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Default Trophies for Real Life Activities/Accomplishments/Challenges etc.

So last night I'm in a situation which all of you can relate to: I'm trophy-hunting (ostensibly doing something constructive) while neglecting house-hold duties/chores (iow, being a worthless shitbag irl). And I wonder to myself... Would I be more productive if I could earn "trophies" for real life situations?

So I thought to make this thread. Which could end up being really funny... or crashing into flames. This all depends on your participation.

Here are a couple of examples. And since they are coming from me, they are admittedly lame.

Mount Sort-Me: You finally organized the pile of mail that has been accumulating for six months.

Just turn your shirt inside-out: You did your monthly load of laundry

Hopefully you see where I am going with this. Use your imagination... put icons with your trophies. Or don't. Come up with funny names for the trophies (I know there are a lot of you with a good sense of humor or wit). But basically list some "trophies" that you wish existed to give you an incentive to do things in real life. They can be as banal as household chores or an actual accomplishment like getting a raise at work or a 4.0 this semester, etc.

Show me what you got.

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