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Default Rare Item List

Maximum value for regular items are 20

Maximum value for Orbs are 6

Red Hare Saddle
Campaign Mode - Complete Scenario "The Endless Quest" on Hard or above

Hex Mark Saddle
Gala Mode - Complete Steeplechase in under 1 minute and 30 seconds

Shadow Runner Saddle
Campaign Mode - Capture "Luoyang" in Scenario "The Struggle for Power" on Chaos Differculty

Bear Mount
Campaign Mode - Capture "Changan" in Scenario "Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition" on Hard or above

Elephant Mount
Campaign Mode - Capture "Nanzhong" in Scenario "A Man of Virtue" on Medium or above


Gala Mode
Wind Scroll - Complete Bastion with score of 600 or above

Way of Musou - Complete Calligrapher in under 2 minutes

Musou Armor - Complete Marksman with score of 400 or above

Campaign Mode
Art of War - Capture "BeiPing" in Scenario "The Tiger's Advance" on Medium or above

Survival Guide - Capture "Xiangyang" in Scenario "The Three Visits" on Chaos Differculty

Master of Musou - Capture "Jiaozhi" in Scenario "Quiet Ambition" on Easy or above

Meat Bun Pouch - Clear Scenario "Yellow Turban Rebellion"

Dragon Greaves - Capture "Hefei" in Scenario "Conquerer of Jiangdong" on Hard or above

Obsidian Remedy - Capture "Xiangyang" in Scenario "Battle of Chibi" on Easy or above

Ancient Remedy - Capture "Changsha" in Scenario "A Land United" on Hard or above

Jade Earrings - Capture "Jiaozhi" in Scenario "The Three Visits" on Easy or above

Coalition Mode
Power Rune - "Sudden Death" with remaining time 24 minutes and 30 seconds or up, kill 1500 enemies and clear the game

Charge Bracer - "Sentinel" Protect all 7 bases, end the game with remaining time 6 minutes or up

Stimulant Remedy - "Marauder" Capture all bases(without being recapture) and kill all enemy generals with remaining time 25 minutes or up

Bai Hu's Jewel - "Blitz" with remaining time 4 minutes or up, kill 6 generals and clear the game

List was given by kk1030 on GameFAQs.
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