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Originally Posted by stoicijn View Post
uhm, i don't know if you realize it, but time doesn't mean anything for the m26 mass. Because it only records the time you are actually holding that specific weapon. And since you are running assault rifle all the time, & only whip out the m26 mass when you in close combat & know there are guys somewhere, you gonna get tons of kills in a short time for it.
Same goes for knife, you only whip out the knife if you gonna kill someone with it, so short time lots of kills..
Only way to compare guns in the same class with time, such as the semiauto sniper rifles will give an accurate indication about how well you do with it. But then again you may play rush 1 day, TDM the other.
I personally whipped out the M26 as soon as I spawned and used it as a primary. I'm pretty sure bass did the same at the rate he was killing with it earlier.

If we're counting weapons that are only situationally pulled out, than obviously my knife would be the fasted mastered weapon in 10 kills.

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