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Alpha Protocol
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Jul 06, 2010 No Plans For Alpha Protocol Sequel
May 31, 2010 In Stores This Week Around The World
May 28, 2010 Alpha Protocol Gets a Gravelly-Voiced Launch Trailer
May 25, 2010 Another Alpha Protocol Trailer Shows Michael Thorton Being a Sly Old Dog
May 21, 2010 New Alpha Protocol Trailer - We Wanna Be Like Mike!

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Old May 26th, 2010, 07:43 PM   #1
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Old May 30th, 2010, 07:17 PM   #2
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Reviewing Game - Alpha Protocol

Story: The story is interesting, and rarely becomes a cliché which is rare for espoinage spy based media titles. The sheer number of different outcomes and story twists the play can cause by various dialogue and gameplay choices seriously make this title an incredibly interesting one to anybody whos looking for more than just a run and gun romp.


Gameplay: The gameplay is interesting at first, and the fact you can go through as a total ninja, a tech savvy trap setting genuis or as a gun crazy madman all with full in depth RPG leveling system and abilities/skills is a breath of fresh air in the stealth/espoinage genre. However there are a few things that let the game down, first off being the shortage of animations for stealth kills, there are 4 non lethal and 4 lethal takedowns which get very old very fast. Although its interesting that the player can go through as a saint, knocking out their adversaries, keeping thier hands clean and causing minimal paperwork for the pencil pushers back at base. Or, if they feel like being a badass they can simply go through the game slicing jugulars and creating havoc for everybody but themselves. The depth of the karma-driven combat is equal to that of the player-influenced storyline. Something that really lets the game down however is the AI, which is incapable of seeing players behind chainlink, wooden and picket fences, most windows and atop of buildings.

One of the best things about this game has got to be the espoinage mini-games such as lockpicking and hacking, they feel incredibly realistic and they suprisingly dont get too repetitive as they are short, easy and usually lead to unique gun upgrades and other desirables.


Controls: The controls are pretty poor to be honest, the data scrolling during hacking is painfully slow and the aiming system feels like something from the PS1, an upside however is that the menus are easily navigated and everything can be found easily.


Graphics: Mediocre, not ugly but no exactly God of War III either. Textures have a huge sense of deja vu and most enemies look the same, there are frequent delays on model textures in the menus and most guns look generic with slightly altered camoflauge.


Sound: The voice acting is really high quality with some very talented actors behind the characters, and the dialogue used isnt cringe worthy as you might expect from a title of this nature. The sound effects are pretty good, but the gunfire sounds generic which is a mistake most games designers make, dev's should really take a page out of Rockstar's book after their audio masterpiece aka Red Dead Redemption.


Wow Factor: The flexibility of the storyline and combat decisions to fit the players playstyle is pretty much a first, games such as Fallout and Fable have done this in the past, but nowhere near as well as Alpha Protocol.
Not wow, more ''hey, nice''


Replay Value: Tons, the flexibility of every aspect of the game is enough to make sure you have a different experience each time, however the gameplay may get boring and repetitive depending on the player.


A must buy for any stealth/rpg fan, a rent for everyone else.
A honestly brilliant breath of fresh air!
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Old June 1st, 2010, 11:22 AM   #3
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I thought it was terrible, so bad I only got 1 trophy. The AI is rubbish, the controls not great either.
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Old June 3rd, 2010, 01:12 AM   #4
Lord Maim
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I was going to buy it, but because of the poor reviews I rented it instead. While there are certainly some bugs and texture issues, the game was surprisingly entertaining. There looks to be tons of replayability, and lots of ways to customize your character. And a ton of perks which directly affect your character in hundreds of ways. I think that I may just buy it after all, even if it isn't perfect. 8/10.
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Old June 4th, 2010, 05:14 AM   #5
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Thumbs down

I was going to write some inspiring review for this, but it's just too much of a botched game, so I'll follow the usual uninspiring template. This title has the worst AI I've ever seen in 5 years, and by that I mean that it's so laughable I couldn't actually convince myself to laugh at it.

Story: Regular terrorist gets <insert weapon>, track down terrorist, disable <insert threat>. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Gameplay: Regular stealth/shooting/mini-puzzle game with absolutely crappy AI. I had one of the guards alerted running right through me at some point, not being able to find my position and in another run one of em just found me right through a wall and started shooting like an imbecile. Add to this that you can just save in an encounter and immediately load to have that encounter disappear. The gameplay is complete shit, because the AI is kindergarten work.


Controls: I don't even know why this is a category, unless there's something negative to say about it and then it should just be part of gameplay, so I'm skipping that. It's your regular shooter controls and nothing more.

