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I found some Warthog players who don't deserve them in the first place. They have not however beaten the game on Twisted difficulty but have the nerve to find a friend and begged to get a save file transferred so they can boost their cheap way to victory.

As for the online servers, the patch didn't fix anything at all except that on the day the patch was released, every room I joined launched quick and normal, then the host was AFK and was forced to leave that room and find another one. The next day, the errors came right back in.

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

As for Tier unlocks, I have been glitched out of only 1 unlock. The eyeball skin pack cannot be obtained but I have everything else.

Hopefully, everyone is playing Twisted Metal currently getting those "1 Ranked Win in 30 Days Straight" trophy. PSN is going in maintenance this Thursday and it would suck if they didn't play the game on that day and not get their win.
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