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Default Stuck on building tree

I've played the game for a fair few hours and am quite enjoying it but I've got totally stuck.

- I've uncovered 49% of the map.
- I've built all the buildings I can bulid so far, but my most recent one needs one of those fish gurus to be placed in it.
- The game says I need to purify more of the pools to find another (I have already found one) for teh school building.
- I dont' have any more seeds to remove the gloom from elsewhere on the map.
- It looks like there is one building I need to build but it won't unlock on the tech tree - it's whatever the building is that comes after the rickshaw eductation place (it doesn't tell you teh name of it on the map and I can't find ANY guides on the web).

So I'm guessing that I need to unlock the building that comes after the rickshaw building, but I've built the rickshaw place, trained a few people with it and it still says on the tech tree 'you must unlock all buildings to the left' - but I have: they all have ticks next to them.

Are there any ways to expand the culture withough making more buildings or plantnig mroe seeds? What am I missing?

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I haven't tried this but can you build more of one building. Like houses or tearooms.
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Ah got it fixed!

Basically the tech tree doesn't always show you the correct order that you need to bulid things. Sometime it will tell you that you must unlock some of the buildings to the left when in fact you also need to unlock some from the right also.

I was stuck for building more buildings because I only had one wise fish. I used it for the first training academy, but then didn't have enouther for the more second training academy. You can destroy the first one, salavge the fish and use it to build the second one. Then build a few more buildings down the tech tree and eventually the earlier item (on a different branch of the tree that wasn't unlocked) will become unlocked.

It seems you advance the 'purity' and get rid of the gloom by either:

1 - building a new building type (per unique type - you get the same advancement fom building 1 as you do 5 for example, no point building multiple of the same building)
2 - getting the acorns (I think you unlock one per 10 civilisation points)
3 - planting special plants - you can get these from the purple/pink building after you've upgraded it once.

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