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Acquire every material.

Materials are obtained from Hatena Boxes which are acquired from defeating Generals on the map. Equipping a Gold Handcart will increase the chance of obtaining Great Hatena Boxes which reward you with better materials. Each stage has two unique materials while some materials can be obtained in any stage. Some materials require you to perform a certain action for the material such as parrying or killing a large number of enemies. A single parry won't award you with the material, you'll need to repeat it several times for a chance at it. Occasionally allies will gift you a material after completing a battle.

You can view your collected materials by selecting Basara Mart > Materials. Any blank tiles are materials that you havenít collected. For a list of materials, how to obtain them and tips, refer to the Materials section.

Acquire Every Accessory.

There are over 100 accessories to collect in the game. Some accessories can be brought or obtained in battle while the majority can only be obtained by synthesising materials or completing each Heroes' story. Each character has a 4-set accessory, the full set can only be acquired by completing their story four times. Occasionally Allies will gift you some of the more common Accessories after a battle has been completed.

Each synthesised accessory requires zenny and various quantities of 1-2 materials. You can access the accessory menu by selecting Basara > accessories. When hovering over an accessory, the number of each material you have left will be listed. Refer to the Materials section for details and tips on obtaining materials.

After acquiring the final accessory, complete an additional battle to unlock the trophy.

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