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Originally Posted by Argento Scudo View Post
Does anyone know exactly how this is determined? I've had plenty of occasions where I will go positive with my money or contribute a great deal to a victory and I'll get thrown down in rank by a grade or two. Likewise I've had some occasions where my unit had been completely destroyed, lost about 250,000 and I actually went up in rank by one or two grades. Trying to figure this out is frustrating.
I really have no idea how Mercenary Ranking works. You have to be picky about what missions you accept if you want to stay high rank, it's not really about skill.
I've joined order missions where I took near no damage and did most the work, and it brought my rank down still. =/
I've done some Story missions where I took near no damage and did all the work and it brought my rank down. And sometimes it brought my rank up to B or A.

All I know is whenever I've seen a Mercenary in A or S Ranks... they usually always decline a mission invite. Only way you stay in those ranks is if you're very picky about the missions you pull. Ones with high reward, and near no expense I guess. Like the AC battle order missions.
I usually always got a merc to join those when I was farming money off them, especially the easier ones that gave a lot of money for one or two easy AC kills.
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