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Originally Posted by Setsuna View Post
lol I'm buying P3FES from the PS Store on my next paycheck, when I heard about the games it was at the time of my achievement whoring/hunting days so I couldn't squeeze it in anywhere and then I got in fighters and that somehow took up more time then my achievements then lol

I have about 2 months of free time coming up so I'll probably spend alot of time playing the Personas (as well as Guilty Gear when I hook the PS2 back up). Episode 25 is coming out in the fall continuing with the True End I believe (When I saw the ending I thought to myself " ... this can't be how it ends and looked it up lol)

Little is known about her right now, we'll probably know more during the console release. For now I this is as much about her as you'll find out right now.

Yu is your straight forward main character of the game with a basic moveset though he does have some nasty mixup options with his Persona attacks. Kanji is the grappler of the game, he has pretty good air to air range so it's to just jump in on him and his grabs too sooo much damage.

Anyway for the console release of Persona 4 Arena they've recently released a screenshot of the menu and from it I'm sure we can expect a Blazblue-esque list.
Great. Then I'll hope you'll enjoy them
I played the games before I had a PS3 but now I barely have time like you had for my other systems, The last story and Pandoras Tower are begging to be player.

And yes, the last episode will cover the True ending and it should be around mid-august.

Hmm. I had an idea Yu would be very basic, main chars always are.
And had the idea too that Kanji was strong on graps.
Saw that one where he summons Take-Mikazuchi that graps the opponent and sends them flying.
So who would be close to Lambda from Blazblue in regards to playstyle?
Let me guess, Naoto?

DLC was expected >_< but some people on siliconera also mentions a possibility that it could a purchase system like BB Extends gallery.
But we'll find out this summer

I need a sig, I just don't know what it should look like >_<
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