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You unlocked every trophy in the game.

You are a "God out of the Machine".

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Complete the game once on any difficulty.

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its hardest setting without ever changing the difficulty.

On Hard difficulty, enemies pack a punch and can put you down in a matter of seconds if engaged in direct combat. Playing with Stealth is the way forward and is actually considered the bread and butter of the game.

Most of the time, there are multiple entry routes to your destination that are accessible by the variety of Augmentations at your disposal. For more info on which Augmentations to take and gameplay tips, checkout our Strategy Section

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count.)

Highly Missable! You must complete the game using 100% Non-Lethal methods. That means using Takedowns, Gas Grenades, and the Stun Gun. If an enemy is taken out by a Non-Lethal approach, a "Zzz" icon will show when their body is highlighted. The Tranquilizer Rifle is reported to be occasionally glitched and sometimes deals lethal shots (especially headshots) so avoid using it if possible.

Lethal methods are only permitted during Boss Fights. An enemy who is killed/dead will show a "Skull" icon when highlighted.

Foxiest of the Hounds
Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.

Highly Missable! Checkout our Strategy Section for what constitutes an alarm and how you can determine if you're safe or have screwed up. If you need a guide, checkout the Video Walkthroughs.

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