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Heavy Hitter
Main character inflicted 250 damage with a single hit

As a Warrior and have a high strength and willpower. Get a two-handed weapon with runes on it to increase the damage you inflict. Have your party mates cast buffing spells on you. Use the Berserker skill “Final Blow”. Make sure you stamina bar is full as well.

As a Rogue, max out your Archery talents, especially the Pinning Shot line. Get to Arrow of Slaying as soon as you can. Use that talent in a fight and you'll easily do over 500 damage.

As a Mage, use Walking Virulent Bomb or Mana Clash on another Mage. Combining Spell Wisp, Spell Might, a high magic attribute, and two items that increases damage works as well (thanks to AstralBlades for that tip).

This needs to be done against one, single enemy. There have been quite a few times where I've damaged multiple opponents with my Mage or Rogue with damage well over 250. Remember, it's a single hit, not a single attack. You also need to do this with your main character. No switching to Shale. It won't count.

Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle

This can be done on any of the Origin stories. Don't allow yourself to run out of health during any of the origin stories. Keep it up with health potions. Setting the game on Casual difficulty makes this extremely easy.

Set foot in every area in the game

This has to be done in one playthrough. You'll need to hit every location on the main map, and the sub maps for the Deep Roads and Denerim. You'll need to do every main quest and quite a few side quests to visit all of them.

This trophy was recently confirmed to need the following places by Fleapants on the Bioware forums. Make sure to create an extra save before heading to the Royal Palace during "The Landsmeet". That's the point of no return. If for some reason Traveler doesn't unlock for you, then here is the complete list of locations in the game.

If you still need additional help, ZOLANTON wrote a detailed list of all of the locations in the game here.

  • Blacksmith's home
  • Dwyn's home
  • Kaitleyn's home
  • Kaitleyn's home, second floor (ask the boy what he was doing there)
  • Tavern
  • General store
  • The Pearl
  • Gnarled Noble Tavern
  • Wonders of Thedas
  • Warden's Cache (ask Riordan after finding his documents when freeing Anora)
  • Wade's Emporium
  • Dirty Back Alley
  • Rundown Back Streets
  • Dark Alley (the last three are from "Back Alley Justice" sidequest you get from the Denerim chantry)
  • Orphanage in the Alienage
  • Dane's Refuge (this is the tavern where you meet Leliana)
Haven (both of these are easily missed):
  • Haven house near the entrance
  • Haven General Store (at the top of the hill)
  • Proving Grounds (in the Commons)
  • Shaperate (in the Diamond Quarter)
  • Janar Armorers
  • Figor's Imports (Unlocks after choosing the new king)
Final Battle:
  • Fort Drakon rooftop

Master of Arms
Main character achieved level 20 as a warrior

You'll need a whole lot of experience points and you won't hit level 20 until late in the game. Kills, of course, get you XP. Do every side quest that you can. There are quite a few to be found. You'll need 135,000 XP to reach level 20. This is a long grind, but you should reach level 20 before the end of the game.

Fortunately, this is made even easier by DLC. If you have Awakening, then just start a new character in one of the classes that you don't have. You'll start at level 18. It's a short grind up to level 20. If you download The Golems of Amgarrak, it's even easier. You'll start at level 20. Once you level up to 21, the trophy will unlock. Even more amazing is that it gets even easier with further DLC. If you have Witch Hunt, all you have to do is start a new character and the level 20 trophies will pop.

Main character achieved level 20 as a rogue

See Master of Arms for more details.

Main character achieved level 20 as a mage

See Master of Arms for more details.

Defeated the dragon guarding the Urn of Sacred Ashes

Here you go. This is why you don't hit the gong when you get to the Urn. This dragon is damn hard. Get everyone to use fire resistant salves before hitting the gong. Have one or two warriors with you. Adjust their tactics to be defensive, but still attacking. If you have two, set one to Ranged. They're going to take the brunt of the battle. Have Wynne with you as a healer. Adjust your healers tactics so that they're set to Healer. Pay attention to your Warrior's health and switch to them when you need to (or ).

If you find yourself as the last one, then play keep away. The dragon is powerful as it is, is stupid. It'll keep going back and forth to the same spots. Keep running between the same couple of spots when the dragon takes off. It'll take a bit of time to get, but once the dragon is beaten, it's oh so sweet. Enjoy the loot it drops too.

Completed a Chanter's Board quest

After you leave Ostagar, you'll head for Lothering. In the town, you'll find a Chanter's Board with a quest available. Simply approach the board, accept the quest, and complete it. The quest should be something relatively simple, like "Kill x bandits."

Grey Warden
Killed 100 darkspawn

This will come naturally as you progress through the story. The Darkspawn are your primary enemies. As long as someone in your party kills a Darkspawn, it counts towards this trophy. The Darkspawn kills count across all of your playthroughs. There's no need to go out of your way for this trophy.

Recent patches have screwed up these trophies a bit. You'll probably have to delete the patch and play offline to be able to earn the darkspawn kills trophies. For more info, visit this thread that spatters53 as put together.

Master Warden
Killed 500 darkspawn

See Grey Warden for more details.

Killed 1000 darkspawn

See Grey Warden for more details.

Preserved the lives of half the troops at Denerim's Gates in "The Final Battle"

During "The Final Battle", you'll gain the option to call in support troops (, then select Advanced, the choices are listed on the bottom of the radial menu) from the human, dwarven, or elven armies, or a group of mages. The total will vary depending on who you side with. As long as more than half survive by the time you reach Fort Drakon, this will unlock.

Crafted an item

Open your radial menu with the button and select "Potions" (9 o'clock) or "Poisons and Traps" (8 o'clock) and push . If you selected "Potions", select "Herbalism" and if you selected "Poisons and Traps", select "Poison-Making". If you have the necessary materials, you'll be able to craft an item here. You'll find the materials scattered throughout Fereldan. Search bodies and plants for the materials. You'll find some for sale from merchants as well.

Below are the potions, poisons, and traps you can make with the first level skill. As you move to Improved, Expert, and Master, more recipes become available. These are the easiest though. Be aware that you'll have to buy flasks from merchants.

Lesser Health Poultice: 1 Elfroot, 1 Flask
Lesser Lyrium Potion: 1 Lyrium Dust, 1 Flask
Mabari Crunch: 1 Elfroot, 1 Deep Mushroom

Venom: 1 Toxin Extract, 1 Flask
Deathroot Extract: 1 Deathroot, 1 Flask

Rope Trap: 1 Trap Trigger
Small Caltrop Trap: 1 Metal Shard
Small Claw Trap: 1 Metal Shard, 1 Trap Trigger
Small Shrapnel Trap: 1 Metal Shard, 1 Trap Trigger

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