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Originally Posted by Shuffle View Post
Raki bug is still in Ar tonelico II which includes the copies that just came out. But that bug is easily missable. The text translation errors however are not missable and are still there as well. NISA would have to rebuild the game from scratch to fix it.

Frelia didn't wear that armor in Ar tonelico II even though she administers the 2nd Tower.

Also Tatsumi saying boo as like a disappointment statement should be familiar to Ar tonelico fans and to who he really is. Not saying who but anyone who has played the series can figure it out.
I was talking about Shurelia in AT(1) wearing similar armor, not Frelia in AT(2).
I think that Shurelia also had that armor as one of her costumes from Cross-Edge.

That's what I meant (about Tatsumi saying "boo") being a dead give away to who 'he' is...just like the situation w/ Naoto in Persona(4)

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