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Default Every way (exact requirements?)

anyone know exactly how many games you should be playing? in my party mode, not every game is there that was in the story the are only 24 games in my party mode is that right? or is this glitched?

ive played every game in party, pick and play, with 1 controller, 2 controllers, 3 player, 4 player, all 1 controller.

still no trophy lol, there are only 20 people with this trophy atm, anyone who has it can please confirm the way needed thanks!


ok so after alot of trial and error i now have this trophy. a tip i can give is not to jump straight into the multi mini games. and try to do them all in one sitting all trophies as well involved with them to save yourself the aggravation.

what i found out is best way to tackle this trophy in as less as many plays is to:

start of your multi games with 2 player and 2 controllers. do the first 10 games. trophy follows 10th, after the trophy continue till you finish every game on the list with these settings.

after you finish all game 2 players 2 controllers.

go for the next trophy 10 pass the controller games

set the settings to 2 players 1 controller then start back at the top of the list and work your way to the end.

what you will notice now is that some games are not shown it goes from 28 to 24 after you change the settings.

the difference is slight as in some games you play at the same time and some you take turns on the screen.

using this method will decrease the amount of plays looking for what your missing.

my problem was that i started with the pass controller trophy not knowing then continued after the last game and started the 2 controller from that last game.. **note that each game needs to be played a total of 2 times, one with one controller and one with 2 controllers. for a total of 52 games in all.

if your stuck, i hope my road map helps you get this trophy quicker then i did, not knowing lol

id like to thank 3 people in particular for some input of the controller settings to show the 28 games: ruellee, tblaze456 and pviddy.
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