Latest News
Monday, August 3rd - 21:03
Ahead of Gamescom 2015.
Monday, August 3rd - 20:27
Out next month.
Monday, August 3rd - 16:35
Demand the removal of all brown M&Ms, then give it a watch.
Monday, August 3rd - 15:53
Suggests lead producer.
Monday, August 3rd - 15:18
Spanish ninja joins the line-up.
Monday, August 3rd - 14:43
Steelbook, artbook & stickers.
Monday, August 3rd - 12:58
Evolution celebrates success.
Monday, August 3rd - 11:30
Hirabayashi trying to give us what we want.
Monday, August 3rd - 11:01
Gamescom announcement?
Monday, August 3rd - 09:02
Rory out-roared.



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