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Thursday, October 23rd - 10:08
The long road to full functionality.
Thursday, October 23rd - 09:49
"Corporate optimism and puffery".
Thursday, October 23rd - 08:00
Will you want some Wang?
Wednesday, October 22nd - 19:05
Another digital series.
Wednesday, October 22nd - 16:40
Troop command title on the cards.
Wednesday, October 22nd - 16:05
Deck13 and CI Games talk up their action RPG.
Wednesday, October 22nd - 14:04
Shadow Warrior chops off some heads.
Wednesday, October 22nd - 13:48
Deals on loadsa scary games.
Wednesday, October 22nd - 12:50
Also, watch the TV commercial.
Wednesday, October 22nd - 11:10
New stuff, innit.



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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Walking Tall with Miranda Raison
Cassandra's voice actor speaks up.
(Tue 21, 2014)
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Community manager Jason “Paradise” Kuntz discusses the Wave System.
(Mon 20, 2014)
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign - Trailer
New entry in the fighting series coming to PS3 and PS4 this December.
(Mon 20, 2014)
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - Teaser Trailer
FF XIV's first proper expansion revealed.
(Mon 20, 2014)