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Default Member of the Month - November 2012

For most people this month's MOTM should come as no surprise and is known for such guides as Borderlands (which he co-wrote with myself), Borderlands 2, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning etc and is probably as big a Borderlands nut as I am lol. Without any further ado I give you the one, the only k1ll1ng5pr33 !

Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the PSN ID?

Heyo! My name is Coen Jansen (not pronounced as Coen, the brothers ), I am 21 years old and I live in the far east of the Netherlands. Currently employed, unemployed, employed and unemployed again (jobs are scarce these days) and dropped out of university about a year ago. (Will start again next year. Looking forward to it!) so not a lot going on in my life right now but I still got my hobbies (movies, series, music, dance, cycling and games of course) and weekends to keep me busy.

What sort of setup do you have going back home for your gaming?

Got a 250Gb PS3 (originally a 40Gb) and a 24" Samsung LCD HD TV. I would like to upgrade to a 40" something LED TV but this one still works fine so that won’t happen until this one decides to break somehow.

How long have you been gaming and what made you decide on the PlayStation as your gaming companion?

Pfffttt.. I Don't know exactly how long I’ve been gaming. Probably started when I was about 5 years old. It all started with an old crappy PC with no internet, playing Pacman I believe (and windows games such as Pinball ). Later on I started playing Wolfenstein 3D, Age of Empires, GTA 2 and my all time favourite Rollercoaster Tycoon but because we pretty much had a crappy PC all the time, I decided to buy a PS1. No hassle whatsoever. Stuck to the PS brand ever since. I bought a PS2 few years later and finally in 2009 I bought a PS3, mainly because a friend bought one and we've always played the same games (and because I HAD to play God of War III).

What was the last game you bought and what's the next one you're looking forward to?

The last game I bought was Borderlands 2, after playing Borderlands 1. I didn't like it that much at first that was until I played it co-op, currently one of my favourite co-op games on PS3 so when that first Borderlands 2 trailer went live, I knew I had to get this game day 1.

There aren't many games coming out in the next few months that I'm super excited about (except for Spring 2013 ) but in the last few days I've got really excited about Far Cry 3, which will be my next purchase. The world reminds me a bit of Far Cry 1, which is one of my favourite PC games. I can't wait to explore the tropical islands full with danger and hopefully many secrets.

If you had the chance to improve the PlayStation 3 and/or PS store, what's the one thing would you like to see implemented?

A customizable XMB would be pretty nice. While it doesn't bother me that much, there's too much crap (looking at you Singstar) on the XMB right now. Being able to disable and/or move it would be great. Custom avatars would be pretty nice too. However, if I had to choose 1 thing, which is at the top of my list, is being able to change your PSN name. Pretty please Sony?

As for the PSN store. The whole new design I sort of like, I don't use the store that often but it seriously needs a speed boost, not to mention the amount of steps it takes to download something.

If you could add one title to the PSN store from any gaming system past or present what would it be?

Ooooh, that would have to be Upshift Strikeracer (USR). It is (was) a Free-2-Play (F2P) racing game with vehicle mounted weapons on PC. It may look dull and really outdated but I had so much fun with this game. The whole clan/community was awesome. If they would somehow revive this game and bring it over to PS3, even if they would ask €60, I would seriously buy it and it would probably become my most played PS3 game in no time.

A more reliable option would be GTA San Andreas (with trophies).

How much of a certified trophy whore are you? Does the trophy list play any part in the decision to play or buy a game or do you base that decision entirely on the game?

At the moment, I don’t care that much about trophies anymore. I just buy and play whatever I seem to like. When I first got my PS3 I never paid any attention to trophies. When I started to play Uncharted I tried to obtain the Platinum trophy but after collecting about 30 collectibles I got really bored with it and just gave up and sold the game later on (stupid me).

Almost a year later when GoW III finally came out, I decided I had to get that Platinum and it ended up being my first Platinum trophy. It's also where the whole "addiction" (for the lack of a better word) started. This resulted in me not playing some games with difficult trophy lists, except for when I really wanted to play the game.

About 1.5 years went by and suddenly trophies felt like a chore so at the moment I just play whatever game I want, not caring how difficult the game is. I still try to obtain as many trophies as possible (adding some great replay value) but if it doesn’t feel like I’m having that much fun, I just give up.

What would you say was your proudest Platinum and why?

God of War III. Finally beating Zeus on Titan mode (the fight on that small ledge) after so many failed attempts it felt damn good. (No controllers were harmed in the progress!) It also ended up being my first Platinum trophy.

It would've been GTA IV but I'm 4 million short on that one .

If the end of the world was nigh and you had to grab three games/franchises to take with you to play out your final days to, what would they be?

Dargh so many choices!
  • GTA Franchise. The amount of hours you can spent in each game is ridiculous. Even if you’ve completed it 100%.
  • Red Dead Redemption. Loved the whole feel to it. The scenery, the story, great trophy list, fun MP and co-op. And still got some DLC to play
  • Uhmm so many options but seeing as I will be alone, probably the Guitar Hero franchise. Too bad no one will have the chance to hear my sweet angel like voice.
What brought you to PS3T and what keeps you coming back?

I occasionally started to use some of the guides here and, if I remember correctly, when I started working on the LBP Platinum I had some questions to be answered so I decided to sign up. The community was helpful and I could find all the info needed so I decided to stick around. What keeps me coming back is exactly that, a great community and all the info you need when it comes to trophies and more.

If you were an admin of PS3T for a day, what would you do and why?

I would implement music on the website and set it to loop on 'Snap - I've Got The power' Probably switch some user names here and there. Or change everyone's user name to Batman or something. Got no clue to be honest, what about free brony names?

