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I'm really glad I found this thread. I was about to give up on this trophy if I didn't get it on this play through. Another question. Does anyone know if the locations carry over in New Game +? Say you go in a house on one game but don't on the next one. Will you still get that location checked off the invisible checklist of locations? Not sure If anyone can answer this but just checking.
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I am pretty 100% sure that it is not carrying over to new game+ . You will have to start all over again.

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Old 07-04-2010, 03:15 AM   #13 (permalink)
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I can't get it either.
I made sure in my second playthrough to visit:

-Every House in the Towns, and all the Inns.
-I maxed out both Life and Magic bars.
-I found the easy missed cave near Jim's Shack.
-I beat the game again, so I have all temples and boss rooms.
-I found every well, the tent one, the bottle one, and the life shard.
-I think I have every fountain.
-I am 100% sure I found all the lava mountain caves.

I have no idea where else to look. No idea whatsoever. I have checked all the places that were easily missed that people have said on all the forums I have checked, even here. I am simply at a loss...

BUT! I don't think I saved the clear data so I'll have to go back into the final boss. But still, I would appreciate some suggestions...

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Default Stuck

I'm stuck on this too and I'm about to give up, I have all the swords except the small blocks, all the heart pieces, all the magic pieces, and I just went through all the cave using the gamefaqs map...

I also went through all the houses...

I'm gonna have to recheck all the lava caves, but since I got all swords, I'm pretty sure I visited them all already...

Let me know if you have any suggestions
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Old 07-18-2010, 06:37 AM   #15 (permalink)
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even after maxing the life bar there is 1 more life shard in the world,really stupid

i missed the wishing well cave,in the bottom right of raejak village,because i thought i must have it when i got the life bar trophy
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Old 07-23-2010, 02:58 PM   #16 (permalink)
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If you are following the EgHeadFool he will point out almost everything and since you are probably going for the platinum too, you are going to do every single event/life shard/ Magic Potion and obviously every boss too.. now there are few places where that guide will not lead you as they are totally pointless (platinum-wise talking). One of them is the house on the west section raejack village, inside there is nothing else then a bunch of bookshelves and a guy selling info, another one is the weaponsmith in Ortego village, just on the right side of the entrance. About the flame temple caves there will be only one where the guide won't directly lead you, but it will say that there is a useless cave that leads you further inside. Inside that tunnel there will be a Neutral Ropus (you know those tentacle looking mosters) standing in it. Something else it won't mention are the payment caves so you'll have to check them by yourselves and can't remember if he points out every wishing well. But since you'll be doing every key item, every event - Minigames and almost everything this game has to offer you won't miss many places =) Just keep looking for them and don't give any for granted as i did ^^" I thought that i checked every house inside the cities instead it turned out that i didn't check the weaponsmith in Ortego ^^
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im a goose, i spent 1/2 an hour up at the lava caves looking for what i missed and the empty house in Raejack and the cave i missed was the very first FF in frount of the castle.
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Originally Posted by mort_hbeb9786 View Post
im a goose, i spent 1/2 an hour up at the lava caves looking for what i missed and the empty house in Raejack and the cave i missed was the very first FF in frount of the castle.

It's kinda funny, after my fight with Onyx I was expecting the trophy and I didn't get it, then checked the same place and thats what I was missing. Glad I saw your post to make me check there!
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LOL that is pretty funny. First location to check once you get out of the castle

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I got mine from the fairy fountain just below the desert temple.
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