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I've only played the God of War challenges, and some of them were a decent challenge that required strategy and quick reflexes (Get Stoned for instance), while others could be beaten in one try.

I kept seeing Batman AA especially Shock and Awe Extreme here apparently destroying any difficulty the GoW challenges had.

Really? It must be a hell of a lot more difficult than any combat in the actual game then, because I thought AA's was the most simplistic noob-friendly combat in an action game to be honest. I've only played on PC on both normal and hard but really it was over 90% just left clicking with an occasional stun/counter, bouncing around from enemy to enemy with ease. Didn't even have to be facing them in most cases, he just automatically goes from one to the next in a group. The AI didn't seem all that special; even in this video some of them are just standing there waiting to be clocked-

The Get Stoned challenge seemed to require more strategy and quicker reflexes to complete, with far more enemies trying to take you out in the latter portion. I remember frantically rocking the left stick back and forth wax on-wax off style just to make it through that sucker.
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