route's 1st mission. When fighting the boss that throws rocks at you, raise your tension to max and activate Overskill. Then quickly kill him while raising your tension more.

During the next segment you'll be up against a boss who makes copies of himself. In the 1st wave there will be around 10 or so copies. Lock onto the one that's all the way at the end of the group, and position yourself where all the other copies are between the two of you and fire away. This might take a few tries. If you don't manage to get it, you can also try again during his final wave where he fills the room with copies that move around. Just try the same tactic and fire when there's many other targets between the 2 of you.

If you restart that segment or die, You'll spawn at the start of that battle, but you will no longer be in Overskill mode. You should be able to build up enough to to re trigger it and use an Overfreeze shot again during the final wave however. (that's how I got it)

Full Burst:
Kill 5 opponents simultaneously with Strike Freedom Gundam's Hi-MAT Full Burst.

Best done on the mission with the weakened Vajra, "Last Frontier" as they're easier to kill. Simply have Kira go into his SEED Mode, and fire away. Full burst only takes 1 tension bar to use so you should get multiple shots in in case you don't get the 5 kills.

Muramasa Blaster:
kill 5 opponents simultaneously with Crossbone Gundam X3's Long Muramasa Blaster (while Tobia is the pilot).

This ones a bit tricky. You'll need to do it on OGs/Crossbone mission 3. "Mobility". (the one I said to never do on a Hard/Ex-hard run). 1st destroy all large sized enemies, such as the 4 legged walkers on the ground. And all weapons on the 1st ship in Autumn's path. But don't destroy the ship itself. This will keep Autumn there away from danger. (for a while at least).

What you'll want to do now is approach the SPR-Aerial units. (the stationary enemies that float in the air and just fire missiles). Land on top of them, and then descend so that you push them all the way to the ground. Once it's on the ground, you can push it to where ever you like. Do this to 4 more of these units. once you have them together, line them up and fire away.

Pulse of Zeta:
On the mission "Road to Heaven", defeat the Hambrabi Team (Yazan, Ramses, and Dunkel) within 10 minutes of mission's start while using the Zeta Gundam with Kamille as the pilot.

Basically you'll need to race around the map destroying all the enemies hidden in the area to trigger the segment that has the actual fight with the Hambrabi squadron. To quickly take care of the enemies in the 1st part, use a character like Kyosuke that has the multi-shot attack to take care of the large groups quickly.

For the 2nd part, It would be wise to have a Zeta gundam with high attack to do this ASAP. if you don't really plan to use Kamille or the Zeta much at all, do what I did. Play on easy, use all your ACE points to max out the Zeta as much as possible (especially attack), and then go for it. Once you get the trophy, simply quit out of the game to get back your ACE points.

This Is The Beginning, Britannia!:
On the stage "Guren Ambush Operation", use the Guren Flight Type's Radiant Wave Surger to defeat the Lancelot Conquista, Tristan, and Mordred simultaneously.

Either this trophy is glitched, or the developers just worded it horribly wrong. Either way it's pretty easy. You don't actually have to defeat all 3 at once. even with a fully upgraded Gurren that's be almost impossible since Anya likes to keep her distance, and the stage ends as soon as just one of the 3 are taken out.

Just defeat 1, play the stage again and take out a different one, and then play it a third time and take out the one that's left. And that's it. The game will somehow count that and give you the trophy.

Element Power:
Defeat the Grave Cherubim with Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Mars, and Aquarion Luna.

This is done during the mission "From across the stars ". (fifth mission starting at "Right of Spring"). A few seconds after the battle starts, you'll get a warning and be shown the grave Cherubim on the ground approaching the Macross Quarter.

To destroy this, put Tsugumi in Aquarion Luna, and Jun in Aquarion Mars. Lock onto it and use Tsugumi's 2nd Triangle Tension attack. (The one that has to charge up). Once it's fully charged it will release on it's own and instantly kill it. That's all you have to do.

Tank Mania: Defeat 100 enemies with Orguss in Tank Mode.

Pretty self explanatory. Just kill 100 enemies using Orguss' tank mode. I got this in the Orguss routes 1st stage. (restarted once). It also helps towards the combustible explosion trophy.

One Night: Clear the mission "One Night Stand" without destroying more than 10 containers.

