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Originally Posted by mugiwara84 View Post
And I can understand people suiciding when they see you're trying to powerlevel. Wouldn't do it myself but I can understand people getting annoyed by having an ally who is afc or just let you do all the work or so you can level their character. Not accusing anyone here of doing that.
Well the thing I've experiened is that I do all the work and the others screw it up still. The only times when I do lesser work than my partners is when I have super awesome players as partners that clean the entire map in no time that I can't even remotely keep up. But you can still see me trying to be of help.

Originally Posted by mugiwara84 View Post
When I read the title, I thought what the hell could be wrong with the online.
Oh there's definitely something wrong with the online. It's the terrible difficulty problems. The only level I respectively we've encountered is that it's actually just Zoro's Episodes 6 and seven that you can play in normal and hard difficulty. For every other episode no of any other character no matter what difficulty you chose you'll always get easy in the end.

This by itself isn't that bad in terms of KOing your opponents quicker but the problem is you also get the xp and coin grade worthy of an easy difficulty. And that sucks big time because there's a limit as to how often I can play just Zoro's episodes 6 and 7.

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