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Trophy Guide

- 超侍

[Super Samurai]
[Difficulty Ultra Hard Cleared]

Samurai Dou 3+ has a new difficulty Ultra Hard. It is tough and you will need to have lot of healing items because the damage you will receive is extremely high. To make this playthrough easier you must max your life to 9999 and have a weapon with both its attack and defense 100+.


Get max life quickly... Have about 15000 yen, go to the posting station and speak to the merchant there. Buy 10 magic jewels. 1500 yen per magic jewel... 1500 x 10 = 15000. Now once you've bought them, kill the merchant to get your money back. You will have both the new magic jewels and your money you've spent. Now exit/leave game. Remember to save file or it will not save your magic jewels usage. Reload game save which is a new playthrough and repeat process. It takes 90+ magic jewels to give maximum life, so you will have to repeat this process up to 10 times.

Get high attack and defense weapon... 1st get a weapon of your choice. I would advise you getting a weapon that has high quality 1/5 and weighs light (1). Once you've found a weapon, go to the blacksmith Dojima. If you have 10000 yen then it might save you some time to boost your weapon. When you go to the blacksmith to boost your weapon attack and defense, select RANDOM to get both attack and defense boost. If you don't get the stats you want then simply press to reforge weapon. Keep repeating this until you get both your attack 10+ and defense 10+ with every forge. If you run out of yen, simply kill Dojima and get your money back. Exit/Leave Amana and don't forget to save file. Now reload save and repeat process with the same weapon until that weapon is over 5 quality. Ex: 10/5 quality. Your attack and defense should be over 50+. You can now title appraise your weapon for the Legendary title which will add 50+ attack and defense to your sword. Now your weapon should have over 100+ attack and defense and you're ready to tackle Ultra Hard Difficulty.

- おせいを得る

[Get Osei]
[Osei becomes partner]

To get this trophy, all you have to do is become partners with Osei. It will cost you 3 golden eggs. *Waka Hiko* Just call this guy Hiko. Hiko is a special guy in this game that will give information. Hiko is by the trees at the guard gate/barrier (Make sure to speak to him during Night time). Talk to him and he will talk about how to get Osei, Itsuse and Araragi-hime. Select Osei "おせい", which is the first option. She will become available as a partner after you give Hiko 3 golden eggs. Hiko is hilarious, but anyways he will tell you where to meet Osei. She will be in Tanemura aka Takekane village, between 18:00 - 00:00 in the fields. Go there and speak with Osei and if you follow the video below she will become your partner. Trophy will pop after notification pops up saying Osei is now your partner.

*Note* In order to have her as your partner, you must clear her true ending 'With Osei', then she'll become avaliable. Osei ability is special healing disguise. She just transforms into different personas which are kawaii. 1. Hana Osei - she puts a flower on her head. 2. Mother Osei - she carries a baby. 3. Battle God Osei - she just wears horns and battle drums on her back.

Here is a video for help:

- おせいの秘密

[Osei Secrets]
[Unlock Osei Alternate Costume]

This trophy will unlock at the end of your playthrough with Osei as your spouse. As soon as you get Osei as your partner, build her affection by hanging out and speaking with her. Make her change into different persons and speak with her after that. Try to avoid fighting around her, but if you can't, protect her. Once the fight is over and if she is damaged, heal her and speak with her afterwards. It will take a few days, but once you are in your house the option to live with me will appear and Osei will gladly accept. Keep her home, then clear the game with her as your spouse and trophy will pop at the end and along with alternate costume.

- いつせを得る

[Get Itsuse]
[Itsuse becomes partner]

Now we will be going after Itsuse. This can be time consuming. Go to Hiko (at night), He is always near the Guard Gate/Barrier. Talk to him and he will talk about how to get Osei, Itsuse and Araragi-hime. Select Itsuse "いつせ", which is the second option. Hiko explains that you need to kill 3 suspicious persons and Itsuse will become available as partner. Suspicious persons appear at night and you have to wander around Amana looking for them. Time consuming, but sometimes you can get lucky and be able to get them in one night. After killing all 3 of them, go back to Hiko and speak to him. He will tell you Itsuse is available and she will appear at the Road/Highway between 18:00 - 00:00 by the temple. Go to the Road/Highway and speak to Itsuse. In order for her to become your partner, you must spar with her (with blunt attacks) and beat her. She will submit to your skill and speak to her again and she will partner up with you. Trophy unlocks after notification says Itsuse is now your partner.

*Note* In order to have her as your partner, you must clear her ending With Itsuse. Itsuse hates being bored and she can be very moody. The only thing that makes Itsuse special is that she will fight along side you. She can hold her own with normal enemies, but mini-bosses will most likely kill her. Be careful of that, the more she fights and you speak with her, the stronger her affection will become.

Here is a video for help:

- いつせの秘密

[Secret Of Itsuse]
[Unlock Itsuse Alternate Costume]

This trophy unlocks at the end of your playthrough with Itsuse being your spouse. When Itsuse is your partner, build her affection by speaking with and fighting along side her. She is moody and she will soften as her affection builds higher. Take care of her when her health is low by healing her with radishes or eggs. Eventually, when you both are at your house, the option will appear to live with you. She will be shocked, but will stay with you. She's pretty distant, even while being your spouse. She will get mad if you take money out of the safe. Clear the game with her as your spouse and the trophy will unlock at the end, along with the alternate costume.

- 蘭姫を得る

[Get Araragi-hime]
[Princess Araragi becomes partner]

Again, talk to Hiko at night time. He will speak about how to get Osei, Itsuse and Araragi-hime. Select Araragi-hime "蘭姫", which is the third option. Hiko explains that you need 10000 yen for her. If you dont have 10000 yen then this will be time consuming. When you have the money, go to Hiko and give it to him. He will say you will find Araragi-hime in Your City aka Omiki Town between 18:00 - 00:00 near abandon house. When you get to her you must agree that you will follow her so take a bow/apologies for 30 secs and she will grant you permission to become her partner. The trophy will pop after notification of Araragi-hime is now your partner.

*Note* In order to get her as your partner, you must clear both her endings The Diabolic Wife 1 and 2. Araragi-hime is an evil but great partner. She has the power to attract evil to you. Which is great if you're max out and kill anything with ease. Samurai hunters, Suspicious persons and yen robbing thieves come after you way more frequently. She also has a good side to make you have good luck.

Here is a video for help:

- 蘭姫の秘密

[Araragi-hime Secrets]
[Unlock Princess Araragi Alternate Costume]

Clear game while Araragi-hime is your spouse. When she is your partner, you must build affection by killing people around her. Kicking their corpses will make her laugh "LOL". She is indeed evil and she loves it when you kill and steal from people. This will raise her affection more and more. Also, use her special ability to attract evil towards you and kill all the people who wants to kill or steal from you. It makes raising her affection more very easy. Once you guys are back at the house and her affection is high from you, an extra option will appear and you should select it and she will be your evil seductive spouse. Keep her indoors and clear the game. Trophy pops after that and along with her alternate costume.

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