Probably the most annoying of all of these small fry trophies. Most of the time, it just comes down to pure luck and how much of a jerk the Behemoth wants to be. He can break the containers in various ways. Shooting them, hitting them with punches or swings, landing on them after he jumps high, and even just waking into them.

It's best to go after this once you have Sousuke with a high tension and tension rate level. If not maxed. The faster you can raise enough to activate the Lambda Driver and fire off the 3 Lambda Shotgun shots the better.

As soon as the battle starts, run towards him as fast as you can, and just start shooting him while walking backwards. if your luckily he'll just continue shoot down the path and not destroy any containers. Jumping in the air also helps to avoid the stray shots. Once you activate the Lambda driver, fire off the 1st shot form the shot gun. (it has to be to his back). Once you hit him, quickly dash in front of him. Otherwise he'll go on a rampage crushing containers trying to face you.

Once you fire off the second shot, he'll start to use his sword, go berserk and start jumping high into the air and come crashing down, which usually destroys 2-4 containers in one blow. So as soon as you fire shot 2, get right in front of him. If all goes well he won't jump at all and just swing his sword at you. at this time the final shot can just be done in front when he misses his swing.

Quarrelsome Khadun: Destroy 500 enemies with the VF-0A in Battroid Mode.

Another one that just involves grinding, but not much. Normally the battlroid mode for VF's use useless within the atmosphere since it can't fly. How ever unlike the VF-25 Messiah series, the VF-0 can use it's Micro missiles in any configuration. So spam away.

Blood of Battle, Blood of a Performer: On the mission "Fastest Delivery", use the VF-25F's Charge attack to defeat Temjin.

Pretty easy. Simply finish off Temjin off using a charge attack. Which is executed by pressing + in Battlroid mode. It covers some good distance during the charge (really Rush would best describe it) so it usually has a good chance to hit him. You can always just rush him in fighter mode, switch and then press it.

Isolated Lost Child:
Travel 4000 kms with Cybuster.
This trophy was easily made for the amusement of us SRW fans. Basically Masaki needs to reach a total of 4000 kms traveling distance over the course of your time playing. Luckily, it doesn't matter who controls him so you can just keep using him as one of your wing-men and it still all adds up.

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Kyosuke Nanbu
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Unit and Pilot Name Translations

While the menus are all in english, that doesn't mean everything else is. This is also the complete list of all player units which are needed for the trophy. Just note that Nineball Seraph and Macross Quarter do not count since they aren't usable outside of extra Missions 4 and 9.

A.C.E. Original
/A.C.E. オリジナル
AlphaHeart (Autumn-Four)
アルファート (オータム・フォー)

=Armored Core/アーマード・コア=
Nineball Seraph (Only during Extra Mission "9")

=Super Robot Wars OGs/スーパーロボット大戦OG=
Alt Eisen Riese (Kyosuke Nanbu)
アルトアイゼン・リーゼ (キョウスケ・ナンブ)

Cybuster (Masaki Andou)
サイバスター (マサキ・アンドー)

ART-1 (Ryusei Date)
ART-1 (リュウセイ・ダテ)

=Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny/機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY=
Destiny Gundam (Shinn Asuka)
デスティニーガンダム (シン・アスカ)

Strike Freedom Gundam (Kira Yamato)
ストライクフリーダムガンダム (キラ・ヤマト)

Infinite Justice Gundam (Athrun Zala)
インフィニットジャスティスガンダム (アスラン・ザラ)

=Mobile Suit Z Gundam/機動戦士Ζガンダム=
Z Gundam (Kamille Bidan)
カミーユ・ビダン (Ζガンダム)

Hyaku shiki (Quattro Vagina)
百式 (バジーナ)

Dijeh (Amuro Ray)
ディジェ (アムロ・レイ)

Ζガンダム3号機 (アムロ・レイ)

=Mobile Suit Gundam: Chars Counter Attack/機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア=
νガンダム (アムロ・レイ)

Hi-νガンダム (アムロ・レイ)

=Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam/機動戦士クロスボーンガンダム =
Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai (Kincade Nau)
クロスボーン・ガンダムX1改 (キンケドゥ・ナウ)

Crossbone Gundam X3 (Tobia Arnox)
クロスボーン・ガンダムX3 (トビア・アロナクス)

Crossbone Gundam X1 (Kincade) UNLOCKS AT START OF 10TH PLAYTHROUGH
クロスボーン・ガンダムX1 (キンケドゥ・ナウ)

Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth (Kincade) UNLOCKS AT START OF 12TH PLAYTHROUGH
クロスボーン・ガンダムX1 フルクロス (キンケドゥ・ナウ)

=Full Metal Panic!/フルメタル・パニック!=

ARX-7 Arbalest (Sagara Sousuke)
ARX-7 アーバレスト (相良 宗介)

M9 Gernsback (Mao Custom) (Melissa Mao)
M9ガーンズバック(マオ機) (メリッサ・マオ)

M9 Gernsback Kurtz custom (Kurtz)
M9ガーンズバック(クルツ機) (クルツ・ウェーバー)

M9 Gernsback (Sousuke Custom) (Sagara Sousuke) UNLOCKS AT START OF 3RD PLAYTHROUGH
M9ガーンズバック(宗介機) (相良 宗介)

ボン太くん (ボン太くん)

=Macross ZERO/マクロスゼロ =
VF-0A (Shin Kudo) (工藤 シン)

=Macross Frontier/マクロスF=
VF-25F/ VF-25F Super Pack/VF-25F Armored Pack (Saotome Alto)
VF-25F/ VF-25F スーパーパック/VF-25F アーマードパック (早乙女 アルト

VF-25S/ VF-25S Super Pack/VF-25S Armored Pack (Ozma Lee)
VF-25S/ VF-25S スーパーパック/VF-25S アーマードパック (オズマ・リー)

VF-25G/ VF-25G Super Pack (Mikhail Blanc)
VF-25G/ VF-25G スーパーパック (ミハエル・ブラン)

RVF-25/ RVF-25 Super Pack (Luca Angelloni)
RVF-25/ RVF-25 スーパーパック (ルカ・アンジェローニ)

Queadluun-Rea (Klan-Klan)
クァドラン・レア (クラン・クラン)


Konig Monster (Canaria Berstein) UNLOCKS AT ON 4TH PLAYTHROUGH AFTER CLEARING STAGE 6 (where it shows up)
ケーニッヒモンスター (カナリア・ベルシュタイン)

Macross Quarter (Only during EX-Mission 4)

=Overman King Gainer/オーバーマンキングゲイナー=
King Gainer (Gainer Sanga)
キングゲイナー (ゲイナー・サンガ )

Dominator (Cynthia Lane)
ドミネーター (シンシア・レーン)

Xan (Gainer Sanga)

=Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2/コードギアス反逆のルルーシュR2=

Shinkirō (Zero)
蜃気楼 (ゼロ)

Akatsuki Command Model C.C. Custom (C.C.)
暁 直参仕様(CC専用機) (C.C.)

Lancelot Frontier (C.C.)
ランスロット・フロンティア (C.C.)

Lancelot Albion (Suzaku Kururugi)
ランスロット・アルビオン (枢木 スザク)

Lancelot Conquista (Suzaku Kururugi)
ランスロット・コンクエスター (枢木 スザク)

Lancelot Air Cavalry (Suzaku Kururugi) UNLOCKS AT START OF 9TH PLAYTHROUGH
ランスロット・エアキャヴァルリー (枢木 スザク)

ランスロット (枢木 スザク)

Guren Aerial-Type (Kouzuki Kallen)
紅蓮可翔式 (紅月 カレン)

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements (Kouzuki Kallen)
紅蓮聖天八極式 (紅月 カレン)

Gurren Nishiki (Kouzuki Kallen) UNLOCKS AT START OF 5TH PLAYTHROUGH
紅蓮弐式 (紅月 カレン)

=Genesis of Aquarion/創聖のアクエリオン=
Solar Aquarion (Apollo)
ソーラーアクエリオン (アポロ)

Aquarion Mars (Sirius de Alisia)
アクエリオンマーズ (シリウス・ド・アリシア)

Aquarion Luna (Silvia de Alisia)
アクエリオンルナ (シルヴィア・ド・アリシア)

Alternate Aquarion Pilots:

Rena Rune

Pierre Viera

Hong Lihua/Reika
紅 麗花

Tsugumi Rosenmeier

Jun Lee

=Super Dimension Century Orguss/超時空世紀オーガス=
Orguss (Kei Katsuragi)
オーガス (桂木 桂)

Orguss II (Olson D. Verne)
オーガスII (オルソン・D・ヴェルヌ)

Nikick (Athena Henderson)
ナイキック (アテナ・ヘンダーソン)

Support Abilities

This is basically what abilities the units have. They only require 1 tension bar to use, however it drains from the Armor Points each time you use it so be careful. If you have their Support skill maxed however, you can use their abilities with 0 tension at all, and the effects last longer as well. (or do more damage for attack types)

[i]Support Attack (Multi Target): Will start a sequence were all of your units start attacking all enemies in the area. There's a limit to how many show up during the animation, but everything near will still take damage/die.

