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Step 1: Enable the advanced editor interface. Simply go to the UserCP, go to Edit Options, then in the last section (Misc), make sure the Message Editor Interface is set to the "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing." This turns on all the editing features for posts, which is necessary for formatting a guide properly.

Note: There can be differences between browsers in regards to the post editor. We have found that Internet Explorer and Firefox work the best, so we recommend using those.

Step 2: Go to the main site and find the trophy list for the game you are making a guide for.

Step 3: Highlight the trophy list with your mouse. You will end up selecting the tile, name, description, weight and comment bubble for each. Copy your selection.

Step 4: Create a new thread in your game's forum and paste what you copied. Please leave the entire first post for your Road Map, and then paste the trophy list beginning with the second post. *New 11/22/2012* The trophy list will appear in the post, but you'll need to add spaces and line breaks to make it look right. Also, delete the comment bubbles that link to individual trophy comments (they look like this: ). Select "Preview Post" to check it out, and submit the post when you're ready. If you need multiple posts for your guide, space the trophies out between posts.

Once complete, each trophy should have:

-Trophy Image
-Trophy Name
-Trophy Value
-Trophy Description

Here is an example of what a trophy should look like in a guide:

Gain the ability to drive and fly all vehicles.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You will gain the ability to drive APCs and tanks in the mission The Wheels of Chance, and you will gain the ability to fly helicopters in the mission Biological Imperative. Once you consume the pilot in Biological Imperative the trophy will unlock.

Japanese trophies should be formatted like so, with the English name/description beneath the Japanese (for easier copying to the main site):

特定種族の撃破数 悪魔種族 500匹

[The One That Prevented The Uprising]
[Killed 500 Demon enemies]

Kill 500 demon enemies. Just farm the imp on the 1st floor of シーインの迷宮 [Sein Map] for this trophy. Trophy is unlocked after your 500th demon kill.


Thread Titles
Do not place your name in the title of the thread and make sure the full name of the game is included in your title along with Trophy Guide and Roadmap.

So, for Mass Effect 2, your title would look like this:

Mass Effect 2 - Trophy Guide and Roadmap

Step 5: Submission and Review

1. Submit the Guide.
Before a guide can be submitted for review by the GT, the author will need to have completed at least 75% of a game's trophy percentage. Please see Step 4 for an explanation as to why the GT requires such a high completion percentage. In very rare cases, the GT may waive the trophy requirement and allow a guide to be submitted with less. If you have any questions regarding the game you plan on writing a guide for, please contact the GT before submitting your game if you feel you won't meet the requirements. *New 11/22/2012*

Your guide should only be submitted when you feel it is ready to load onto the site. You may notice that you missed something, or additional information may come to light, in which case we ask that you PM a member of the GT to inform us that changes have been made. If, on the other hand, you continue to make changes to your guide after it has been submitted, the GT will take that as a sign that your guide wasn't ready to be submitted, and it will be removed from the guide queue until you resubmit. If you make a habit of doing this with multiple guides, we will interpret that as an attempt to gain an unfair advantage by submitting an incomplete guide to scare off competition, and future guides may not be accepted. *New 11/22/2012*

Once your guide is complete, and you've made sure all of the above steps have been followed, you will need to create a new thread in the Submit forum, with the name of the guide as its title. In the thread post, put a link to your guide. Do not post the actual guide in the Submit forum. Also be advised that if you refuse to submit your guide, leaving it solely in the forums, we reserve the right to lock and deny it. Note: your thread will disappear once created; don't worry, it's still there, but only staff will be able to see it.

2. Wait for the Guide Team to Review Your Submission. Once submitted, it will be added to the list of guides waiting to be looked at by the Guide Team. Guides are reviewed in the order they are submitted and it could take up to two weeks for us to get to it, depending on the volume of recent submissions.

There is no need to PM a Guide Team member asking them to look at your guide once it has been submitted. There is no problem asking a Guide Team member to look at a guide for help before you submit it, but once you have submitted it, it's implied that the Guide Team will look at it.

3. Review / Revision. After we review it, we will contact you with suggestions or requested changes. Please do not take offense at any suggestions we may make – our intention is to make sure your guide is the best and most helpful it can be. We may also ask to edit the guide from a grammar, spelling or punctuation standpoint, but will never change your specific content without your consent.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable or unwilling to make any necessary adjustments, your guide will not be added or stickied, and any subsequent guide that comes along could potentially replace yours. So be sure to make any adjustments as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Private Messages: Make sure you have PMs (private messages) turned on, and please do not ignore PMs from the Guide Team regarding submissions. Be professional and respond, even if it's to tell us that you want to withdraw your guide from consideration. If we haven't heard back from an author in 1-2 weeks, the guide may be closed, and the guide will need to be resubmitted.

4. Acceptance. Once accepted, your guide will be stuck and loaded onto the main site. Do not PM staff members asking them to sticky your guide; it will only be done when we have accepted the guide. A guide will appear on the front page the moment we load it.

5. Multiple Submissions for the Same Game. We only choose one guide for a game. It may be that your chosen game has multiple guide submissions. Once a guide has been chosen by the Guide Team, all other open or submitted guides will be locked and you will not be contacted about it.

Once again, please do not take a locked thread personally. This is part of the process and if you've read this walkthrough, you should know what to expect.

If the author of a locked guide would like to work on his guide for resubmission, they should contact a Guide Team member and the thread will be unlocked. You will need to update the unlocked guide in a reasonable amount of time, or it will just be closed again.

Step 6: Future Maintenance

Updating a Guide. After a guide has been accepted and loaded onto the main site, you may find that you need to make an update to your guide. If you need to, feel free to make your updates, but please notify the Guide Team as well, as they will need to update the version of the guide that exists on the main site. The main site versions do not automatically update, so it's crucial that you notify us, otherwise they will be out of sync. You can post your corrections/updates within this thread:

Community Issues and Monitoring. Sometimes the community brings up issues and questions about accepted guides. While not required, we hope that all authors will keep track of activity in their guide threads, and respond and update their guide as necessary. We suggest subscribing to your guide thread to ensure that you get notified about questions or concerns. Please don't neglect your guide.

Reviewing Older Guides. The Guide Team occasionally reviews older guides and may edit/revise them to ensure that they are up to current site standards. We will always contact the author about any issues first and work with them to get the guide properly updated. If an author has been banned from the site, we reserve the right to modify and revise the guide as necessary to fit the needs of the community.

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