I would also take a look behind the scenes. Seriously interested to see what you guys keep track off and how

Seeing as you're a big Borderlands fan, what attracts you to the series

In Borderlands 1 it was the co-op that first draw me to the series. Playing through it with a friend was a blast. Once I started playing it solo, it was all about the loot. Trying to find that one weapon, farming the same boss over and over (which isn't exactly fun). I'm a RPG/FPS fan and love it when there's some epic loot to collect. Borderlands combined all of this, so it was pretty much a win-win-win situation.

As for Borderlands 2, it just looked all so much better. Not just a sequel, not just a number 2 added to it and it was better on pretty much every front.

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What would you like to see from the upcoming Borderlands 2 expansions?

I want to go to the Hyperius 'H' base that keeps staring us down and it has to get loot and lots of it! Some extra inventory/bank space to go along with all that loot wouldn't hurt either and some new loot rarity. Maybe even rarer and harder to obtain than the legendaries and non-tradeable?

If you could change one thing about Borderlands for the inevitable BL 3, what would it be?

Some more RPG elements such as armour, would that work in Borderlands? I don't know but it would be pretty awesome if you could build unique armours with different parts, more melee options, actual melee weapons and melee based characters and an actual vault filled with loot.

Oh yeah, hoverboards! It has got to be hoverboards. No more walking like the lazy bastard I am!

Out of all the classes that are available to play as in Borderlands, which is your favourite?

At the moment it's the added DLC class: Gaige the Mechromancer. There are so many different builds you can use. Gaige, her dialogue is some of the best. (Did I mention she uses the Unreal Tournament kill accolade announcements?) and best of all, Deathtrap! Not only is he (she? it?) pretty badass and is in my opinion one of the better Action skills, he changes appearance based on the skills you choose.

If you were looking purely at the non-DLC characters, then it's got to be Axton. Turret Mayhem!

As you're one of this site's regular guide writers, which of your guides is your favourite and why?

The Borderlands 2 guide. I surprised myself with how much I've put into that thing. It started out like a pretty simple guide and quickly expanded to 16 pages.. The 10k character limit wasn't really making things easier "Oh, I got to add some stuff here. Ohw and this too. I forgot about this. Oh, let's expand on that." Happens with every guide but maybe went a bit overboard with this one.

How did you come by your unusual User Name?

Unusual? Haha, it's pretty messy yeah. Too many times people just give up typing it all out

Years back, I started playing Unreal Tournament 1999 (best UT there is!) and still got it installed. For no one that has played it, there's an announcer that shouts out the accolades when you kill enough people fast enough. One of them was 'killingspree'. I enjoyed it that much, that I later on started to use it in many games I played but most of the time, killingspree was already taken (DARGH!) and 1337 speak (leet speek) was pretty popular, so I used numbers instead. Been using it ever since. On PSN that one was also taken (DOUBLE DARGH!) so I added '-NL' which is the abbreviation for the Netherlands. Got bored with it though, so I would change it if I could.

Is there a particular part of Holland you like best, if so where is it?

The Red light district! Noooo.. That's not true. It's pretty ugly to be honest. (Sjjjt, don't tell any tourists.) My favourite part of Holland is actually where I live, 'De Achterhoek'. (Back corner if you'd translate it). It's the most eastern part in Holland, right next to Germany. It has some beautiful nature and countryside and I love the dialect! <3 However, it's probably best known for the 'Zwarte Cross' event (Do not translate that! xD).

Do you likes pies at all, if yes what sort?

I sure do! Favourite has got to be home-made Apple Crumble pie . I actually had quite a few slices last week because of my birthday. Thanks mum !

What's your opinion on Holland's football performance of late?

I'm not a football fan but I do watch the Europe and World championship. Their performance? Utter crap if you'd ask me. They always start out great but at the end their egos take over. It's a total mess. Remember the finals between Spain and Netherlands in 2010 I believe? Where was the fair play in that match? but hey what do I know, I'm a football noob .

What's the difference between Holland and Netherlands?

Holland is a region in the Netherlands and there are a few places around the world are called Holland (I Totally didn't Goggle that!) but I'm pretty sure no one really cares.. Use whatever works best for ya .

How many Stroop waffles do you eat everyday?

Oh what's next, how many tulips I eat ?

None actually. They're not all that great to be honest. Depends on the brand though. If you're ever going to eat them, put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds .

Why do the Dutch love the colour orange so much?

Weed! No wait Probably because of this guy called 'Willem van Oranje'. It's also used by the Royal family. (Why do we even have a royal family? lol) But it's pretty awesome when you see streets filled with people wearing orange. It really stands out .

What do you think of Bounty Bars?

You racist basta..Ohw, the candy bar? I'm pretty boring when it comes to candy related questions, because I hardly ever eat candy but I must admit, if you guys would offer me a Bounty Bar...I'll take 2 or the whole bag.

Any final words for the community?

I would like to thank anyone that has helped in the past, whether it be with any questions I had or with input on any trophy guide (Trophy guides are never fully written alone). Would like to thank the rest of the community for being awesome, yes you're awesome and the staff for keeping all this awesomeness where it should be.

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Congratulations Mate !

Credit to Resolute for the banner and Aeirou for the avatar. Click the above image to see my maintained threads.

Want to write a Guide and/or Supplement? Then see the FAQs here: LINK.
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Congrats killingspree!

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)
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Damn it Dan
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Congrats Killingspree!

Brilliant guide writer all round nice guy, well deserved.
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Damn it Harry
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Congrats Killingspree, well deserved
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Congrats Coen! I couldn't be more happier for you to get this!

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Congrats mate, keep up the good work

I should really get round to playing Borderlands 1, let alone 2. Seems like I'm missing out!!
Many thanks to aka dave for the awesome signature | PSNP | PSNTL
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nice one mate, grats

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Congratulations K1ll1ng5pr33
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