Latest News
Monday, July 28th - 13:42
Including Adam West as 1960s Batman!
Monday, July 28th - 13:10
An interview with the two lead actors.
Monday, July 28th - 12:36
Breaching clearing, shooting and more.
Monday, July 28th - 11:45
Who is the Bright Lord?
Monday, July 28th - 10:38
Coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita. New screens and trailer revealed.
Monday, July 28th - 10:16
A look at Platinum Games' actioner.
Monday, July 28th - 09:16
What's at the top?
Monday, July 28th - 08:43
The all-terrain vehicle to Mako a comeback.
Monday, July 28th - 08:18
Returning for five more episodes.
Saturday, July 26th - 14:40
New extended trailer revealed at Comic Con.



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Elementary, my dear Watson.
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Batman returns.
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Ubisoft Montreal takes a trip to Nepal.
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Going waka waka this October.
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