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Lightbulb What we know about getting A ranks on free missions


what we know so far
  • Time to complete does not matter, other than giving you a bonus for speedy completion, however this does contribute largely to your score so it would be smart to be as fast as possible
  • Deaths does not matter.
  • Ace does not give you an automatic A rank, but gives you more points. people have gotten very high scores on Pilot, I have no idea how
  • Chain kills and linked dog-fights give you bonus points
  • There is an armor bonus, it seems this is obtained when you don't get hit by a single missile in the mission, or at least that is how I've gotten it every time
  • Certain planes give you certain multipliers to your score, the worse the plane, the higher the multiplier(Please note this this only mulitplies your armor and time bonus, not your entire score!)
  • The main income of points is quick DFM kills, time to complete, linked kills, and destruction points(number shot down?), in other words your main objective is to link as many kills as possible as well as shooting down as many planes as possible, this being said, the more enemies in the mission, the easier it is to get an A, so while long missions with lots of enemies will be mainly about completing it without dying on Ace, the shorter missions will be about speedruns and linked DFM kills
  • Once you complete every mission with a specific plane type and an A rank(e.g. You beat the two helicopter missions with an A rank, or the Attacker mission with an A rank), you should receive a skill called X Pilot; which boosts the points you receive when flying that class of plane. I.E. you should receive the skill Multi-Role Pilot after beating Pipeline and Siege with an A, as these are the only 2 missions where you are restricted to only multi-role planes. The majority of missions give you the choice between fighter or multi-role, allowing you to then use a multi-role plane along with the Multi-Role pilot skill to give you a nice point boost for those missions. It should be mentioned that the Fighter Pilot skill isn't gotten until you have beaten every mission where it gives you a choice between fighter and multi-role planes with an A. If this is confusing to you, I'll sum it up: the fighter, helicopter, and attacker pilot skills are all worthless, as you get them once you no longer need them. However, the multi-role pilot skill is obtained by doing only 2 specific missions and the point-boost can be used across the majority of missions.
  • It's around 2000 points for an A rank on each mission, normally the cutoff is exactly 2000 but a couple missions allow you to have less

Here is my strategy. At first I tried using the MG as much as possible and missiles as little as possible(this also increased the time to finish the level). This is a very bad strategy, i was getting 1800-1900s with this and when i switched to this new strategy I'm hitting 2300-2500 on the same missions i was getting 1800s on. The key is to do this fast, the Rafale M with 6AAM and a skill-set with Multirole Pilot is by far the best setup along with the PAK-FA. Use your 6AAM when there are a lot of non-TGT planes that need to be destroyed. What I do is soften up non-TGT planes with 1 standard missile hit, and then DFM them so that I get a nice quick-DFM kill bonus, which on certain levels added up to be worth 700 points. Try and use your MG a little bit and not just spam missiles, but remember that overall a quick kill is what you want. Link kills when you can, as this can accumulate to about 100-300 points per mission and may be the difference between an A and a B.

Minimum amounts of points to receive an A for each mission
Reply to the thread if you have gotten a lower score than one of these yet still received an A, and I'll fix it

for missions I've gotten over 2000 in I'm assuming the minimum is 2000, but if you know the cutoff please tell me

Nightmare - 1900
Inferno - 1900
Red Moon - 2000
Spooky - 1700 (memorize all major SAM locations and try to be at 0 damage when you start the balloon part, as this is almost impossible to do without getting critical damage)
Blue on Blue - 1900
Power Play - 2000
Lock and Load - 1700
Pipeline - 2000 (PAK-FA with Trinity)
Siege - 2000 (PAK-FA with Trinity)
Hostile Fleet - 2000(stay low, and when you have to initiate ASM on the cruisers with missile defense turrets, just go into ASM and then immediately disengage to avoid any damage)
Launch - 1900(destroying the missile takes a lot of luck, just try to circle around the missile while avoiding the exhaust and enemy missile. This is easier said than done, which is why it requires patience until you get it perfect)
Motherland - 2100 (Use the 4 Air-Ground missiles and save them for tanks/radar, and remember to always be moving to the left or right to avoid any hind fire; staying still is what gets you killed)
Aftermath - 2000 (During your fight with Akula, There are about 5 planes in the distance which will grant you a nice little boost if you need the extra points, you will see them on your map. Also, try to avoid going into DFM on the bombers before destroying their escorts, as they will interrupt your DFM and possibly send you flying straight into the bomber)
Home Front - 2000
Hurricane - 1800 (Rafale M + 6 Missiles, there is some potential for DFM linking here but it's not really easy, just try and get them in groups with your 6AAM. Tip when you start is to launch 1 standard missile at each plane below you and then get the incoming group with your 6AAM)
Akula - 2000 (F/A Hornet with ECMs, there is a lot of strategy used here, but I'll keep it short, exit out of DFM when you know he is going to counter-maneuver, and this will keep you from taking unavoidable machine-gun damage when he counters)


If you need help on A-Ranking the ICBM Co-op mission to get the Untouchable skill, see here

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