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Boostable trophies

Hard To Crack
Finish first in a round of Battle Royale with the shield still intact

This trophy can be earned either in Single Player or Multiplayer matches. To get this trophy you have to finish first on one round only (not the whole match) in a Battle Royale match without having taken any damage. If you are not boosting, create a Battle Royale match with just one easy Bot. The other settings are up to you. If you are boosting this trophy, you will most likely get it while going for the "Brawny" trophy.

King Of Comedy
Respawn into a missile and die

This trophy is really hard to get. You must play in a Deathmatch against a hard Bot or your partner (if boosting). You must build a Monster Attack and wait until you are very low on health. If you're not boosting, wait for the Bot to launch a missile. When the missile is really close to you, launch your Monster Attack before you die. The hard Bot will most likely reflect your attack. You will then have to solve really, really quickly a Dead Puzzler challenge because when you respawn, you have a delay of invincibility. The reflected attack must hit you when your invincibility state is gone to kill you and let you get the trophy.

If you are boosting, follow the same method but be sure to have your partner build a Reflect before launching your Monster Attack.

Finish first in a complete Multiplayer match of at least 3 rounds of Battle Royale

Since nobody is playing online, you will have to boost to get this trophy. Two players are enough to boost this trophy. You or your partner should create a 3-rounds Battle Royale match. The settings are up to you. Just let one of you win the 3 rounds. Repeat for the other one and both of you will get this trophy.

If you have not gotten the "Hard To Crack" trophy yet, you will also unlock it with this one.

Use a Wormhole Disrupt to block a foe’s Monster Attack within a second of it launching at you

First, you have to be a foe with your opponent. Just fire a small attack and let your opponent do the same. You then have to activate the Wormhole Disrupt at nearly the same time your opponent activates a Monster Attack. If you don't want to boost, with luck you can get this trophy by playing against Hard Bots. They often launch Monster Attacks and they do it at a quicker rate than with other difficulty Bots.

If you want to boost it, two players are enough but a microphone is highly suggested. Set up a signal for when both of you will use your abilities (Wormhole Disrupt for one, Monster Attack for the other one) and once you're ready, launch them at the same time. Timing is really important so that's why a microphone is really suggested. Change roles, and repeat so both of you get this tricky trophy.

Wait For It
Use a Missile Boost on an attack less than one second before it’s hit by an Anti-Missile

You can boost this trophy but it is not really hard to get. I suggest you play against against one hard Bot since they counter-attack more often than the other difficulty Bots. Focus on building a Missile Boost. After that, just try to build simple missile attacks. When available, shoot a missile and watch the opponent. Most of the time they will counter-attack immediately. Once you see your opponent launching an Anti-Missile (green-looking missile), prepare your Missile Boost. When the Anti-Missile is close enough to your Missile, activate the Missile Boost. The timing can be tricky but it is not so hard to get this trophy.

If you decided to boost, 2 players are enough. Follow the same method but be sure that your partner has an Anti-Missile before you launch a missile at him/her.

Try Anything Twice
Reflect the same missile twice

This trophy can be boosted and 2 players are enough. You will need some luck and a bit of skill to get this trophy. In a match, focus on building a Reflect. When done, try to get a lot of green blocks on the board. Then wait for your opponent to attack. If you choose to boost, your partner must also build a Reflect. If you are not boosting, fight a hard Bot. They will Reflect missiles most of the time.

When your opponent will launch a missile, wait for it to be really close to you. A "Reflect!" text should then pop under you. When you see it, immediately use your Reflect. Then, chain green blocks like hell. Your opponent/partner should also Reflect the missile. With luck and skill, you should be able to build another Reflect before the missile hits you. Reflect the missile again and the trophy will be yours.

Defeat a total of 100 foes in Multiplayer

Since the online is pretty dead, you will need a partner to boost this trophy. You should follow the method posted by luzer100 in the Trophy Boosting thread. If you follow this method, you will also get the "Even-Steven" trophy.

Time:10 or 15 minutes (reason is in case you disconnect you won't lose 60 minutes of work, only 10 or 15 max)
Players: 2 (you and a boosting friend)
Resources: more
Critical Attacks: more frequent
Combos: normal
Attacks: normal attacks do more damage
Health: decreases over time
Handicap: No

First, players fire a small missile at each other to be foes. Then both players build up Monster Attacks and wait until both of their health bars are relatively low. Once you have done that, then one of you is going to launch a missile and shortly after, the other fires a missile too so that one of you gets a multiplayer kill and the other one a kill after death.

Defeat a total of 50 opponents after you have been killed

Unless you boost, this trophy will be pretty hard to get. You have to destroy your opponent after they have killed you. This means that you have to launch an attack a bit after your opponent and when you are both very low on health. Try to not play against hard Bots as they will often reflect/counter your attacks.

If you boost, check the "Duelist" trophy for more info.

Rest In Pieces
Accumulate 150 Dead Puzzler’s points ten times, in Multiplayer Battle Royales

Boosting is mandatory if you want to get this trophy. The settings don't matter but there has to be at least 3 players in a Multiplayer Battle Royale to access the Dead Puzzler challenges. If there are only 2, the round will end when one of you is destroyed. If there are at least 3, the one who dies first will access the Dead Puzzler while the other 2 keep fighting.

Decide between you who will die first. Once she/he is dead, the others must stop and wait until she/he gets 150 points. Then you can end the round. Change roles, and repeat until all the players unlock the trophy.

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