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Four Heroes
Complete the story with four characters alive

All four characters have to reach the Old Warehouse. Ethan can’t be in jail. Madison has to be alive and know the password to the Origami Killer’s computer (“Max”…you get it from his mother…give her flowers). Norman, Ethan and Scott must all know the address. Norman can find out through ARI or by receiving a call from Madison. Ethan can either complete the trials, receive a call from Madison, or figure it out through the clues at the Rat trial. With Scott, it’s through good old fashioned detective work. Make sure Jayden saves the Origami Killer's life when given the opportunity.

Trial Master
Succeeded in all Ethan’s trials

Complete all five of the trials. You can’t fail any of them. Make it through the Bear without crashing, through the transformer maze in the Butterfly, cut off a finger in the Lizard, kill the Dealer in the Shark and drink the poison in the Rat.

Replay Chapters: The Bear, The Butterfly, The Lizard, The Shark, and the Rat

Find all clues using ARI (Crime scene + Mad Jack + Fish tank) and find the Origami Killer

In the three scenes where you’re investigating as Norman, completely investigate the crime scene. Keeping ARI on and use to scan everything. Step one is getting the “FBI Investigator” trophy. Step two is in Mad Jack’s garage. Step three is in Paco’s office in "Fish Tank". After that, piece it all together in "Solving the Puzzle". The lists of clues are below. Be aware that if you miss any clues and have to go back to a chapter, then you have to continue playing from that chapter on. You can't jump from chapter to chapter as the changes you make won't save.

Crime Scene
  • Inside the white tent:
    • The boy's face.
    • The orchid on the boy's chest.
    • The origami figure in the boy's hand.
    • The boy's hand a second time.
    • The cut on the boy's leg.
  • Follow the orchid pollen trail.
  • The blood stain on the train tracks.
  • The foot prints next to the train tracks.
  • The blood stain on the fence.
  • Up the hill:
    • The footprints.
    • The tire tracks.
Mad Jack
  • The three parts of the blood trail leading to the acid bath (don't look in the acid bath just yet).
  • The orchid pollen near the back of the garage.
  • The paint near the back of the garage.
  • The tire tracks near the paint.
  • Mad Jack's fingerprints, footprints, the other tire tracks and the visitor's footprints are optional. They may not be required, but do them just in case.
Fish Tank
  • You have to win the QTE fight and tear the Origami Killer's coat so the gas station receipts fall out.
  • The gas station receipts.
  • The orchid pollen near the desk.
  • The scattered papers on the floor.
  • The OK's gun near the door.
  • The .45 caliber shell also near the door.
Solving the Puzzle
  • Go to "Clues".
  • Analyze and geoanalyze the gas station receipts.
  • Analyze the OK's gun.
  • Scroll over to "The Killer is or was a cop" option. Select "Investigate Further".
  • Geoanalyze "The Killer is or was a cop" option.
Replay Chapters: Crime Scene, Mad Jack, and Fish Tank

Saved the Kid
Save Shaun

Find and rescue Shaun with one of the characters. There will be a metal bar off to the right side of the tank he’s in. Use that to break the lock. If you have to perform CPR on him, just follow the QTE’s.

Replay Chapter: The Old Warehouse

Perfect Crime
Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden

For this trophy, the ultimate goal is to let the Origami Killer to walk free, with nothing tying him to the crimes. To do this, you'll need to play through the game again with autosave on, starting with the Hassan's Shop chapter. You will then need to ensure that the following events occur:

-Hassan's Shop: Don't intervene, and just let the scene play out while you stay at the back of the store.

-Fugitive: Don't get away. When you get to the street, just wait.

-Manfred: Clean up all the evidence that you were there. Remember there are two phones, the magnifying glass, the whiskey bottle and shot glasses, the ballerina, the bathroom door if you use it, the glass case Lauren is leaning against, the window in the office and the front door.

-On the Loose: Do some making out with your friend, forgive them afterwards, and then escape.

-Trapped: Get out of the car by yourself.

-Face to Face: Don't get the man his medicine.

-Killer's Place: You need to stay where you are and just wait until the scene ends.

-Old Warehouse: Fail Jayden's sequence on the conveyor belt. Ethan needs to rescue Shaun.

Note: You cannot chapter select to skip through the game. You HAVE to play from Hassan's Shop through to the end. Make sure Autosave is on.

All Endings
See all endings

If you've followed the road map, you should have the endings that go along with Four Heroes, Trial Master, Nerd, and The Perfect Crime, and you'll have most recently done The Perfect Crime. To get the rest of the endings, you won't need to go any further back than On the Loose. The criteria for the remaining endings is as follows:

After completing "Perfect Crime", you will already have: (New Start, Dead Heroine, Uploaded, Unpunished)

For the following endings, do them in the order below. Don't jump ahead and do #4 before #2. Do them in sequence. Also, make sure that autosave is ON and you don't just jump around from chapter to chapter. You HAVE to play from the specified chapter through the rest of the game. If certain decisions aren't listed here, then consider them optional.

Ending 1 (New Life, Origami Grave, Case Closed):
  • Go back to Killer's Place. Madison finds the address on the killer's laptop (password: Max if you don't remember). She has to survive and escape. She has to call either Ethan or Jayden.
  • During The Old Warehouse, Ethan saves Shaun. Madison warns Ethan. Jayden wins the fight on the conveyor belt and saves the OK when given the chance. The OK dies.
Ending 2 (Ethan's Grave, Heroine):
  • Go back to The Old Warehouse. Madison gets arrested instead of warning Ethan. Jayden fails during the fight with the OK. Ethan gets killed by the police. This is the ending from "So Close...".
Ending 3 (Origami Blues, Smoking Mirror):
  • Go back to The Rat. Ethan leaves instead of taking the poison. He also incorrectly guesses at the address of the warehouse where Shaun is.
  • Solving the Puzzle - Jayden gives up.
  • Killer's Place - Madison dies.
Ending 4 (Tears in The Rain): Killer's Place:
  • After doing Ending #3, go back to Killer's Place. Have Madison escape, but she doesn't look at the laptop to find the address.
Ending 5 (Helpless, Square One, A Mother's Revenge):
  • Go back to On the Loose. Ethan kisses and then forgives Madison. Ethan gets arrested.
  • Trapped - Shelby saves Lauren. See "Swimming Instructor".
  • Solving the Puzzle - Jayden gives up.
  • Killer's Place - Madison escapes, but doesn't find the address on the laptop.
Ending 6 (Innocent, Heroine, Resignation):
  • Go back to Killer's Place. Madison gets the address from the laptop, escapes, but doesn't call either Ethan or Jayden. She has to go to the warehouse alone.
  • The Old Warehouse - Madison rescues Shaun. When given the opportunity, Madison saves the OK. The OK dies in the end.
Note: For Heroine to unlock, you have to see both Heroine sequences (the interview and the signing).

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