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Originally Posted by OLIVERMC97 View Post
You just rage at everyone for not choosing helis only because your too stupid to pick a heli out of the list.

Everyone do NOT add him if you want to boost smoothly.
will will will.... i raged AT u because u dont play the game, u say me stupid, no its you, u say u want to boost but u actually DONT BOOST, i have 4hours left for me, those i deleted go ask them, theyll tell u they arent playing the game and dont have the time

if for someone not TO BE ADDED ITS YOU, i added u again and how many hours u boosted with me from the total 50hr?.... 5 or 6

comparing to a serious booster who added me he got the platinum , ID panda667


if anyone still interested but be advise, i have 4hour left or less

and you oliver SHAME ON YOU

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