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Originally Posted by Ether999 View Post
It's disgusting how the people who're happy with the ending are treating those who aren't. You like it? Good for you. Why belittle others by calling them whiners, self entitled people?

I didn't expect a happy ending. I was entirely prepared for Shepard to die, since this mission was what it all came down to. What I wasn't prepared for was not that he dies, or even that my choices didn't matter- it was the fact that the ending was so disjoint from the rest of the series, and directly flies in the face of the complex themes examined not only in ME3, but also in the previous games.

Throughout the game, we see organics and inorganics coming together. Geth allying with Quarian. Joker falling in love with EDI. We see so much stress on the actions of people, not their genetic make-up. Legion learns about humanity though he's a machine. Miranda is fallible inspite of perfect genes. Even Shepard goes on to become a great man inspite of having ordinary beginnings. In contrast, we're shown that the antagonists place such a great importance on org vs. inorg, genetics- the Illusive man and Saren believe that the only way forward is to modify our genes. Harbringer picks humans to be the first Reaper because of their genetic structure.

Yet at the end, what are we told? That inorganics will inevitably wipe out organics. Not only that, but Shepard simply accepts this. Even if he dismisses the argument and choses to destroy the Reaper, the only way the ending is different from the others s that theres a red light instead of blue or green. The ending is also not one which is being built to throughout the game- the Starchild is thrown in right at the end, and it just gives you "facts" which haven't been alluded to at all before that.

In this way, it's comparable to ME2. People compared that the whole game was just recruiting squad mates and fight the Collectors was a small part. Why not argue that ME3 was just recruiting races, and the actual deciding move against the Reapers is a 5 minute scene which has little to do with anything else?

So yes, I actually have a reason for my dislike. If you can look past all this, I'm happy that you gained peace of mind and closure from the ending, but don't you dare tell me that I shouldn't dislike it, or voice my dislike.

For a further, more indepth argument, I recommend you go to gamerfront. They have a great piece which puts it better than I ever could.
I can sum this up pretty simple with maddox-esque logic:

*removed unneeded rant/insults*

Anyway Indoctrination Theory all day or they better steal it as good fan-fic. I won't be buying another game from Lie-O-Ware anyway so fuck 'em.

EA @ Bioware : "ASSUMING CONTROL", cutting your game apart for huge DLC monetizing and purely greedy purposes. Oh we'll also shoehorn in some shitty glitchy multiplayer and include an online pass. Winning.
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