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Default Blockout Stage 5

AAAaahhhhhhhhhHHHHHaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHaaaaaeeeeehhhhh hhhhhhhah!

started around 8pm last night trying all kinds of weapons but i find excalibur works best for me i could be swinging like a madman on wii controller or taking my time by pressing left and right follow by and still make it to Stage 5 where none or a combination of my techniques wont work i'll either get the glitch where the ball just get stuck on a block or my shield/sword would hit the ball below me and some weird cases where i and holding down the left or right button but out of reach and use my sword and the sword would go upward rather than the direction you're holding....

i need help i'm at stage 5 for the... well i lost count how much times i made it here *sigh* i did both dash circuit 2 block defender and decided to do this because i figure this is the easiest.... i cant give up now i came too far
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and i got it done as i done vent....
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Blockout was definately difficult for me to, since I'm bad at Arkanoid type games. I found a good strategy, that at least made Blockout a little easier. Simply, when you get ball to bounce from side to side, deflect it ... with you side (while still holding Shield mind you), not the shield it self. Easier, since you have bigger reflect range, and more control, since it won't change angle to often. It isn't fool proof, the minigame is still buggy, but better than nothing. Also, I used fully upgraded special on Wing Sword.
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Yeah, blockout was actually the hardest part for me (and I got the plat pre-patch). I thought it was decidedly nontrivial.
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I platinumed the game and yeah the mini games are the hardest. for people trying to have 100% completion rate ai recommend being sure that you can platinum the game. :P
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stage 5 used to be a pain. i checked youtube and people suggested the wing sword to be faster.

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Blockout took me 2ish hours. I made a character in the creator as large as possible (just one big square block) and used the upgraded wing sword for speed. I used the shield 95% of the time and basically hit the ball with the side of my body, allowing it to make almost horizontal movements across the screen. The ball goes very slow this way and when it returns, as it passes in front of you, there is much more surface area to hit, rather than it directly coming at you. You can hit the ball with any part of your body, including your side, as long as your shield is drawn. The large block body gives you a visual of your entire hit area. Once I got this technique down, it was only a matter of time. Before I finally got a perfect clear, I got to one last grey block on stage 5 and lost.

Also, I turned off the twist animation. I think it helps:

L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, R1, SQUARE - Remove walking "twist" animation
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The gorgon sword freezes the ball providing you some extra time to think.
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This is definitely the most horrible mini game, not to mention the most evil. The glitch where the ball sticks to the blocks is happening way too frequently and usually at absolutely horrible times. The worst must have been in the last round when I almost had it finally beaten

This is really testing my patience now. I'd prefer 10 more dash circuit races than this

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I thought all the mini games weren't that bad. I actually had the most trouble with Block Defense until I realized how the round bonus worked. Instead of spending all the money so quickly, I should have saved it for as long as I possibly could. Oh well, but Blockout wasn't so hard. Just so annoying messing up once at one of the stages for some dumb reason. As for all games like this, you will want to leave the game to do the business for you. Shoot it into tight corridors. It will bounce around in there doing massive damage in a short time without giving you any hard time. The time I made it without missing once I actually missed one of the two power ups. I missed the one that let u go through everything. The extra ball one just gave me a choice all the time where I had to sacrifice one to rescue another, so in the end I had to take out around 75% of the level with 1 ball and no power up. -_-' As some point out, it's good to get it to go side ways. Just remember to keep your shield up when it gets close to you. Sideways give u more time when you got little space, and it can easily get the ball trapped alongside a wall and beat out huge parts of the level without you doing anything. It also has the chance of hitting more stuff when there are just some few stuff left. The last part is especially true if the ball is "red" (powered up).

Admittingly I've not done both dash courses yet, but the first one went in 5-10 minutes.

Really the most annoying thing about the whole affair is that the reward, Luck Mallet, supposedly smashes coins out of enemies you hit. I tried hitting like 10 enemies with it and I didn't get a single coin.

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