Dominator (King Gainer)
Destiny (GSD)
Crossbone X-3 (Crossbone)
Zeta Gundam (Zeta)
Hyaku Shiki (Zeta)
Guren Flight (CGR2)
Guren Seiten (CGR2)
Orguss (Orguss)
Arbalest (FMP!)
Queadluun-Rea (Macross F)
Alt Eisen Riese (OGS)

Support Attack (Single Target):- The same as above. Only it deals far greater damage as all attacks are concentrated on a single target. (what ever you were locked onto)

King Gainer (King Gainer)
Infinite Justice (GSD)
Crossbone X-1Kai (Crossbone)
Dijeh (Zeta)
Lancelot Conquista (CGR2)
Lancelot Albion (CGR2)
Bonta-Kun (FMP! Fumoffu)
VF-25F/Super/Armored (Macross F)

HP Restore: Will restore around 1000 or so AP back to your unit. If used by you yourself it'll repair a partner.

Alpha Heart (ACE Original)
Guren MK2 (CGR2)
Lancelot (CGR2)
Lancelot Air Calvary (CGR2)
Orguss II (Orguss)
Armored Klan (Macross F)

Tension Restore: Will restore around 5 bars to your tension gauge.
XAN (King Gainer)
Crossbone X-1 (Crossbone)
Crossbone Full Cloth (Crossbone)
Zeta Unit 3 White Unicorn (Zeta)
Shinkirou (CGR2)
M9 Sousuke (FMP!)
VF-0S (Macross Zero)
Koenig Monster (Macross F)

Remote Weapon Follow: The characters will launch their remote weapons and they will surround you offering offensive aid. basically they'll shoot stuff. However If being attacked, Amuro's fin funnels will instead set up the Fin Funnel barrier. The higher the units Support skill is, the longer they'll remain active. If you use this skill the weapons will just go to an ally instead.

Strike Freedom (GSD)
Nu (CCA)
Hi Nu (CCA)
Cybuster (OGS)

increases the amount of ACE and Pilot points you get while defeating enemies. The higher the users support skill the longer the effect lasts.

Akatsuki C.C (CGR2)
Lancelot Frontier (CGR2)
Nikick (Orguss)
M9 Kurtz (FMP!)
VF-25G/Super/ (Macross F)

Jamming- Used to deflect enemy projectiles.
M9 Mao (FMP!)
RVF-25/Super (Macross F)

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Extra Missions

In ACE R as you go through the various routes, You'll unlock special missions separate from the main story ones. Unlike the stories, these are mostly all using preset units/pilot. And as such any unit or character upgrades will not carry into these missions. These are also based on certain objectives. (The BGMs for these can not be edited either) There are 10 in total. The final one however is Extra Mission 9, which is only unlocked after all routes and all other EX missions have been completed. You'll see why 9 is last later on.

=EX-Mission 1=(Z Gundam)
This will be have you playing as Quattro with the Hyaki Shiki, with the mission taking place withing the Orbital Elevator.

The Objective here is simple. Fight of the waves of Hambrabi. They get tougher, and larger in number as the waves go. Periodically the elevators defense systems will activate. (You'll get a warning and the camera will focus on them). If they hit you the mission is instantly over. Your Ranking/ACE points awarded will be given depending on your completion time.

I would advise against using too many tension attacks, as much of the time you'll be unable to move due to the animations length. leaving you open to being hit by the defense system. Try to use them right after one has just activated.

=EX-Mission 2= (Gundam SEED Destiny)
You'll be playing as Kira Yamato/Strike Freedom Gundam in the Desert.

