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Default New Mods and the Guide Team Competition Results

Before we get to the results of the GT Competition that Mendel so kindly kept you hanging in suspense for, we have some other new staff members to announce. We have two new mods joining the team.

As has been the case in the past, whenever we add new mods, we're losing one. Today, we have to say goodbye to Labartu. He's offered to step aside as he doesn't have the time that he wants to commit to being a mod anymore. We're all a little sad to see him go. He did some fantastic work in his few months as a mod. Whenever things settle down for him, he'll be welcome onto the staff with open arms.

Getting to the new mod business, yes, we have two new mods joining the team. Both are about as pleasant and helpful members as you'll find around the forums. We're all looking forward to see what they will bring to the table. When looking at members to become mods, it was hard to look at these two and then overlook them. They made the decision easy for us. Without further ado, the new mods are ShadowStrife and TheFlyingToaster. Congratulations to both!!

Onto the GT. Mendel summarized the competition for you last night and then left you with a little cliffhanger. We originally told all of you that we'd be taking one of the six candidates. The reason we wanted people to think that we'd only be taking one is to get the six of them to compete and go all out. Compete they did. All of them produced guides and feedback that can only be described as excellent. If we were only taking one, we'd still be debating it. One became two and the decision was still incredibly difficult. It came down to four members. Two became three. The last person knows that they'll be contacted within minutes if a GT spot opens up. With that build up, the new Guide Team members are lukey52, Rockets88, and tuffmuff. Congratulations to all three!!

All five unofficially joined the staff last night and have become a welcome breath of fresh air in the staff forum. The excitement and enthusiasm they're bringing onto the staff will only lead to great things.
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Congratulations people. Well done to Labartu for your work while on the staff.

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Congratulations to lukey, Rockets and tuffmuff on the GT promotion.

Also congratulations to our new light-blue badged (?) staff members.

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ShadowStrife is made of very awesome win. So sweet. We can hire that flirty DJ to celebrate.

Congratulations also to TheFlyingToaster, lukey52, Rockets88, and tuffmuff. Though goodbye Labartu.

My reaction:

I play for fun now, only going for or 100% in some games.

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Congrats all

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Theflyingtoaster & Shadowstrife expect a few VMs in the future. Nice to see some more colors.

Congratulations to the three new GT members. Guides will be on the main page quicker I assume. The amount of games coming next year, you guys have your work cut out for you.

EDIT: I failed to say sad to you go labartu. Hope to see you back soon. Sorry for the name spelling errors.
I need to grow up! And manage my time better.

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Congratulations to all new staff!
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Congrats to lukey52, Rockets88, and tuffmuff on becoming guide members.
Congrats to ShadowStrife and TheFlyingToaster on becoming mods.
Congrats to Labartu for all the hard work he has done as a mod. It will be sad to see him go.
Credit to Red_Rebel44 for creating this awesome sig and avatar.
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Congrats to everyone!

Sorry to see Labartu go.

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Good job on the promotions guys and gals!

Would just like to say thanks to Labartu for being of great help as a Mod. Good job bud.
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