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Default 2 newb questions.

Hi, just bought this game and I'm loving it! Forgive me for my lack of plane knowledge as I'm a casual flight simulator gamer. Right, first question, if I go into the Hangar and go over a plane, it'll have a yellow bar under it's picture, like an XP bar. What happens when you fill it up? I filled it up for a German plane and have no clue what it did. Different camouflage? New decals? or what?
Second, what, in your opinion, is the best big daddy plane? By big daddy, I mean the planes that are bigger than most of the planes in the game and they usually have more than one turret on them and can drop bombs. Again, forgive me for my lack of knowledge. I love the heavy bombers or whatever they're called, the big planes . I just want to know which one should I be aiming to get. So far I got a few German heavy bombers and a small amount of American hb.
Thanks a mill.
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