Graphics: Far below average, the models aren't even well made compared to other RPG (fallout3, etc..) I'm not even going into the texture problems, because I couldn't care less, but when your main female character's face essentially looks like a man it's because you didn't really give a damn now did you?


Sound: Average, there's nothing to be said here aside from it's fine and I won't remember any of it, voice acting or soundtrack or sound effects.


Wow Factor: WTF is this BS! lol It isn't wow factor, it's how worst can this get, seriously!


Replay Value: Unless you like laughing at bad AI for several days in a row, there is absolutely no replay value whatsoever. What can I say more? The AI ruins it all from beginning to end.


A pathetic swing and miss from Obsidian, they need to restructure their game design team 5/10 (And I'm being generous)
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Old June 7th, 2010, 01:59 PM   #6
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Story: 7/10

Story was alright. I mean, nothing groundbreaking in terms of everyone is against you nearly all the time apart from the crazy folk, but still exciting enough and some things I didn't really see coming. Definitely worth playing through again to see how differently everything will turn out for sure. I ended up with choosing Halbech and the ending to that was kinda cool.

Gameplay: 8/10

Through all it's flaws, I still think the game works well. The major problem that I see with it, is that at first I tried to play this as a shooter...and if AP is anything...It's not a shooter. So looking at that and then almost getting into the mindset of needing to upgrade my abilities and making sure I'm always well hidden really helped. The stealth isn't as broken as I'd first previously thought, it's all about the stats as this is really an RPG game, where everything seemingly has a hidden dice roll. The actual combat is good, I like the different abilities of the different weapons and I think that not much past the pistol is really ever needed. Especially if you have the chain shot power upgraded high and a decent silencer it's the only weapon you could ever need. Use of gadgets is good, a little fiddly at times and not a fan of the gears of war like grenade throwing because in all honesty it doesn't do it nearly as well.

The different approaches to any mission make it a varied and enjoyable experience for most players I'd wager. This isn't a fast game, although the very engaging mini games for doing things like unlocking things, hacking and bypassing were excellently paced and enjoyable. Overall I think that with a few minor tweaks the game-play could've been something amazing but just fell short.

Graphics: 6/10

Lets be honest, you wouldn't take her to the prom. It's really not the best looking game, easy to overlook I think, and some of the animation when people are talking is good. Just a little late I think, had this come out two years ago I think it would rank more highly in terms of it's graphical ability.

Sound: 5/10

Run of the mill. Some of the music was alright, voice acting I thought was good but the weapon sounds are the generic code you'd find in most games that shoot.

Wow Factor: 6/10

The amount of choice is great and thats the thing that really made me like the game. Also the amount of swearing was a bit of a WOW factor :P

Replay Value: 9/10

Probably the strongest factor in the game is the replay value. If you didn't mind playing through again, there's so much else you can do in alternate playthroughs that there is easily another 3 playthroughs after the initial one as long as you don't get too bored...AKA playing playthroughs back to back. I imagine that wouldn't work amazingly.

Rent Or Buy This Game? BUY

I would buy it, down to the fact multiple play-throughs are required to fully get everything out of the game.

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Score:

Gave the game a 7. I thought it was a great game, with many flaws in all honesty and definitely worth a play. I don't know how much people would call for it, but I would love to have a sequel with similar qualities like Mass Effect had. You know, continuing your character across and having the world change accordingly would make for a great sequel.

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Old June 8th, 2010, 01:56 AM   #7
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Default what i thought

ok i gave it an 8

the amount of dialogue and how what you said to people controlled the outcome of not just the end of the game but missions after that was good i havnt played a game like this before i played fallout 3 which was kind of like this but i feel like dialogue plays a bigger part in this game then it did in fallout3.
and i like how each person you meet has theyre own personality for example some people like you to be professional while others like the cocky arrogant type.and some like a combo of cocky and suave or professional and suave.
this is deffenately a game you need the guide for if you care about trophies.

the controls wernt that bad like people say they are until you try to hack computers then it gets annoying cuz it sucks at scrolling but other then that i dont see a problem with it.

the customazation culd have been more detailed like when you change sights the red dot sight stays when you put on the acog which is a bit retarded. and the lack of weapons is dull as well.

graphics wernt that bad they wern't like mw2 graphics or gow3 but they wernt that bad kinda like bfbc1 graphics.

sound is good especially if you have surround sound. the mouth accually moves and the lips accually move to the words you can almost lip read its soo cool.

there are just so many outcomes to this game i dont think il ever get bored of this game. i cant wait to platinum it.
its a short story depending how you play but its well worth the $60.00
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