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Originally Posted by Example (Not associated with this game)

The game was enjoyable at first but near the end it dragged on a bit. The graphics are great and so is the gameplay, but the general story is lacking. Certain areas could have been improved on and I think the developers focused too much on the graphics side of things. All in all a good game, if your into this genre then it's a must buy!
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Story: 7
Gameplay: 10
Controls: 10
Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 10
Wow Factor: 9.5
Replay Value: 9
Multiplayer: N/A
Rent or Buy: Definently buy
Overall: 9.5
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Story: 7/10 This is your classic "Save the princess and kingdom story" since it is supposed to be a homage to NES era Zelda, the story is perfect. Some fun dialogue and humor make the world enjoyable to explore, but you'll probably need a guide to fully experience it.

Gameplay: 10/10
Gameplay is expert. Everything works right, and it is intuitive. The variety of swords,gadgets and magic, along with the potential upgrades for those swords make this game feel both like a classic NES Zelda experience, but also original as well. There is a few times where if you have an older TV and not a newer TV where the screen adjust won't quite fit, even if you shrink it all the way, which can affect a few puzzles later in the game when you cant see certain switches because they're off screen.

Controls: 9/10
Default settings were perfect for me. Everything is responsive and works well.

9.5/10The cubular graphics are nice and shiny, and very pretty to look at. Its fun to adjust levels of brightness as well because it can give unique looks to the world, with a nice warm deep colored look at lower settings, but equally beautiful glossy colors at higher settings. There's a way to make this game look great for anyone. From did an amazing job bringing 2D life into 3D without actually making the game 3D

Sound (Gameplay):
8/10 Sound effects are classic sound effects, right down to the "Item Get" music. Its very enjoyable, and fits the world perfectly. Though, it can't be called original.

Sound (Music): 8/10
Music is classic adventuring music, boss fight music is fittingly dramatic, and I even find myself humming the music while walking down the street. Again, it can't really be called original.

Wow Factor: 8.5/10
The game is absolutely gorgeous, and will wow you with how well the world is fleshed out in its unique visual style. Its definitely a game you will want to play, just to see whats through the next door.

Replay Value:
7.5/10 You will get 3 playthroughs following a guide, but the game is like a NES Zelda, even if you've beaten it, its likely you'll want to play for fun, or show off to friends. Playthroughs will vary by player, but expect around 10 hours.

Multiplayer Experience:

Rent or Buy this Game?

Definately buy, even if its just for the novelty and nostalgic feeling you'll probably get. The game is only around $20 now, which is a steal for this game.

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Rating: Use the Poll!

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I won't give any number ratings, but I will give my thoughts on each aspect presented

Story: The story, for me, is absolutely fantastic and very enjoyable. It's not at all serious, just a parody of the old Zelda games with terrific humour and I found it to be spot on.

Gameplay: They did their absolute best to capture the spirit (for want of a better word) of old school adventure gaming, whilst adding more modern elements, and for me at least, it all came together perfectly to produce some great gameplay. Gotta love wielding a giant sword which takes up the entire screen

Controls: There's really nothing I can complain about here, it's a simple game so it would have been hard for them to get this wrong

Graphics: While the graphics are no technical masterpiece, they're still fantastic to look at. Let's just put it this way, I'd rather look at this than Killzone 3 for example, even though Killzone 3 is a lot more technologically advanced, 3DDGH is a lot prettier, and more creative. I love the way the edges of the screen blur and the enemies explode into showers of tiny blocks when you destroy them.

Sound: One of the best things about this game, very simple soundtrack but beautiful and hugely memorable. Loved the Forest of no Return and Aqua Temple themes in particular.

Replay Value: You will have to play this 3 times if you're going for the platinum and it never got boring, at least for me.

Rent or Buy: Definitely buy

Overall: This is actually one of my favourite games on the PS3. I LOVE this game, it really is an underrated classic. Granted it's not for everyone but it comes highly recommended from me and I think everyone should give it a go at the very least.

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Story: Lacking. Mimic'ing hokey/obvious dialogue from processing power & space-limited games gets old fast. It was forgivable back then, but the joke wears really thin really fast now. I thought they could have worked in some original scenarios regarding the 3D conversion - a city not liking it and trying to go back; geography/buildings that worked in 2D that didn't in 3D, etc. They had some throw-away jokes about it (harder to clean in 3D), but that was it.

Gameplay: Fantastic. I remembered just how much fun the original Zelda was and how much I miss it in the 3D era.

Controls: Everything works and is reasonably intuitive.

Graphics: The game deliberately stunts the graphics to maintain a look compatible with the old Zelda's, but the shine on the water looks great. The graphics never interfere with the gameplay and everything moves smoothly. I didn't like the effect of the mirrored temple floors (reflecting the adjoining walls) which can disguise the exact edge of the room. Not a big deal, just a niggling complaint.

Sound: What they did for the music, I wish they did for the story: something reminiscent of the old games, but not limited by them (ie using 8 bit sound or limited notes). The music is both familiar-sounding and new, in a pleasant and enjoyable arrangement. You will enjoy the music in its own right, not simply out of nostalgia.

Replay Value: I hate mutliple playthroughs and when I bought this game, I wasn't sure if I'd do more than one. But I did all three and enjoyed them

Rent or Buy: Buy
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