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Originally Posted by JamieM89 View Post
I really hope in the next Shift game that Slightly Mad decide to include the 'rewind' feature that is in pretty much every other racing game. It would be really appreciated, especially with the endurance races. I just got span out by an opponent on the last lap of the final against the endurance rival. I would love to have been able to rewind, avoid the crash and carry on to win the championship. But instead I have to restart and do the whole race again. What a waste of 40mins of my time.

Sorry for the rant. But the decision to not include Rewind is just friggin' ridiculous.
mate i know how it feels, happend to me loads of times it so frustrating but when you win it you will feel good about it. were you playing that nordachif map whatever its called, i really hated that map.
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