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Saturday, September 24th - 15:00
DICE's Lars Gustavsson talks Battlefield's past, present and future.
Saturday, September 24th - 14:53
A love-letter to the 90's.
Friday, September 23rd - 20:39
The mode is called 'Driver: San Francisco', too!
Friday, September 23rd - 19:21
Marcus Holloway's a pretty fun guy.
Friday, September 23rd - 17:06
The best way to soak in the open world.
Friday, September 23rd - 15:17
Now over 90 minutes of trailers for the game!
Friday, September 23rd - 13:31
20 minutes of free roam gameplay inside.
Friday, September 23rd - 13:22
Take it to the Palisade Blade.
Friday, September 23rd - 12:39
EXO-Suit up.
Friday, September 23rd - 11:00
A live-action adventure set underground. Is The Bunker something to delve into?



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Battlefield 1 Interview: "Bad Company is Always in the Back of Our Heads"
DICE's Lars Gustavsson talks Battlefield's past, present and future.
(Sat 24, 2016)
Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay - Driver: San Francisco Missions
Watch us play one of Watch Dogs 2's Driver: San Francisco missions
(Fri 23, 2016)
9 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do In Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2 has a pretty big open world you can mess around in.
(Fri 23, 2016)
Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay - Drone Racing
Watch us fly around the skyline of San Francisco in our drone in Watch Dogs 2.
(Fri 23, 2016)