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Default Warhawk (PSone) Free with Starhawk

For those who didn't know, when you purchase Starhawk new you get a free copy of the Warhawk PSone game. Hadn't heard about this before, and was extremely surprised to see the whole list of Warhawks (in various languages) on my downloads list when I entered in my Network Pass.

Warhawk is a vehicle simulation game built around a futuristic VTOL craft. The player maneuvers with 360 degrees of flight control through six unique levels. Weapons include fire-off lock-ons, rockets, multi-fire swarmers, and plasma cannons. The game has no multiplayer capabilities and does not feature DualShock or analog controller support.

There are no saving or loading features. Instead, a password is presented each time a level is completed. The game ends after its six levels are completed, or when the player's craft can no longer fly.

Enemies in the game vary from being tanks and aircraft to massive fixed gun emplacements and futuristic robots, to name a few. In certain areas of the game, enemies continuously respawn to challenge the player until they swiftly complete the mission objective.

Go the Black Caps!

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