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Lightspeed Fighter
You completed the game within fifteen hours.

This trophy can be deceiving at the first glance, despite being an RPG, NIER is very short. Even if this is the first time you've played an RPG, you'll be able to complete it well within the limit. If you do the following throughout your speedrun, you'll complete the story in 5-7 hours, leaving time to achieve the quest trophies:
  • Start on easy difficulty.
  • Skip cutscenes.
  • Always head towards the red X marker.
  • When climbing a ladder, hold to climb faster.
  • Don't fight unnecessary battles.
  • Jump down to a lower location instead of using ladders, only if the drop is small.
  • Buy the maximum amount of Medicinal Herbs early on, it'll last you for a long time.

You can view your current played time in the Memo tab within Grimoire Weiss and choosing status. On another note, nothing stops the clock, not even even pausing.

Forging Master
You upgraded 30 weapons to their maximum level.

The hardest trophy in the game(read: time consuming), NIER supports custom soundtracks, so take advantage of it while grinding! Also equip words from the 'mah' family to your main weapon and magic to increase drop rates from enemies, see Wordsmith for details. Playing on hard also increases the drop rates, although the difference is minimal.

Each weapon can be upgraded up to Level 4 at the Two Brother's Weaponry, located near the Junk Heap. Each upgrade costs 1000 Gold, bar two story related upgrades, in addition to any raw materials required. The grinding process will take your patience to its limits, due to the sheer amount of rare items required. Its easily comparable to Final Fantasy 13's 'Treasure Hunter' trophy, apart from the fact that you get a mere silver for all your hard work. You're in for a long ride, but never give up! See Weapon Upgrading Guide for a list of the amounts of materials required and how to obtain them.

A productive way to earn some of the items would be to play through the three door DLC over and over. Thanks to CookieMcCrumble for the information, which can be found in detail in the first post of the Weapon Upgrading Guide.

Thank You
You viewed the third ending (Ending C).

Once you complete the game for the second time you will be given the option to save your game after viewing the credits. Do so, and then load your save. You will be placed back into the second half of the game, slightly before going to The Lost Shrine. Before entering the Shadowlord's Castle save your game and make sure you have obtained all 30 weapons, this will trigger an additional battle after the final boss fight. After completing the additional battle, you will be given two options to choose from, pick the first option. After a cutscene and the unskippable credits the trophy will unlock.

Something Very Special
You viewed the fourth ending (Ending D).

After unlocking Thank You, reload the save you made before entering the Shadowlord's Castle. Before attempting this trophy, make sure you've earned every other trophy because your save data will be erased.

Make your way through the Shadowlord's castle and complete the additional boss fight again. After the fight, you will once again be given two options, pick the second option. After selecting the second option all your save data will be erased, you have been double warned!

After a cutscene and unskippable credits this trophy and the Platinum will unlock.

The Final Verse
Congratulations! Thanks for playing!

Simply earn all other trophies, congratulations!

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