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This game definitly needs a big update including frame rate fixing, it lags so much when im trying to run towards the next objective, it makes me worried if my ps3 is malfunctioning.

secondly has anyone seen the graphics in the some of the cutscenes, they sometimes appear as messed as a damaged film reel.
My #1 platinum and only platinum trophy
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i think that game was ok a bit broken but i still enjoyed all the way to platinum
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Old 03-14-2013, 02:46 PM   #13 (permalink)
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I loved it and played through 4 or 5 times, as theres so many variables in the story you always find new things, dialogues or events. However I knew beforehand this game was quite broken in some aspects. Theres no strong options outside guns+stealth, and is better to forget the cover system they implemented and just cover manually behind corners. The minigames are better off so is almost a necessity to take always EMPs with you. Being permissive with some graphic flaws also helps.

I'd love to see a second AP, however I don't know if this saga belongs to SEGA and its known its sales were quite bad. Maybe they do a spiritual successor some day as I remember the Obsidian CEO saying he would like a sequel.
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Old 06-01-2013, 12:57 PM   #14 (permalink)
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I really enjoyed this game myself. I actually played it once, then came back to it months later. Overall it took me 3 playthroughs. The upgrade system was fun. The story was wacky, but entertaining.

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Old 07-02-2013, 11:31 PM   #15 (permalink)
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I think this game is pretty fun but definitely broken. I think of it as a bit like a Tarantino film: it's stupid, the blood animations are wonderfully over the top and it only really works if you don't take it too seriously
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I really enjoyed the game and it was only $5 too!!! Normally I don't go for stealth type games like MGS, Splinter Cell, etc but this game is different enough. They had a solid concept, the game was just lacking in execution. Graphics looked good when they were fully rendered or whatever, but there were a lot of issues with them as well. Voice actors were amazing and the dialog was really funny. Heck could be Nolan North's best role.

That's all off-topic tho. I would say this plat IS very annoying because of the sheer number of missable trophies and the amount of requirements for some of them. You're playing through the whole game multiple times and constantly worrying that you've messed something up, but you won't know until the end. I ended up doing almost 4 complete playthroughs to get everything. The One With The Shadows Trophy did glitch on me. I had to do 4 levels instead of 3 even tho I hadn't killed or alerted anyone. This trophy wouldn't even be bad if the game had mission select so you could replay individual missions. Since they don't it's just one of many missable trophies. Constantly missing point blank shots was annoying as well.

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Pure example of botched marketing from SEGA.

Devs do a shit-ish job of what should have been a contender to Mass Effects in terms of gameplay style and the amount of ways you can complete the game. Instead it was given to Obsidian who are legends are turning gold to shit.

None the less...

If your in a rush then this is a horrible game to plat. But if you get it dirt cheap and don't mind the gameplay niggles, then this is a game which will hopefully inspire other devs. It oozes amazing ideas, but fecks up on everything.

Such a shame.
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Originally Posted by Hatak2048 View Post
Anyone else found this trophy set so anoying? Getting it done without guide would be .......awwwwwww;p
I used the guide once? Great game and great trophy list.

Working on my completion rate and getting more platinum..
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