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Step 1: Enable the advanced editor interface. Simply go to the UserCP, go to Edit Options, then in the last section (Misc), make sure the Message Editor Interface is set to the "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing". This turns on all the editing features for posts, which is necessary for formatting a guide properly.

Note: There can be differences between browsers in regards to the post editor. We have found that Internet Explorer and Firefox work the best so we recommend using those.

Step 2: Go to the main site and find the trophy list for the game you are making a guide for.

Step 3: Highlight the trophy list with your mouse. You will end up selecting the tile, name, description, weight and comment bubble for each. Copy your selection.

Step 4: Create a new thread in your game's forum and paste what you copied. Please leave the entire first post for your Road Map, and then paste the trophy list beginning with the second post. The trophy list will appear in the post, but you'll need to add spaces and line breaks to make it look right. Also, delete the comment bubbles that link to individual trophy comments (they look like this: ). Select "Preview Post" to check it out, and submit the post when you're ready. If you need multiple posts for your guide, space the trophies out between posts.

Once complete, each trophy should have:

- Trophy Image
- Trophy Name
- Trophy Value
- Trophy Description

Here is an example of what a trophy should look like in a guide:

Gain the ability to drive and fly all vehicles.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You will gain the ability to drive APCs and tanks in the mission The Wheels of Chance, and you will gain the ability to fly helicopters in the mission Biological Imperative. Once you consume the pilot in Biological Imperative, the trophy will unlock.

Japanese trophies should be formatted like so, with the English name/description beneath the Japanese (for easier copying to the main site):

特定種族の撃破数 悪魔種族 500匹

[The One That Prevented The Uprising]
[Killed 500 Demon enemies]

Kill 500 demon enemies. Just farm the imp on the 1st floor of シーインの迷宮 [Sein Map] for this trophy. Trophy is unlocked after your 500th demon kill.

[New for October 2015] If you write a Guide for a game where the official Trophy tiles are not available on-site, then please use the following until the proper ones become available:


Thread Titles

Do not place your name in the title of the thread but make sure the full name of the game is included along with Trophy Guide and Roadmap. For Mass Effect 2, your title would look like this: Mass Effect 2 - Trophy Guide and Roadmap

Step 4.5 - Adding Trophy Tags
- Updated 25th September 2015

As of June 28th 2015 we are introducing a new Trophy Tagging feature that will allow for clear, precise and standardised labelling of trophies so people know at a glance if a trophy is missable, glitched, unobtainable etc. etc. To accommodate this feature, the Guide Team have created a set of basic rules that people need to follow from here on in when writing Trophy Guides. NOTE: Road Maps are unaffected by these changes.

New Guides:

Vy said it best:
Originally Posted by Vyrastas
The best course of action is to make this part of the Guide writing process. Writers will be required to add the tags in their forum side Guides (they're already doing this for most categories anyway), using the icons that the Graphics Team have made. Once the Guide is approved and loaded, the Guide Team will officially add the tags to the Main Site.
Also note that any Guides that are on the Guide Team's Proof Reading pile but have yet to be approved, will need to meet these new requirements before they will be approved. Any incorrect or misused tags will be removed so please make sure you get them right, before your Guide is swept by the Guide Team.

Older Guides that still have active authors:

For all Guides made before June 30th where the author or authors are still active, we ask that you to add the new tags to your Guide(s) and we'll do the same on the Main Site version(s). See here for where to report your newly added Tags: LINK.

Old Guides that have AWOL/Banned/Uncooperative authors:

If an author has been AWOL for 3 months or more, then the Guide Team will go in and make the necessary changes themselves but if an author has been banned, is flat out uncooperative or just plain awkward and won't make the changes then the Guide Team reserves the right to add the Tags without the author's co-operation.

Old/Niche Guides:

By "old" we mean 3-4 years and older. For Old and Niche Guides, please use the following thread to tell the Guide Team what the Tags should be for any given Guide and we'll add them in due course: LINK. Once your info has been processed, your post will be deleted so don't worry if your post vanished soon after it's been made .

One thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that these Tags will further drain your Character counts, therefore we must remind you to please ensure that only essential information is added to each post. Also ensure that you have reserved sufficient posts for your Guide because adding more after the fact can get really messy thanks to the post shuffling bug.

Available Trophy Tags: - Updated August 22nd 2015.

Here are all the available Tags:
  • Online (Requires access to the internet or PSN)
  • Multiplayer (Must be done in a Multiplayer mode)
  • Co-op (This is NOT, the same as boosting. This Tag is for use only with trophies that require a specific co-op mode or action e.g. the Duelling and Viral trophies in Borderlands 1 or Spec Ops Mode in Modern Warfare 2)
  • Offline or Online (Can be done either way)
  • Solo or Co-Op (Can be done in either mode)
  • Story-Related (Unmissable, earned by just playing the story)
  • Missable (If progressing too far into the game, by making an opposing decision or failing a specific requirement e.g. saving more X amount of times)
  • Unobtainable
  • Glitched (Do not use this for positive glitches, it's only for use with negative ones e.g. you need 500 kills for a trophy but it doesn't pop until you have 700 kills)
  • Difficulty (Requires a specific difficulty)
  • Stackable (Multiple difficulty trophies can be earned by playing on the hardest one available or you can get multiple trophies at once by completing a single task)
  • Viral (Unlock by playing with/beating others who has it)
  • Date/Time Sensitive (specific day or time of day required. Can also mean you have to do a specific action within a particular time frame e.g. do X number of actions in 5 minutes but if the trophy makes it explicitly clear that it's time sensitive e.g. Killing Spree - Kill 5 Helghast in 15 seconds then you don't have to use this tag)
  • Extra Equipment Needed (This can include PS Move, PS Eye, needing a second Joypad etc. Co-Op trophies don't need to use this tag because it's inferred that you will need an extra controller of some sort anyway)
  • Collectible (This tag should not be used for trophies that require you buy items with in-game currency e.g. the "What to wear?" trophy in Run Sackboy! Run! but instead should be used for trophies where you have collect things like e.g. Audio Diaries (Bioshock), Playing Cards (World at War), Relics (Uncharted) etc. etc.)
  • Subsequent (NG+) (Can only be obtained via playing a second playthrough/NG+ etc.)
All of these and the codes for them are now available via the Smilies menu . Changed August 22nd 2015.

Example of where to place your Tags:

Fully Loaded
Rescued enough Claptraps to earn 42 inventory slots

There are no Tags for "Solo" or "Offline" because unless the author of a Guide says otherwise, all the trophies for any particular game will be assumed to be Offline and Solo by default.

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