The mission is simply to go as long as you can without taking damage. A single hit from anything will end it. The ACE Point rewards are

Platinum: 30,000 (6:00:00)
Gold: 20,000 (5:30:00)
Silver: 10.000 (5:00:00)
Bronze: 5,000(4:30:00)

However unlike EX-1, once the mission ends it's registered as completed. you don't even have to make it into the 4 reward zones. Since all the default times are preset to 00:00:000 you'll get recorded even if you lasted 10 seconds.

=EX-Mission 3= (SRW Original Generations)
Here you'll be playing as Kyosuke Nanbu/ Alteisen Riese, in the Abandoned City map.

The objective her is to destroy all buildings on the map with 30 minutes. All you have to do is run into them. But you must destroy them all befor the time runs out. This may sound easy, but it's a pretty large map and there's a ton lf buildings. It's also a foggy map so you won't be able to see that far into the distance making a few standing buildings tough to find. I'd advise that you not destroy the enemies as specific movements in this game can be a pain, but being locked onto something makes it much easier to move around and crush some of the left over buildings. Your final rank/award are dependant on the remaining time. This mission is also the method to aquire the Crusher Trophy for destroying 2000 map objects.

=EX-Mission 4= (Macross Frontier)
This is probably more of an Easter egg than a real EX-Mission, as this one lets you use Big Boss itself, the Macross Quarter. Location is a random space map.

This mission basically comes down to kill anything and everything within 5 minutes. Like EX-2, you don't even have to come into the rankings. It's also impossible to even die here as the Quarter caps the AP total at 99,999AP. (which is as large as the box allows it to fit). Your final score is dependant on total number of kills.

=EX-Mission 5= (Genesis of Aquarion)

This will have you playing as the Aquarion units. This takes place on the same map as EX-3 with Kyosuke. Only raining and with a darker sky.

The mission here is to find 5 sources of GP energy as fast as posible (you smash them). Your normal radar will be disabled for this mission as well. On the top of your screen you'll get a special one however. The closer the 2 red marks are closer to the center, the closer you are to one. The 1st one, and sometimes the 2nd are pretty easy as Aquarion will automatically lock onto them, even from far away. But soon after the stage starts Angels and other enemies will start to spawn maing that impossible. Your ranking will depend on how fast you find all 5.

=EX-Mission 6= (Macross ZERO)
Your playing as Shinn Kudou in the VF-0A. Map is the sky above the ocean. (where Autumn was in the intro)

The mission here is to navigate through all the floating rings befor the time limit expires. Pretty straight forward. Take advantage of the VF's 3 mores to make things faster and easier. Fighter mode for the rings rarther apart, Gerwalk mode for the closer ones that require precision movements, and Battleroid form for the areas where you need to drop altitude. It's faster falling like a rock then descending in Gerwalk.

=EX-Mission 7= (Super Dimension Century Orguss)
Your set as Sho Hayami in the Orguss. Map is a sky over the ocean again, though with a sunset.

Nothing dificult. Simply fly across the map destroying as many ships as possible within the 5 minute time limit. You'll be pointed to the nears ones via the arrow at the top of your screen.

=EX-Mission 8= (Full Metal Panic)
Normally your set as the main character for each series, but for this mission you'll be playing as Kurz Weber in the M9 Gernsback.

This mission is focused entirely on sniping using the sniper scope. Normally the Sniper shot requires around 2 tension or so to use once. But this mission will give you infinite tension. You'll be in a pre-set position unable to move, and aiming at Savages. Each wave also has a time limit. If the time expires the mission is over. The 1st 2 waves will involve stationary ones. But after that they begin to move. You'll have to time your shots so that they walk into the path of your bullet. As you complete more waves there will be more targets, and also will move in behind cover on set paths. They will also be much farther back making them harder to see. The final wave only has 1 target. However it's a great distance away, and will start to walk behind a building as soon as it starts. You only have 1 shot here so if you miss it's over as the time limit is long enough to let you relaod. the enemy never pops back up either. But like some many of the others, just letting the mission end will mark it as complete.

This mission is also essential for getting the Sniper trophy as doing it normally is just a pain.

=EX-Mission 10=
Unlike the previous missions, here you'll be able to choose a character of your choice. But no partners.

