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Default Puzzlegeddon - Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Thanks to RED_REBEL44 for the great header !

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Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 9/10 (based on the trophy difficulty thread)
Offline Trophies: 9 (6 , 2 , 1 ) (But most trophies can be boosted)
Online Trophies: 3 (1 , 2 )
Approximate time to 100%: 20-40 hours (depending on skill and also heavily on luck)
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: Several Single Player and Multiplayer matches
Number of Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes, for the "Meet Your Maker" trophy
Do cheat codes disable trophies: None available


Puzzlegeddon is another alternative to the classic color-block-matching games (e.g. Bejeweled) as it includes some Strategy and a lot of Action. Chain color blocks to build a panel of defensive and offensive abilities and use them to defeat your opponents. With battles against up to 5 opponents, you will need to think, and you will need to think fast!

If you wanted a game with easy trophies, you will be disappointed. The trophies in Puzzlegeddon are pretty tricky to get and you will need to boost some of them if you want to finish this game completely.

General Information:

At any time, you can check the 'How to Play' section of the game. It contains everything you need to know about the game. You access this section from the main menu in the 'Help & Options' menu. During the game, just press and you will also see the 'Help & Options' menu.

If you want a more concrete way to learn, go in Single Player then play the Tutorial.


Holding + Moving the D-pad - Move the blocks
- Transform color-blocks chains into resources of the same color
+ - Use Boost abilities
+ - Use Defense abilities
pointed at the opponent direction + - Use Disrupt abilities
pointed at the opponent direction + - Use Attack abilities

This is based on Control Type 1. You can change control type by going to 'Help & Options', then 'Settings' and finally 'Control settings'.

Each ability type is divided in 3 levels. You have to collect resources to build ability meters.

Boost Abilities (Blue)
Level 1 - Puzzle Boost: A square will appear somewhere on the board. Fill it with same colored blocks to create a star block (more resources when transformed).
Level 2 - Missile Boost: Protect two attacks from Anti-Missile.
Level 3 - Power Boost: Improve defense and make your attacks critical for a limited time.

Defense Abilities (Green)
Level 1 - Anti-Missile Defense: Launch a green missile that can destroy incoming attacks.
Level 2 - Sap Defense: Cancel opponent's Missile Boost, critical attacks and slow down their attacks.
Level 3 - Reflect Defense: When a missile is close to you, a 'Reflect!' message will pop under you. Use this ability to reflect the attack back to the opponent.

Disrupt Abilities (Yellow)
Level 1 - Radar Disrupt: It will be harder for the opponent to detect incoming attacks.
Level 2 - Puzzle Disrupt: Locks horizontal or vertical movement of rows on the puzzle board. A certain number of combos is needed to remove the ability.
Level 3 - Wormhole Disrupt: Create a wormhole above an opponent. It will absorb attacks launched from this enemy. It can absorb either a Monster Attack, a Triple Attack or two Small Attacks.

Attack Abilities (Red)
Level 1 - Small Attack: Small damages but easy to deploy.
Level 2 - Triple Attack: Will split into three missiles after a while. Does moderate damges.
Level 3 - Monster Attack: Slow but powerful missile. Needs two Anti-Missiles to be destroyed.


In a limited time, you have to get as many kills as you can. When you are killed, you can respawn by just waiting or you can also solve the Dead Puzzler Challenge. If you solve it, you will respawn earlier with ability meters more or less filled. You will also have a few seconds of invincibility to build back your abilities. The invincible state will vanish after a while or if you use any ability. The player with the most kills at the end will be the winner.

Battle Royale:
There is no time limit but the match is divided by rounds. The goal is to be the last one alive. If there are more than 2 players in the match and if you die in the first round(s), you will be able to solve Dead Puzzler Challenges while waiting. Try to solve as many as possible because you earn points from them and this will give you a little advantage on the next round: the more points you earn, the more filled your ability meters will be. The match winner will be the player with the most points.

Poison Peril:
This mode consist of 80 levels of Dead Puzzler Challenges. There is quite a big time limit and a limited amount of transformations for each level. The game will end if: you solve the 80 levels; you reach the time limit; or if you don't have any transformations left.


Dead Puzzler Challenges: Dead Puzzler Challenges are challenges you will face if you are playing the Poison Peril mode or if you die during Deathmatches and Battle Royale matches (under certain conditions). Instead of having color blocks, the board will be filled with gloomy blocks (bats, skulls, etc.).


Step 1: Tutorial
Start by playing the tutorial divided in 2 parts to discover all the game mechanisms. After you have learned all the game basics and finished the tutorial, you will get the "Too Cool For School" trophy.

Step 2: "Meet Your Maker" and "Puritan"
You should now focus on getting the "Meet Your Maker" and "Puritan" trophies. These are the hardest trophies of the game that can't be boosted. Concentrate on "Meet Your Maker" first. You will get it while playing in Single Player Solo Brawl.

You will unlock the "Puritan" trophy in Poison Peril mode. The Poison Peril mode is really frustrating and time-consuming, so be sure to have a few hours to spare before trying to get this trophy.

Step 3: Boostable trophies
Besides "Too Cool For School", "Meet your maker", and "Puritan", all the trophies can be boosted. If you have a friend who also has the game, then fine. Otherwise, try to find a partner on this thread. Note that for the "Rest in Pieces" trophy, you will need 2 friends/partners.

Closing Notes:

It may take you a while to get used to the game mechanics, but if you are a fan of the color-blocks-matching genre, you will have fun with this game. If you want to share tips, strategies, complaints, etc. feel free to comment. If you have really important remarks about this guide (e.g. better way to get a trophy), and I didn't reply on this thread, send me a private message.

Thank you for reading and have fun !

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