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Saturday, August 30th - 18:30
Trouble in paradise with Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson.
Saturday, August 30th - 15:52
What lies beyond Kyrat.
Saturday, August 30th - 13:00
I might not be Batman, but I sure feel like him.
Saturday, August 30th - 12:52
Extreme Fever!
Friday, August 29th - 19:30
Senior Producer, Vincent Pontbriand answers our burning AC questions.
Friday, August 29th - 19:00
Talion's Orc arch-nemesis.
Friday, August 29th - 18:40
Swashbuckling and deck-building on your handheld.
Friday, August 29th - 18:16
Makes sense.
Friday, August 29th - 18:00
Volition's latest Saints game revealed for January 2015 launch.
Friday, August 29th - 17:33
JP beta also delayed into next year.



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Far Cry 4 - Changing the Tone, Weaponised Elephants and the Best Far Cry Open World Yet
We chat about Far Cry 4 with Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson.
(Sat 30, 2014)
Assassin's Creed: Unity's Multiple Mission Approaches, Solo Play and Custom Gear
Discussing Arno's Parisian adventure with Senior Producer, Vincent Pontbriand.
(Fri 29, 2014)
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Meet Ratbag
Hey there, Ratbag!
(Fri 29, 2014)
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - Standalone Expansion: Announcement Gameplay Trailer
"I'm gonna shoot the devil in the face."
(Fri 29, 2014)