The objective is to survive a gauntlet of enemies from the different series, that come after you in waves. After a certain amounts are destroyed, Named characters will start to show up as mid bosses. But they're of no real challenge other than the annoying units with flight modes. Like all other EX-Missions, the difficulty is set to easy, so there's no real danger unless your terrible at the game. After wave 4, your AP will be fully restored. One of the better units to take into this would Armored Klan. As she has the micro missiles which are good against the faster enemies, as well as better melee which the Valkyries don't really have. The VF-0 is also good as it has decent melee as well, but it's battleroid form can't maintain flight. Once you get to the Aquarion enemies, they tend to dodge all ranged attacks. Hence the choices.

=EX-Mission 9=
This will be the final mission you unlock, as it will not be available untill all story routes have been cleared. You will be using the iconic unit, "Nineball Seraph" from "From Software"s flagship title, the Armored Core series. (see now why it's the final mission?) Assuming you did all other EX-missions, completing this will give you the Extra Complete trophy, as well as the Destroyer trophy. The Default BGM for this mission s "9" (Alternative). But unlike the other EX-Missions this time you can edit the BGM to what ever you want.

The mission objective is to destroy 1000 enemies. Unlike EX-10 though, you will be fighting only the original enemies. And at every 250, a boss. It's more of a challenge to not get bored than it is to complete really. As Nineball Seraph is insanely powerful. A single melee attack can defeat most enemies with one hit, and that usually also gives it around 3+ tension bars. The main thing to do is to awlays use Nineball's camouflage ability. (It'll look like a smoke screen when deployed) Like the CFS of the arm slaves, this will make you completely invisible to all enemies (including bosses), and it will be impossible for them to ever lock onto you. Just be sure to redeploy it after it wears off.

250: Long Range Alligator (Spring-One)
500: Nineball Seraph Mass Production model (No pilot)
750: Autumn Spirit (Autumn-One) Boss from "Air Trap".
1000: Destruction Class battle ship. (The ones you saw in the intro CG movie)

None of the bosses are ever really a threat since they can't attack as long your camouflaged.

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Series Route missions/Translations

Code Geass R2 Route
Guren Ambush Operation

A Wish, in the night sky

Mercenaries in the dark

Residents of the Alien World

Super Dimension Century Orguss Route
Vanishing Time

Another Sky

Mysterious Fatality

Residents of the Alien World (Shared with Orguss)

Mobile Suit Gundam Ζ Route
Kilimanjaro descent strategy

The Scorching atmosphere

Reaction of the wilderness

Artificial Tornado

Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Route
The Space Pirate lurking on the earth

White Ark

Mobility (Shared with SRW Original Generations)

Artificial Tornado

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Route

Embers of battle

Unknown world

Another Gundam

Artificial Tornado

Overman King Gainer Route
Exodus of a Snowfield

Overman ear city mi

Men's obsession

Residents of the Alien World

Full Metal Panic! Route
One Night Stand

The Unmanned town

Double Trap

Residents of the Alien World

Genesis of Aquarion Route
Mechanical Angel Aquarion

Door to the other world

Accidental Enemy


Macross 0 Route
Mayan Sky

History leading


Macross Frontier Route
Fast Attack

Fastest Delivery

Dangerous Flight

Accidental Enemy

Cross Wing

Super Robot Wars OGs Route

Research Near Tesla

Ark Alpha


Artificial Tornado

Autumn/Merger Story Route
At this point in the story, all routes will become one and the game will primarily focus on the Original plot and Autumn. You'll also be able to use all units by now with the exception of Autumn and Alpha Heart.

Rite of Spring (Clearing this will unlock Autumn Four and Alpha Heart)

Singing voices and sounds of the beast

Geo Plant Rush

A Midsummer Night's Dream

From across the stars

The Knight's Choice

Air Trap

Route Split
After Air Trap, you'll be given a choice between 2 routes that will branch off for 2 misions. Routes A/left and B/Right. The series units on each route are as follows.

A Route: Code Geass R2, Aquarion, Orguss, Macross Frontier, Macross ZERO.
B Route: All Gundams, Oveman King Gainer, SRW OGs, Full Metal Panic.

Autumn and AlphaHeart will be available regardless of which route you choose to do.

Heavens wings Temptation

The End of the Night Fall

Road to Heaven

二振りの秋水 (I really have no clue what on earth this can translate to...)

After the 2 missions from which ever route you chose, everyone will be back together again.

Their motives

Bird man

Last Frontier

The 2 Songresses

Tree of negligence


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Probably the last one
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Something something something darkside.
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